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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. For one, he has better akhlaq than you and is much more credible in his academic contribution to Islam. ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : هِمَّةُ السُّفَهاء الرِّوايَةُ ، وهِمَّةُ العُلَماءِ الدِّرايَةُ. Imam Ali (as) said, ‘The ambition of the foolish is to report [traditions] whereas the ambition of the scholars is to understand the traditions.’[bihar al-Anwar, v. 2, p. 160, no. 13]
  2. Bilal relentlessly defended Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Fatimat-uz-Zahra (SA) and their ideals and paid great respect to Imam Ali (as) in public, which arose some criticism. When asked the reason for his conduct reminding him that it was Abubakr who bought his freedom, Bilal replied: "Ali has more right on me than Abubakr because, Abubakr saved me from slavery and the tortures (of this world,) although with patience and submissive demeanor, I would have been on the right path to heaven, But Imam Ali (as) spared me from everlasting torment and eternal fire of Hell. This is because by loving and su
  3. We cannot fathom the wisdom behind the creations of God but the reason why angels cannot sin is not because they lack freewill [otherwise they wouldn't have questioned Allah in Surah Baqarah on the creation of Adam [baqarah:30]] but because they lack desires. The Commander of the Faithful (a) said, ‘Allah, the Exalted, gave the angels intellect without desire, He gave the beasts desire without intellect, and He gave both to the sons of Adam. So a man whose intellect prevails over his desire is better than the angels whilst a man whose desire prevails over his intellect is worse that the beast
  4. From al-Khisal of Shaykh Saduq: 9-22 ÍÏËäÇ ÃÈí ÑÖí Çááå Úäå ÞÇá: ÍÏËäÇ ÓÚÏ Èä ÚÈÏ Çááå¡ Úä ãÍãÏ Èä ÚíÓì Úä ÚÈíÏ Çááå Èä ÚÈÏ Çááå ÇáÏåÞÇä¡ Úä ÏÑÓÊ Èä ÃÈí ãäÕæÑ Úä ÅÈÑÇåíã Èä ÚÈÏÇáÍãíÏ¡ Úä ÃÈí ÇáÍÓä ÇáÇæá Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã ÞÇá:ÊÓÚÉ íæÑËä ÇáäÓíÇä: Ãßá ÇáÊÝÇÍ íÚäí ÇáÍÇãÖ¡ æÇáßÒÈÑÉ æÇáÌÈä¡ æÃßá ÓÄÑ ÇáÝÃÑ¡ æÇáÈæá Ýí ÇáãÇÁ ÇáæÇÞÝ¡ æÞÑÇÁÉ ßÊÇÈÉ ÇáÞÈæÑ¡ æÇáãÔí Èíä ÇãÑÃÊíä¡ æØÑÍ ÇáÞãáÉ¡ æÇáÍÌÇãÉ Ýí ÇáäÞÑÉ. 9-23 ÍÏËäÇ ÃÈæÇáÍÓä ãÍãÏ Èä Úáí Èä ÇáÔÇå ÞÇá: ÍÏËäÇ ÃÈæÍÇãÏ ÃÍãÏ Èä ãÍãÏ Èä ÇáÍÓíä ÞÇá: ÍÏËäÇ ÃÈæíÒíÏ ÃÍãÏ Èä ÎÇáÏ ÇáÎÇáÏí ÞÇá: ÍÏËäÇ ãÍãÏ Èä ÃÍãÏ ÇÈä ÕÇáÍ ÇáÊãíãí ÞÇá: ÍÏËäÇ ÃÈí ÞÇá: ÍÏËäÇ ÃäÓ Èä ãÍãÏ ÃÈæã
  5. SpIzo

    Islamic History

    (wasalam) and welcome to the forums, Have you checked out the series on the Infallibles by Allamah Baqir Shareef al-Qarashi [although the book on Imam Ali (a) and Imam Sadiq (a) are not available, there are alternatives given in the link]? Check it out online. If that's what you are looking for, you can order it from any of the bookstores listed here. Islamic History: http://maaref-foundation.com/english/library/islamic_history/index.htm
  6. This is pure trash. Although, you seem like a troll, if you want authentic historical information, try these sites: http://www.al-islam.org OR http://maaref-foundation.com/english/index.htm
  7. (wasalam) You can avail free books in Spanish (+delivery) on this site: http://www.musavilari.org/display/listbook.php?Id_Lg=1 Also check out this: http://ansariyan.org/ansariyan/pages/home_e/oth_lan_in.php?language=11
  8. A list of books on Imam Mahdi (atf) has been compiled here. Take a look: Most of these books are available in the bookstores listed here:
  9. Use Hotspot Shield: http://hotspotshield.com/
  10. According to Sayyid Sistani: 1756. It is Makrooh to fast on 'Ashura (10th of Muharram). It is also Makrooh to fast on the day about which one is not sure whether it is the day of 'Arafa or Eid-ul-Azha. You may also want to read this article.
  11. Each poet has his own style. You cannot expect everyone to write poetry the way you do and as someone who writes poetry, you have to appreciate this fact. There would be no creativity if that were to be. It's literalness is the beauty of this poetry - that it can make the reader visualize the events as though they are witnessing it, experiencing it.
