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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes well you see ahmadiyya is true religion because of its bileafs too. We bileave in the promised messiah to have come to guide Muslims to right path not any new teachings just like it says in Islam. The promised messiah also gave us real proof he's true messiah. The Quran says holy prophet may peace be upon, that he is the final messenger and seal of prophet which means he's the final person to bring new teachings, the promised messiah did not bring new teachings, he only guided Muslims to the ones that already are. Also look at Sunni and Shia, they divide into so many movements. Sunni have like salafi, etc but ahmadiyya only had 1. You could say we have 2 sects but not really since we don't work together with them like you guys do with your Sunni movements. There is ahmadiyya and Lahore ahmadiyya, Lahore Ahmadiyya just don't bileave in khlafat like normal Ahmadi people do and there such little number of them too today. We are not Lahore Ahmadi though, ahmadiyya and Lahore ahmadiyya are 2 different sects since we don't work with them. anyways let's talks about Sunni Shia and Ahmadiyya. Sunni Shia and their all movements work together to eliminate ahmadiyya and even kill us in Pakistan which is not following teaching of Islam. And the reason I said we are fastest growing religion in the world Is to ask the disbileavers why Allah would help us Ahmadis so much if we're false religion
  2. Well I'm Ahmadi Muslim and I wanted to ask why do Sunni Muslims kill Ahmadis in Pakistan just because we're Ahmadis. That's against the Quran, the Quran does not allow you to kill and Sunni kill saying " in the name of Islam". Also Sunni are so ignorant, they think there perfect and more powerful but as we all know, Ahmadiyya is fastest growing sect in Islam and is destined to be the biggest sect in Islam very soon. Inshallah. btw Ahmadiyya is also closest to teaching of Islam, if someone says otherwise then they retarded. I mean we're the community that does no violence and get respect from every government while Sunni make Islam look bad with there violence and their proudness. Be proud but don't be the bad kind of proud. The bad kind of proud means acting like your the best and thinking others deserve less and death.
  3. Ahmadiyya is the fastest growing religion in Islam and you can even search that up. Just search up "What is fastest growing sect within islam?". Ahmadiyya started in 1800s and and still fastest growing. I am a ahmadi muslim and I think its growing fastest cuz its best! What you guys think?
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