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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The knowledge she learned is considered "her's" since she "bought" it It's her's forever and she can share it with whoever she wants Again, unless she had an agreement with the tutor on not sharing the info (but no tutor would say that because most of them claim they want to spread knowledge (even if that's not really their main aim))
  2. Nope, it's not. Knowledge sharing should be for free unless you had an agreement with the private tutor to not share what you learn (but I doubt that's the case)
  3. said the guy who randomly accused me of regarding isis as my friends
  4. thats exactly the opposite of what i said? i condemned both govts why im i not surprised that you dont want to discuss this lol
  5. The protests in Syria began as a peaceful protests against a dictatorship The majority were against the minority that's ruling Syria Of course Assad wasn't a western puppet but he just committed too many atrocities to be respected. Even al nimr was against Assad's rule We shouldn't have double standards when dealing with tyrants regardless of our sects
  6. The Saudi regime has no right to exist let alone executing a person who was demanding equality
  7. they're not ''slaves of israel'' they really do hate israel. but what they saw from bashar is even more brutal than what israel did in gaza, that's the fact which sunni extremists use to support the view that ''shiites hate us even more''
  8. we Arabs are ruled by western puppets dictators who were implanted over us by the colonizers but that does NOT mean that they have the majoritys public support the problem is that the sunni ideology is unfortunately dictator-friendly the concept of the imamate isnt really clear in sunnism thats why they are more likely to cling to their dictators thats why im no longer a sunni
  9. yeah yeah its true that the shiites are oppressed in KSA but doesnt iran do the same with the arab speaking minority in Ahvaz? how many arab activists were improsioned and executed? we should not allow the zionists to invest the oppression from both sides to serve their interests nobody denies that there is a sunni-shiite civil war going on but still... our main enemy is israel
  10. Yes Shi'ites do go to mecca to perform the haj rituals but they have always been accused by the saudis of causing trouble When the last hajj stampede Alot of the Saudi media outlets were quick to blame it on the Iranian pilgrims suggesting a conspiracy theory So unfortunately it's obvious that Shiites (especially Iranians) aren't really welcomed by the Saudi authorities
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fusha Fusha is used to refer to both MSA and classical Arabic
  12. First of all I'm a native Arab living in an Arab country L0L And I can't tell them apart because there is no clear way to tell them apart most of the time since they're the same language at their core And it's funny how your are going to ban me based on the assumption that i have something against Lebanese people altho I made it clear that I don't that's unfair But so what? This is a new acct anw so I don't have much to lose L0L I'll just make another one ;)
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