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  1. Mehdia

    Quetta attack

    Sallam I assure you that back in Pakistan nobody is fooled by the government rhetorics of the "foregin hand".We have been hearing this for a long time and take it as a "shifting of blame syndrome." <_< These senators and MNAs have long been known to have held these views,nothing surprising.But point to ponder is that why A shia leader,Allama Sajid Naqvi is alo in a coalition to which the people mentioned in this article belong.Pakistani government works for its own interest..period..its time the people of Pakistan started working and voting(when allowed) ^_^ in their own interest. Mehdia
  2. Sallam Talib so where exactly in Karachi would these majalis and demonstartions will be held?Will it be at the community level or at a more bigger level? Mehdia
  3. I know naz_aneen you would agree....
  4. First of All this is a the law of the land of Pakisatn..not Islam..and secondly you have very conviently attached an article about the balsphmey law..but have you tried to research how many diiferent individuals,NGOs and other groups in Pakistan have opposed this law? Instead of just reading one source trying reading the background of this story..Why does not USA pressuer Musharraf to repeal this law..?As long as he does their bidding they do not care what laws govern Pakistan..Secondly this law has nothing to do with Islam but only with the dirty politics of Pakistan..and as a Pakistani I oppose this law .. Sallam
  5. Sallam I agree that the crime of the mosque massacre should not go unpunished..but punishment to culprits is not enough..we need to root out the cause..and for that we have to get over our Sunni Shia division..becuase the people who kill Shias are enemies of Islam..simple..Pakistanis need to unite and fight against these Wahabbi terrosits backed by the ISI..and yes Shias need to be more politically active and united to make their cause heard..we should not isolate ourselves in Pakistan..we should make general ppl of Pakitsan our allies...Yes Pakistan is turning Wahabi unfortunately..but should we only cry about it?Why did not the Shias of Pakistan make a hue and cry..take out rallies against these killings..it makes you wonder wether we want to stand up and say enough is enough..and I hope the Indian Muslims are not divided on Sunni Shia basis cause they also need to be united against the menace of Hinduvta..which hopefully many Indians do not support Sallam Mehdia
  6. Sallam Brother Barakzai Have you asked this question as to why there are so few people from FATA,the trbal areas in government posts?May be before asking this question to the Urdu speaking population which you call Muhajir, you should ask the tribal leaders of FATA....why do not they allow schools to be opened,they do not allow women to vote, come out of the houses..I am sure it is not going to help there cause and they will bemoan their fate forever... You so proudly proclaimed in your other mail that there is a "loose hold over NWFP" of Pakistan goverment and then you lament that Pashtuns are treated as "second class citizen" of Pakistan...why is that you do not want the constitition of Pakistan to prevail in your land and yet you accuse others to treat you as the "others"... As for Karachi not allowing the Afghans to come..lol...I guess you have not visited Karachi for a while...Have you herad or know what SOHRAB GOTH is...I am sure you have not shopped in places like GULF MALL and RABI CENTER or travelled in the famous BUSES of Karachi...brothet blind hatred is not good..why do not you accuse Iran of restricting the Afghans to their camps?I guess you suffer from what sister nan aneen calls identity crisis ;) ...Afghans in Peshawar own houses in the most posh localities of Peshawar..and to top of you say that Afghans did not encraoch upon the Pakistani land it is their ancestral land..and yet in the same breath you accuse Pakistan of not allowing them in inner cities...may be you should