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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Thank you all for the trouble, lol i suppose it gets to the point sometimes were these trouble makers wont give up because they have the weak to feed on so to speak :blush: ... but no matter unwanted luggage can always be desposed of and i shall carry on with the path of seeking truth and knowledge ^_^ wasalam
  2. P.S. This article comes here time and again and has been refuted repeatedly on this forum. If this so can u please help me with the information i need to back that claim.., with all do respects i can just say to the brother ohh its a wahabi site dont worry about that rubbish if i cant provide proof why should he believe me, and especially these days so many people look for the slightest thing just say SEE YOU SHIA ARE WRONG LOOK wat can u say about that HUH!!! (that last bit wasnt refering to you), but can you understand my position and wat im trying to say. Wasalam,
  3. Asalam wu'alaykum, I have recently begun my quest and thirst for knowledge not long ago after going through a great stuggle. Im a firm believer In Allah (sw) and The Rassol Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and Our 12 Imams. But to be a strong believer i need to gain the knowledge and text to back the claim. Therfore being Shia (ithna ashari) and being very weak in knowledge I am always confronted with the very basic questions why and were does it state anything in the quran about Immamat and alot of other common questions which try to corner me and many other Shia brothers and sisters, and because of weak
  4. :!!!: :!!!: wsssssss "ekhtyy" (sorri about speeling errors :cry: ) Shooo beekah looks like the syrians tail has gone between the legs and u have gone soft on me :P hahaha i thought it was quite funny when u had a go at me :!!!: :wacko: , but ne way ur aiiggght ;) i will need all the re-enforcements i can get hahahahaha .... Question for u ladies and gentlemen i havent been watching ne of the arab news stations and i would like to know wat is the situation like in lebanon to do with the CHRISTIAN invasion :mad: in government :squeez:.... cause i wanna go to lebanon soon Insha'Allah
  5. YEEEEEEE :!!!: omg wat an idiot i am lol i thought it was Qaadimoon dat reply to me, 3afwan ya ikhty semheeneh hahaha man i feel LIKE A JEW (so DUMB) :D well u can take wat i said about him and aply it to u too hahaha shheeshhh this just keeps getting funnier :blush: fi amanillah (^^,)
  6. wsssssss, bro i know its a joke.... u guys r great in this thread seriously :D , i wanted to see how far it would have got with me going of like dat but it wasnt the right thing to do :cry: ... ne way habibo luv to hear from u soon and to read more great posts keep it up bro Qaadimoon my brutha from a different mutha :!!!:
  7. :dry: tfooh huh its funni how some so called lebs can dish it but they cant take it :huh:, ne way i aint here to cause an arguement or a conflict :angel: i wanna talk about sumthing relevent or sumthing that can help me clense the soul..... I dont wanna a be a typical LEB dat just dribbles about abu mazen and the 40 idiots, ppl of this forum and who ever read this forgive me or tell me if i have sead sumthing stupid cause i dont think this is really helping me with ne thing :cry: maybe im in the wrong thread or sumthing OR just maybe the SYRAINS can help me out better huh :P fi amanilla
  8. wssss, syrian huh lol, i aint no chicken to run :!!!: especially from u hahaha jks jks it takes a syrian to know one huh :!!!: tsk tsk u traitor how could u.... yalah khalas i surrender......NOT :lol: but i am from shar'iyyeh next to nabatiyyeh so there is no point of me waring with u ikhlass.... I CALL A TRUCE @) Fi amaanillaah B)
  9. salllamm, ohhh and i forgot one more thing Ya aba jayeh dowrak halah be farjeek, u think u make comments and disappear without a trace huh.... this is one battle ur going down in lol, lots of luv from 3ammmo hosam :wub: hahahaha i wonder wat kinds of response i get from this :P
  10. saaaaallammm ooofff hakeet kilmeh and look wat i started lol :wacko: I can bearly keep up with u guys, i leave the thread and BOOM Allah hu akbur there is a war in SOUTH lebanon already hehe :!!!: Qaadimoon anna be hess albak tyeeb i like u already, for every reply u make me laugh 10 times especailly when u pay out on ikhlaas hahaha keep up the good work habibo Allah ma3akoon killkun ^_^ . Peace in the MIddle East :D
  11. wssss dear sister BintalHaqiqa :D, Yes i am lebanese to answer your question. Please excuse the English so to speak, im no good at wording my sentenses hahaha i was never all that good at english back at skool :cry: And i live in Australia , but i would like to say that it is an honour to meet u and many others to come in this forum and other forums :)... I would like it if someone can show me around this place and help me to understand it (meaning how to use it :wacko: ) My salam to all and may Allah subhana wo ta3ala guide us :)
  12. Salam to all and all in one :wacko: , Im a new comer to shia chat and i would love to make as many friends as possible :lol: seriously the more people i know,the knowledgeable it is for me :blush:
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