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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So long that you don't give up, you stand a chance to feel His Ar-Rahim. Right now you only have His Ar-Rahman just like the rest of us in this world. Hang in there.
  2. its very confusing for a reader particularly me.
  3. oh. communicating to Allah as in reciting duas in qunut and the sujud before the last tashahud? i can't imagine it seriously... if it doesn't cause any harm or loss by not saying it then i think im safe without it. "we hear and we obey...." 2:285
  4. makes me wonder why it is so famous to recite ameen at the end of sura fatehah ONLY and not the other suras. very fishy. and saying ameen is just one word to talking to God. makes no sense at all. the sura fateha is as beautiful as it is, adding or 'lessing' one word ...makes it so very different.
  5. salam alaikum, brother.

    May Allah bless you with peace, happiness and prosperity inshallah. happy birthday cHeEse bURger =)

  6. its halal here over in Singapore =)

  7. salams cheeseburger, no problem. =)

  8. (salam) thank you sister. I understand it now. :)
  9. finally an answer. jazakallah khair, akhi.
  10. (salam) I think the brother is concerned on the upbringing of the children; in terms of beliefs and practices. Yea we have the same religion, we believe in one God, one Book , the similarities but the importance of wilayat-e-Ali cannot be compromised. If I were to have a sunni husband, I make sure my children uphold these 2 weighty things other than being tolerant/respecting the other sect. This is something that can't be taken lightly. But then again, the ultimate goal of marriage is having kids and if you deprive on that one, I think the marriage will get rocky cuz then the marriage will ha
  11. (salam) What does the following verse means? …. We gave Jesus, son of Maryam Evident Miracles, and confirmed him with the Holy Spirit (Jibrail)." [Al-Baqarah 253, 87]
  12. (salam) I have this ring, it is said that it contains the names of the 12 Imams. I would like to know the name of this ring ..
  13. I thought parents have authority over us.. .guess it doesn't fit the verse
  14. what's with Pakistan? why is it that everyday news about this country there's always someone bombed himself or car bombs near markets, schools, mosques? I strongly believe that Pakistan should be under military rule.
  15. beating oneself in mourning varies in different countries, personally i think it's a culture. cuz from where i come from, we don't have this practice but as a follower of the teaching of Ahlul Bayt (as), I see it as a tradition, an act of tawalla and tabarra. maybe the OP has witnessed zanjeer that put him off...
  16. many will justify the 'you-don't-have-to-cry' but hey, it's time to self-assess yourself. perhaps, listening to nohas or reading more of the tragedy in Karbala will make you feel and understand better.. so when you shed tears, you shed with realisation and not cuz everyone is doing so. but if you can't cry even after doing this, you have a big problem. like ive mentioned, self-assessment!
  17. Thanks for the clarification, sis. Hadith is a really complicated subject and sometimes I fear that I may believe what I read as long as its suits my favor. That's the reason why I "avoid" reading on hadith although I'm aware of another hadith that says if you memorise 40 hadiths, your body is forbidden to be near the hell-fire. I don't wish to be called a Quranite but I feel that if I want my facts right, I should just refer to the Quran and use my logic/analytical skills to assess it. This problem has been bugging me a long time...
  18. perhaps soccer can be seen as a way to strengthen bonds with one another. It seems to me that you have bad experiences with the boys in your centre Imambargah. :unsure: or maybe there should be a stricter management altogether eg; lay out the expectations, the dos and dont's that would influence or change the attitude of the youth towards majlises.
  19. (salam) Cooking is easy. It is also a skill. I love to cook. Girls who don't know how to cook is the same as guys who don't know how to fight.
  20. (salam) 3 years ago, I worked in a student care centre. I was only allowed to wear a small cap or a bandana. I wasn't told about the headscarf during the interview but only after a few days working at the centre. Even though I was shocked and frustrated, I can't afford to lose my job; I've just started working and it took me months to find another one so I continue working there. Pictures of my parents come to mind...I hold on. Afterall, the centre was an all-female environment. The last straw came when I was called into the supervisor's office and she said to me, "Do you know you can't ev
  21. (salam) That link is so vast...
  22. (salam) I'm not trying to be "the strategist" :dry: By the way, it's a teen problem. Just wanna clarify; Isn't taking God as a witness is sooo out of context? People can abuse it sometimes like "God is my witness" ..you got what I mean? Because they can't see God and God is something divine.. I can't advise when something divine is taken as a witness...I just want some answers or maybe something from marijis.
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