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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can buy Zanjeer Zani, ideally in London. If anyone has a spare Zanjeer Zani for sale, I would also be interested. Thank you.
  2. I am unable to view the Islami Insight website.
  3. If there are any Shia living in Cairo who are fluent in English and who have the time to assist me with my Islamic studies, please contact me. I am a very recent convert to Shia Islam. I am originally from the UK, but I now live in Cairo. Regards. Jamal
  4. Salams bro im looking for tht Karbala city of matrys documetry have u found it yet?

  5. Abu Amal, Have you considered doing some studying in Bahrain? You can get a 3 month visa at the airport with a full British passport. There are many Hawzas in Bahrain, including a part time Hawza! I visited this Hawza a few weeks ago and many people there spoke English. Bahrain is VERY expensive, but English is spoken everywhere and the people are very kind. I am also a British revert (28 years Sunni) to Shia! Please PM me if you have any further questions. Jamal
  6. I was just tempted to have a triangular or a square one! Jamal
  7. I was wondering if it is permissible to have a square or triangular turbah. Are there any restrictions on the shape of a turbah?
  8. Does anyone have a copy of the actual video clip? If so, please msg me! Jamal
  9. I visited 'Sheikh' Nazim in 2002 in North Cyprus. I only went there out of curiosity as another couple who were staying at my hotel were his followers and offered to take me with them. I did not like what I saw there. Men and women were lining up to kiss the Sheikh's foot! The (male) followers did not seem to even have a basic knowledge of Islam. A long chain was part of the prayer. The followers were fed very little food. I was only there for a few hours, but I disliked this cult. I can say that it is a cult due to the fact that as soon as I started to question the people in depth, everyone
  10. What is the average charge for a majlis?
  11. I am a convert to (Sunni) Islam. I have now been a Muslim for 27 years. I am now increasing my knowledge of Shia Islam. I am British, but I am now working outside of the UK. I do have access to some Shia scholars (via telephone and Yahoo! messenger), but I dislike wasting their time on simple questions! I would like to chat with any knowledgeable (ideally someone who has attended hawza) people who can assist me with my various questions. I would also like to chat with any converts to Islam who originally became Sunni and later decided to become Shia. Jamal
  12. Whatever is happening with http://www.revertmuslims.com? I am unable to register as the confirmation emails are not sent. Emails to them are not answered. Does anyone know what is going on? Jamal
  13. I have also been trying to register with revertmuslims. They did not send me a reconfirmation email, nor have they replied to my email. Jamal QUOTE (gogiison2 @ Sep 4 2007, 10:00 AM) * sis i tried to sign up for that forum twice within the last 4 weeks or so..still havent received my confirmation email. i dont know why Please try e-mailing revertmuslims@hotmail.co.uk about the problem, insha'Allah they will be able to help.
  14. Whenever I have seen Shias at prayer on TV, the turbaned clerics are always in the front row! Is there any reason for this? Regards. Jamal
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