  12. Mustafa, you can read about the loyalty of Al-Abbas here: http://en.rafed.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1215&catid=170:al-abbas&Itemid=965
  13. Surah Maryam is usually recommended for easy childbirth. Here are a few resources: http://www.duas.org/matri3.htm http://www.scribd.com/doc/15715356/A-Mothers-Prayer-Prayers-Supplications-for-Every-Stage-of-a-Womans-Pregnancy-Up-to-Child-Birth-Beyond-Compiled-by-Saleem-Bhimji-Arifa-Hudda http://www.hujjat-workshop.org/index.cfm?content=48 InshaAllah, you will have a safe and smooth delivery.
  14. ^Touching is different from reciting the Qur'an. Most fuqaha have considered this as haraam. Do you have any ahadith on that? http://www.al-islam.org/womensissues/6.htm#11
  15. From An Overview Of The Mahdī’s(‘Atfs) Government: His Weapon The Messenger of Allah (ṣ) said to ‘Alī (‘a): “When our Qā’im rises up and the mission of his advent arrives, he will have a sword that will tell him: ‘O Friend [walī] of Allah! Rise up and slay your enemies’.”[78] Imam aṣ-Ṣādiq (‘a) said: “During his advent Haḍrat al-Mahdī (‘atfs) will wear the shirt the Prophet (ṣ) had worn during the Battle of Uḥud as well as the Prophet’s turban and armor on his body. He will take hold of Dhū’l-Fiqar, the sword of the Prophet (ṣ), unsheathe it and for the period of eight months the slain amon
  16. We have to be very careful about these things. Just because a video or audio allegedly involves a high-ranking scholar or his name, doesn't mean that we have to accept it blindly without verifying it. Sunday, January 18, 2009 Salaam alaykum! Today I went to the Office of Ayatullah Bahjat and have asked about the statement of Ayatullah Naseri in which he quoted Ayatullah al-‘Udhma Bahjat to have said that the re-appearance (dhuhuur) of Imam Zaman (a.f.) is near and even those who are even older than 62 years will be able to observe it – and was replied that: “His [Ayatullah Naseri’s] words ar
  17. Allah knows the intentions of His Creatures. If the woman is sure in her intentions that she will make up the Qadha prayer once she becomes tahir (and she usually is very particular about her prayers and makes sure to make up for the qadha) and then dies, then she won't be held accountable for it. But if the woman isn't very particular about her prayers, isn't sure whether she will make it up or not, then it is on Allah's Judgment. Allah may choose to forgive her for her lapse, or He may not.
  18. (salam) You're having twins? Congratulations! :) What is their meaning? Zahra means flower - name of the noble daughter of the Prophet (s), but the rest (Sonia, Alraaz, Qalrissa) I'm not sure about.
  19. Something like this: http://www.simplyislam.com/products/essentials/Quran-Rehals http://www.monstermarketplace.com/islamic-and-arabic-gifts/quran-in-a-nice-velvet-cloth-box ?
  20. Taking pills to delay menstruation is certainly not advisable. After menstruation, you just have to continue from where you left off. It will be counted as continuous. History behind Masjid Jamkaran
  21. (salam) You won't get a link of Adobe Illustrator unless it's pirated (not sure if that's what you are asking for). There are student-licensed programs that Adobe offers where they offer their products to students, teachers or educational institutions at a discounted rate, but even for that you will have to make a purchase. http://www.adobe.com/education/students/studentteacherlicensing/school_listing.html http://www.adobe.com/education/purchasing/education_pricing.html http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/store/html/index.cfm?event=displayEduConditions&store=OLS-EDU&nr=1
  22. (wasalam) Here's his recitation of Dua Nudba: http://www.4shared.com/get/AChMPFG0/nudfarsi.html Another link: http://dlserver.yasinmedia.com/v87/Audio_2/Doa-Ziyarat-Monajat/Dua-Ziyarat%20(1)/NODBEH(kafi).mp3 Other recitations: http://www.yasinmedia.com/fa/sokhanrani/marhum-kafi/150-kafi-1.html http://www.yasinmedia.com/fa/sokhanrani/marhum-kafi/163-marhoom-kafi-2.html http://www.yasinmedia.com/fa/sokhanrani/marhum-kafi/283-marhum-kafi-3.html http://www.yasinmedia.com/fa/sokhanrani/marhum-kafi/316-marhum-kafi-4.html
  23. **Sister *~* Malika *~* could not post this poem on ShiaChat ** Lessons from Nahjul Balaghah [inspired by the eloquent sermons of my Maula; Imam Ali (as)] I Oh glitters of world do not disguise! Let my eyes stand fateful and see the naked truth in you. Oh letters of joy & triumph! With great pain, I’ve trained myself Acquainted them with subtle skills To push off temptations that stems from your void invitations! To prepare myself for fulfilling A duty; that with shame I must pen down I have never fully obliged Abd’ – servant of God A frenzy title that I labeled on my forehead! When in
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