read up the staticistic of how many inland and people from other countries reach Karachi every day for economic purpose...and land is not the only issue for refugees ..what about food,money ,shelter..go look up when was economic aid to Pakistan in terms of Refugees was stopped by the international community.. You say that Urdu is forced upon Pushtoons...how is that when there is a "loose hold over NWFP"..you say that Urdu is of no use..can I ask you what is the use of Pustoo? Every Pathan I know is bilingual...and what is stopping you from speaking Pushtoo in homes...Brothet language is for comunication...not hatred..I am frrom Sind and in schools we are supposed to learn Sindi along with Urdu and English...so I donot know why the same can be implemented in NWFP istead of going to war...I am sure you do not have any objections to learning English?That is because it helps you in the world...similar is the case with Pakistan..thereare many local languages in Pakistan...so to keep cohesiveness in the country...or would you agree that we make Punjabi the official language as they are the biggest ethnic group ..population wise.. You say that on both sided of the border their is a great desire to make a Pakhtun land..hmm I wonder what will the other ethnic minorities of afghanistan have to say about this?I see another civil war in the making... And sister Na aneen what do you find so strange abt Syeds in Pakistan...I think you should read the history..look up the word BADSHAH GAR...Muzzaffar nagar..etc..and read about the history of Syeds in the Indian Subcontinet... You keep saying that "Pakis" have an identity crisis..well how many of the 153 Million people of Pakistan have you met to base this claim..I guess it is some Pashtuns from FATA who have this identity problem..calling themselves Afghan..it seems so here on this thread.. Sallam
  7. Sallam Yes Pakistan has many problems, Pakistan has done many injustices,but do you see Pakistani people taking part in it? If you people who so berate Pakistan have visited Pakistan then you would have realized that poverty does not distinguish between a Punjabi and a Pathan and an Urdu speaking.The villager of Punjab is as poor as the tribal of NWFP or the bus driver of Karachi .We Pakistanis are suffering from the ethnic divided created by the ISI, the feudals of Punjab and Sind and the tribals of Balochistan and NWFP.Brother Dar ba Dar I agree that areas of Balochistan and NWFP have been neglected...but do you ask why the tribal heads of these areas do not allow the government to function there,to open schools, to let women vote and go to schools?Because this threatens their own hold,their own luxurious life styles.The few powerful of Pakistani elites have divided us and are reaping the harvest of it?PM Jamali is a Baloch..what is he doing? Benazir was a Sindi...Nawaz was a Punjabi...all they did was eat Pakisatn...and in the end we suffered.So instead of saying that Pakistan should break up talk about making the people of Pakistan empowered..that will do away with any injustices done in the name of Pakistan to benefit a few...As for Durand line it is a historical dispute and it should be resolved without turning it into another war...and beleive me in this also the ordinary ppl of Afghanistan and Pakistan will suffer... As for behan Naz aneen calling Pakistan Pakiland is not the same..becuase just like you are proud of being an Afghan, ppl here identify themselves with Pakistan (not ISI) and are proud of it ..and showing respect in a debate shows that this debate is not only for exchanging insults but for resolving disputes...Yes I agree that Durand line dispute should be solved..but by attacking Pakistani embassy will not help it.. Mehdia
