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  1. So what's comedy all about? Its about making fun of something. We laugh at things to make our selves feel superior to others. That's why we laugh when some one tips over or does a funny face. Of course some people will be offended at some comedy but that doesn't stop the comedian. Neither should it stop the protesters but that's humor for you. Each person has a sense of humor, will you ban one type of humor since you and some others feel offended by it?
  2. While we say "they will all burn in hell" directly or indirectly. To non-believers its just wearing something that they don't see as sacred. Yes its offensive but I think they find it offensive when we call them heathen and tell them that no matter how nice, kind, and smart they are they're still going to rot in hell for an eternity.
  3. You seem pretty ignorant in this post. Didn't all the oppressed people throughout the history of humanity know that if they want to complain, their dictator, totalitarian regime or monarch will hurt, torture or kill them? They all knew that pretty well but they still fought back many times in many different countries in many different timelines from history. They believe that its their right to do it since they feel that Islam is opressive and wish to present it like this. Granted that Muslims will feel offended but that's what caricatures are meant for. The same goes if some spokesperson goes on live tv and says that abortion is right. People will be offended by what he or she says but this person and the people surrounding him or her agree because they have evidence to back them up. Later on it continues as to who has more suitable information and then comes bias towards which side they have been raised up to believe from childhood. Its a way of presenting a problem in society. Some people will get offended no matter what. Just like comedy. But they keep on to find out the truth of whether this is a problem or not.
  4. They all do it as a way to express themselves. It can be viewed not only for religious leaders but for political ones or even for people in the entertainment industry. They present it in this way to show what they think about this certain person since of the issues he or she is causing and they wish to address it. As for the quote, which "great" politician, also how about that nose is of some shady politician, dictator, or corrupt religious figure head that is doing something bad and hurting people? Isn't it best to then use caricatures to address the issue? Its only one of the many ways to do it but its still a very effective one. Art has always been used for addressing something immediately. As for Israel. I don't agree with them and I never will. We need to address that issue and I have seen many caricatures of it also mocking poilitical leaders like Barack Obama or Benjamin Netanyahu. Their followers adore them and wouldn't like to see them with weird facial features in a drawing but its no their choice because there are people who don't feel these two are doing everything right and wish to present this issue to them in only a few seconds of looking at it.
  5. Actually there are many that speak against Israel's actions. They get criticism but so does everything else. A sect. of Judaism the ultra orthodox Jews even disagree with the state of Israel. Including others like Bernie Sanders himself and Cristino Ronaldo. Those cartoonists insult every religion and political stand. That's what a caricature is about, mocking since there is a problem with it. They believe in freedom of speech for everyone since there are things that are just plain wrong and things that aren't.
  6. They know the risks and that's why their doing it. So that they can show the truth in their perspective to the local populace, then to the national and then to the international so that they can do something about it and then solve the issue. They do the same thing for Jesus, Buddha, Moses but none of the other religions bats an eye or if they complain they do it peacefully. While we have to put up signs where they'll burn in hell, want their blood, and then some terrorist group goes and kills them. That is not what Islam should stand for but so many of them are willing to do it in this way. Not all of course, I remember when the movie "The innocence of Muslims" came out it got heavy criticism for its false portrayal of Islam and the prophet Muhammad (pbh). And Muslims came to capitol hill fighting back at in peacefully in a giant protest. There is a glimmer of hope but a small one.
  7. The reason is to live the rest of your life with a person who is fifty years old but acts like a ten year old toddler and you have to deal with him everyday with the shock you get from others and the issue of their height, weight, and strength over you if you are there parent and your like 70 something? I know a family who has this same issue with another one of their sons. He is now 34 but acts like he's 3 years old. She even needs to change his diaper for him and where I'm in there's no medical instituion to help these type of people. If there was it would be too expensive. My mom told me that she said one time that she wished she never got him in the first place. Its like for example if a school bus filled with children trips over a cliff and they all die just like that. What purpose can that lead to? To fix the lead for next time? And all those children just die? Everything has a lesson but some are really depressing. Why would God want that to happen?
