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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Is that book/rules written in the page accurate from your point of view?
  2. I was reading this on Al Islam (Link here) Does this mean that make up is not allowed? Can someone give me a definition of zinat please?
  3. Will you please refer to me the hadith that requires white clothes?
  4. Hi, Do the clothes need to be fresh out of the washing machine specifically for prayer, or can the clothes be the ones I have been wearing for over 4 hours while I cook and go to the bathroom?
  5. If I wear a very long Hijab (I think its called Jilbab? Example here, Do I have to wear clean clothing underneath as well? (e.g. new pyjama's) Because I go to the bathroom in my pyjama's, can I wear something on top of them to pray in?
  6. Salam, UK sister here, Are there any websites that I can buy those praying gowns off of? What do you use to pray? I am in Manchester if that makes a difference.
  7. I apologise if this is in the wrong sub, I only recently joined. What does Islam say about Evolution? Is it what I normally hear that god made adam and sent him down? I read few things online, some say that in Islam, adam came own as a perfect human being, some say that evolution does exist, another said that we all are created from a soul, but that doesn't mean we all came from one human? I am a recent convert so sorry if I sound a bit dumb
  8. Masturbation is not allowed, but I personally believe that the reason why is so that the man/women gets their first orgasm from their husband/wife and get emotionally attached to them, and so that it doesn't happen with multiple other people Now, as a lady who dates: Yes men are able to have multiple interests in women, that is normal. From my point of view, its fine for men to find other women attractive and be friend with them, etc.. as long as they are good human beings and are trustworthy. I personally feel like Islam, in this day and age, is causing so many relationships to be destroyed or causing so many lives to restrict themselves. Why are you upset over him masturbating and looking at other women? Its not like they know him personally and that he is going to leave you for them. I hope you haven't had sex with him because it doesn't sound like he is the right type for you.
  9. As someone who was an Atheist for over a decade, and is a revert, here is my response: All the people who didn't get prosecuted get away with it, and there is no justice for them or the victims, but that is life. Life is not fair and you just have to learn to deal with it. As an Atheist I got my morals out of how I want to be treated along with Empathy for other people. as someone said in this post Atheist are just like you and me, they are humans with feelings, morals and guilt. Its not an alien species, just someone without a belief. ____
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