  8. Sallam Well if you would stop reffering to Pakistan as Pakiland that would be helpful...and I agree with Daku that you donot see any independence movement in NWFP?you would of course support an independence movement agiants Pakistan..as ur hatred clearly shows in the posts you have made...Pakisatn is a home to many ethnic groups..if you do not know..Sindhis, Punjabis, Balochis, Sirakis,Hazaras, PASHTUNS...so they are Pakistanis..and through what authority are you saying that they are not real Pashtuns,just because they are living on the other side of ur so sacred Durand line...and even if they are only "Indian Muslims",that is a new sect of Islam I guess, so what is wrong and derogratory about it? I guess you donot know that we gained independence in 1947 from British India and are called Pakistanis . First get your remaining country in order and call back your Afghan bretherns from Pakistan.As I think hosting them inspite of so much dispute,they owing business in Pakistan,houses,having Pakistani citizenship and all ,shows that Pakistanis have no such divisions as Indian Muslims, Afghan Muslims or Iranisan Muslims. And if the Afghans who are so legendary for their bravery,for driving British out of Afghanistan,why dont you drive us "Pakis" out of ur sacred land "usurped" by lowly Pakistanis ^_^ Mehdia
  9. Well befoe taking over Pakistan on route to the Arabian sea may be you should first conduct a sort of ethnic demarcation..to protect your fellow Afgahn bretherns :o ...it could take some time..because they are estimated to be millions of them so plan ahead...so what would be your chief export via Arabian sea..let me guess..Opium As for on a more saner note Pakistan has played its part in the destruction of Afghanistan..no question about that..but at the same time we Pakistanis have suffered as well...but do we need to trade accusations or is it more appropiate to come up with creative ideas to make the situation of our two peoples better? In this conflict only the ordinary suffer..look at the situation of Afgahn refugees and the general population of Pakistan..and if the educated and the resourceful continue this vicious circle then only God knows what lays ahead for us..I have seen that we are good at chatting and trading accusations but short on ideas..an example ,a thread about protest against the killing of Shias.... we donot even have the will to protest then how can we even talk about changing the fate of our nations...it is we who lack in will..we are the victims of our own apathy more than the conspiracies of the "evil west' Mehdia
  10. Sallam [, pakistan was supposed to return the land in 1993. its 2003--pakiland is 10 years behind or is it operating on DST(desi standard time)? TE] no actually its other way round...Afghanistan has still to enter the 20th C...so Pakistan is waiting for Afghanis to catch up :D
  11. (salam) Dar ba Dar you said that you would be visting your local mosque in connection with this protest..so what happened?I talked to my fried,whose brother was injured in the Quetta mosque attack, she said that the Hazara tribe is waiting for the curfew to ease and things to settle then they will appropiate actions..my brother might have some information about the Sipah-e -Sahaba..I will ask him about it..I am new to USA and am not in contact with many shias and not able to tell many people about it..but will surely renedr any possible help to tell people about this Wahabi menace....I am thinking of contacting the prominent news paper writers of Pakistan..mainly of Dawn newspaper..may be they could through their writings keeo the issue alive...and we all could write letters to the Pakistani newspapers.. Mehdia
  12. (salam) I fully agree that we should not sit idle and wait for the next massacre in Pakistan..as a victim of wahabism my self..my father was assasinated last year by Sipah-e-Sahaba..I know fully well that it is our resposiblity to stand up and voice our protest.The list of martyred people can be made available by contacting Human rights Commision of Pakistan.(HRCP)..the pictures from the print media as well as HRCP. I guess the biggest task is to make Sunni Muslims in Pakistan realize that this meance of Wahabism is also harmful to them..and they should also protest.. Mehdia
  13. Mehdia

