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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well its obviously about one of the most desired things in the world. Sex. Especially me, being in my late teens and not have even kissed a girl on the lips and having a rather high libido and living in a culture where its more of an embarrassment to not have had sex before your 25 or 30. I just want to have it to tell my subconscious that its not as amazing as it sounds. Perhaps you think I'm stupid, naive, or just a huge pervert but I just want to find an answer to this and get it over with as Islam allows me to.
  2. I had no clue. This is kind of embarrassing with so many people responding about this topic.
  3. I think what he's trying to say is that sure secular courts are good but it would be far better for a Muslim court to judge them since it follows Islamic laws and that's what see is best for us to use in situations like these.
  4. It is a bit of an issue that I have. I have a high libido as most men do but I fell that mine is even more than that and thus I feel that I just need to at least try to have sex just once to see if its all that's cracked up to be.
  5. The thing is I don't know that much about the topic myself, which is why I asked about it in the first place. XD Also with the fact that there are so many posts to go through it will take me time to skim through each one of them and see which one's intrigue me or not. Plus I have other things to do also.
  6. There's just so many posts to go through. I'm surprised I got so many. XD
  7. Asalamu Aalaikum, I always believed that fortification was and is bad. Marriage is always the best solution to a loving relationship with sex included. But being in my late teens I and still not married and probably won't in another five to six years I yearn for sex. I desire it everyday and I hate it since it distracts me from my daily life and my relationship with my female peers. I've always wished that I can just have regular sex without anything attached. That's when my dad told me about Muta'a which is when you and your partner sign an agreement to have a sort of marriage that lasts according to how long they want. Which for me seems great! I can finally have sex and let it out of my system but I also wondered if this is something sinful or not or if its considered prostitution. I remember hearing that there is an ayah that proves it is legal and another one that doesn't so if you can reach out and help me with this topic I'll appreciate that. (I would like to have as many different views on this topic if possible)
  8. Salam, I have been meaning to talk to a gay person about this subject, and since its anonymous even better (I hope you understand why). So as a Muslim, I want to stay with what the Quran says but then when I grew older and I ventured farther and father into the internet I then saw that homosexuality seems to be perhaps normal in some way. Thus I concluded that I shouldn't only question my beliefs but also everyone else's beliefs thus I have to say that it seem homosexuality, in the short run, is harmless as it is. Yet in the long run can perhaps cause damage to society either in accepting more radical forms of homosexuality. Like pedophilia (Search Nambla) and then incest, bestiality etc. aside with higher divorce rates and no children and a lot of other things that can damage a community morally. Yet if it doesn't happen then I might have to accept homosexuality. Also there is pressure from my family. If I do this then it will be a lot harder and more awkward to converse with them.
  9. I have no idea XD. I just chose it at random.
  10. Salam, I liked your post a lot. It was very detailed and yet concise to what I need to hear. Yet another reason about why I want to accept homosexuality is since I want to go later to America since I want to publish my novels, since the middle east is really fond of reading especially where I'm from. Also I want to become famous so that I can help Muslims around the world and help teach the world that we aren't bad people. (I know this might sound cheesy to you but I really want to make a change). So if I want to become famous I will need to be very careful on what I say and how I act since I am selling my novel to people who thing otherwise on many of my beliefs. Even if people in the west are fighting to protect Muslims and Syrian refugees, at the end we don't like gays and they like gays,. Eventually either one will have to win and the other has to lose, which I fear at the time at least will be me as the loser. Unfortunately since the west is always the place to go for opportunity, especially in my position, I have no choice but to say I'm neutral or something like that if they ask me that question. If you were in my position what would you do? P.S. I want a real answer and not that I should just stay in the middle east because I love to write and the only place for me is the west since who else is going to read my books?
  11. Salam, I don't want to sound like a jerk but isn't it obvious? I know that the west has its cons, and many which are true. But for the most part they seem to have everything in their lives going well for them especially with being the most advanced and peaceful part of the world. I know that they do this by exploiting other nations. But it seems that as the west they are doing just fine with out religion. Perhaps I am wrong for the most part since I wrote this when I was on the edge.
  12. Asalamu alaikum, I am a devoted Muslim in my early teens. I pray and read Quran everyday and have never drank, fornicated (sex out of marriage) , or gambled in my life. Yet I feel that my faith is just waning away. It stared a few years back when I was still in school. Most of my friends either believe in God only or are atheists and do the opposite of whatever I do. Aside from that the knowledge that I have read and saw across the internet that proves that things like homosexuality being alright and that its fine to just have sex without being married has gotten me to the point were I feel I don't need Islam in my life. I always do go back to it thought and try my best to not give up on it but I feel that someday it will disappear. I have talked to my parents many times about this yet I have realized that if I keep on asking they'll start to get angry and disappointed of me. For now I am trying my best to stay strong but I feel that on the inside I really don't want to be a Muslim anymore and just do what the west does since it seems so successful. I still believe in God but I'm losing hope in Islam just to remind you. I hope someone can help me get over with this and help stand strong against all the temptations of the shaitan and what the west has to offer since I feel like Nabih Musa when he was constantly seduced by maids and asked God for help but was still forced to stay there instead of God sending him to prison.
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