  8. Some of these examples are not beneficial in a society. One shouldn't just spend their days just praying. You exist in this world, you are part of a community that works everyday to survive, and so should you. For others its the fault of others as to why they're unemployed. But for my uncle and cousin its in their cortex. What can they do to solve this issue if not after thirty years where they find a cure and it would cost too much to fix. Their family true but it doesn't add up to the sorrow that I and my extended family has to face with them.
  9. But at the end you just work on yourself to improve yourself right? So if you add God into the equation does it make any diffrence? I know this is a bit too extreme but hear me out. You can improve on yourself with your own will and work hard to achieve what you need or you can add the fact that God is watching over you while you do it. So it means that God isn't really necessary when it comes to our will. At the end if you want to achieve something you have to work on yourself, not ask God to do it for you. I have reached to the point that if I want something done then I will do it. I can pray yes but at the end its me that does it all.
  10. Asalamu Ailakum, There has something that has been bothering me for quite some time about Muslims in general. Which is about all the stories where when some Western cartoonist decided that they want to draw a caricature to make fun of the prophet Muhammad (pbh) and then Muslims all around the world go insane over it. To the point where they want to kill this person and some times hold signs where they want his or her blood. Its just like with Charlie Hebdo who got shot and killed along with six other cartoonists for the cartoons they made of the prophet Muhammad (pbh). Why do Muslims have to go to such violent extents to try and defend their prophet when some one makes fun of them. Its like the infamous book The Satanic verses which discussed three verses that are said to be spoken out of the prophet's toungue but not form Allah which makes them false and the whole Muslim world was in upheavel because of it. So many violent demonstrations happened because of it, the West and middle eastern relationships were getting worse, Ayotallah Khomeni himself issued a fatwa to assassinate the man who wrote the book and other associated with it who were actually killed. Now I'm sure that most of you don't agree with what these Muslims did but I ask as to why does it happen in the first place. Christians barely do anything about it (maybe since they have no choice since they have already lost their momentum in the west and just have to accept it if they want more followers) but we have to go to the point as to kill these people for making fun of our religion when they in fact do the same thing about every other one. perhaps we should react peacufully through demonstrations or just confront that what they are saying is wrong since these people are trying to address some issues about islam through animation instead of words so that it can catch our eye and we can discuss how to deal with it.
  11. They tried to do simple things but my uncle got tired after some time and for my cousin I'm not sure since I don't want to ask her mom, my aunt, about this but I guess she has the same issue as well.
  12. So your saying that we can do it without the need for religion to assist us. Just us humans?
  13. Asalamu Alaikum, Now I have these two family members of mine. One is my uncle and the other is my cousin. Yet the thing about them both is that they have a mental illness. I'm not sure what its called but the main issue, lets start with my uncle, is that he has issues when it comes to talking or working. That means that he can't really do much in life. Now he just lives at my grandmother's house, he got a job once but it just didn't work out. He'll most likely not get married and I heavily doubt that will change and he just keeps doing the same routine over and over. Eat, sleep, repeat. My cousin now has a similar issue. She had an extra amount of fluids in her brain that needed to be removed at a very young age. My aunt did five brain surgeries for her and she tried her best to go to school but she couldn't go any farther than the ninth grade. She tried to be a hair designer but that failed also because its hard for her to learn complex things. She will also most probably not get married since she has issues with holding long or moderate conversations. All she can do is just sit at home and do the same thing my uncle does. When we have a family reunion I see her just sitting in the middle and frowning the whole time and not saying a word because she knows that if she wants to start a conversation it will always end in a awkward way since she can't go any farther than a few structured sentences. Now I understand that Allah gives all of us a test but when it comes to my uncle and my cousin. Just why? They have no chance of doing anything productive in society. To put it to the extreme, they are a waste of space. My grandmother cries over how her son is like that and my mom didn't ask my aunt about any details about my cousin either. But I know that my aunt is pretty much the same thing like my grandmother. So really though, just why does it have to be this way? Like all those people who have serious mental issues such as Benjamin's button disease, were they act like a child even if they're a grown adult. I know that they'll go to heaven and all but seriously though this is a terrible life to live for the person and all their loved ones.
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