    Shias killed in Quetta

    (salam) This is a terrible news...my condolencces to the families ..May Allah grant them patience to bear this terrible ordeal...and I pray that People of Pakistan will use this tragic incident as a platform to unite against these extremist thugs and sending them the message that Sunni and Shia divide exists only in the twisted minds of a few who only talk with guns... Mehdia
  14. Mehdia

    Musharraf "may" recognise Israel

    Assalm o Alaikum I guess this should suffice for the reason why Pakistan is looking to establish ties with Israel.. Pak goes shopping for an Israel policy Ejaz Haider If Pakistan were to recognise Israel now, it would be hard put to dislodge India. Yet, its diplomatic presence would compel Israel to rationalise its South Asia policy. India will not have a walkover on Pakistan. The ongoing debate about whether or not Pakistan should recognise Israel is a classic case of too little too late. This is not to say that if Pakistan were to do it now, it would accrue no benefits, but that if it had chosen to review its policy a few years ago, the benefits would likely have been more pronounced. In July 2000, I wrote about growing India-Israel relations (Indo-Israel relations: What should Pakistan do? The Friday Times, July 7-13) and recommended that Pakistan should re-evaluate its Israel policy. Noting that India had begun to discuss the prospects of military cooperation with Israel and was procuring weapon systems from that country, I asked the question: What should Pakistan do? This is what I wrote: ‘‘The issue presents a unique situation because one of the countries involved in the equation — Israel — is not recognised by Pakistan. Inevitably, the policy — or the lack of it — puts an inherent constraint on how much Pakistan can actually do to offset the prospect of India stealing a march on it by influencing Israel’s approach towards itself and, by extension, Pakistan. The policy also compels Pakistan to necessarily view Israel with suspicion and hostility. This essentially means that Pakistan cannot engage Israel to neutralise the Indian offensive against itself... There are two choices to be made. One is the continuation of the traditional policy. That, logically, does not allow Pakistan any room to manoeuvre because it simply cannot reach out to Israel and will just have to remain on its guard against any Indo-Israeli collusion against its interests. The other option is to re-evaluate the policy and see whether or not continuing the traditional policy holds an advantage for Pakistan. Some facts need recounting. The days of the remittance economy are over, Pakistan is a nuclear power, PLO has recognised Israel and is in the process of negotiating a final deal with it (the many hiccups, notwithstanding). Other Arab countries, too, have come round to accepting Israel’s presence. Syria is prepared to continue talks with Israel, and Jordan of course has been instrumental in getting much of the groundwork done for the Madrid Conference and for later rounds of talks... ‘‘The issue for the policymakers is to decide, on the basis of cost-benefit analysis — whether continuing with the existing policy gives Pakistan a strategic advantage, for example, vis-a-vis the Arab world. It does not need be said that any such analysis must be objective. If it is found that there is more advantage in continuing with this policy then there is no need to reformulate it. Contrarily, if it is discovered that the policy is pegged to determinants that have long ceased to exist, it will be only logical to reevaluate the issue of relations with Israel. This is also essential in view of India’s attempt to reach out to Israel and the Arabs’ own reassessment of that country.’’ The best window for Pakistan to reach out to Israel was immediately after the Oslo Agreement. According to some reports the Pakistan army did a study in 1994 evaluating the possibility, especially in relation to India’s recognition of Israel and how that could likely impact Pakistan’s security. Apparently, the findings recommended that Pakistan should explore the possibility of reaching out to Israel. The study was also placed before the civilian, political government which got cold feet and decided to shelve the whole issue. The two main problems were how to sell the idea to the public and what might be the reaction of the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia. It is somewhat surprising that no structured effort was made to judge or mould domestic opinion on a very important policy issue. It is good to see that this time round the establishment has continued to send out feelers and made space for some discussion on the issue. In this regard the reactions of Pakistanis living in the Middle East are interesting. In a TV programme recently, most of them called up to say that it would be in Pakistan’s interest to recognise Israel. The situation on the ground has clearly changed. Last year, Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia gave a proposal to Israel which contained the conditions under which Riyadh would recognise Israel. This proposal was also endorsed by the Arab League conference. What is clear to everyone is a fundamental change in the Arab world: Israel cannot be dislodged and therefore some form of compromise is important. The issue does not relate any more to the illegitimacy of the Jewish state or the resolve to finish it off and reverse the great wrong of history but to get for the Palestinians an acceptable deal. The Palestinian Authority itself, first under Yasser Arafat and recently under Mahmoud Abbas has accepted Israel’s reality. Tel Aviv already has relations with Cairo, Ankara and Amman. There is absolutely no reason for Pakistan to avoid the issue in the absence of any direct conflict of interest with Israel. Basically, it needs to juxtapose the costs with the benefits in terms of its security requirements in South Asia, which clearly is the overriding factor. India already is deeply entrenched in Israel. Recently, India’s national security advisor Brajesh Mishra — a key proponent of closer India-Israel relations — speaking in Washington DC talked about the natural US-Israel-India tri-combination in terms of convergence of interests and shared threats. If Pakistan were to recognise Israel now, it would be hard put to dislodge India. Yet, its diplomatic presence would compel Israel to rationalise its South Asia policy. India will not have a walkover on Pakistan. (Courtesy: Daily Times)
  15. Mehdia

    Musharraf "may" recognise Israel

    Assalam o Alaikum I donot know if Musharraf is suffering from attention deficiency disoder or not but his talk about having diplomatic links with Israel shoul not cause such surprise.After all the Palestinians themselves are negotiating with Israel...how ever flawed the process is...Egypt and Jordan have diplomatic relations with Israel and if I am not wrong one or two of the Gulf region countries. So if the countries bodering Israel have no problem recognizing Israel ,then why a South Asian country ,whose neighbour is by the way actively involved with Israel in matters of defence and intelligence, be pragmatic enough to forsee the future.Musharaf has only talked about having relations..he has not said that he is recognizing the state of Israel there and then. And in Musharraf's own words.."why be more Palestinian than the Palestinians". Khuda Hafiz