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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Join a cultural society or a social club or a sports team. You will always form bonds when you are part of a club, whether it is gaming, acrobatics, sports, culture or arts.
  2. If you have no hadeeth to back up your understanding of the Quran, you will be equally lost. The Quran on its own is not enough. Otherwise there is no point in Imam Ali and his progeny. They can just be political rulers and everyone will be in harmony. You have a choice to either reconcile yourself with a Marja or another Islamic leader of whatever sect, OR you adhere yourself to a code where there is an acceptable number of hadeeths which make up your deen. I have a family member who is extremely sceptic of hadeeth, so much so that he questions basic things that are well known and practi
  3. Islamic mini Dark age I believe. Imam Ja'far was oppressed and poisoned. Its not like his teachings were promoted by the Caliph of the time. They were busy with politics which was why he had more of a chance to teach than his predecessors and his progeny. But ultimately, I think his works were eventually targeted by successive tyrants.
  4. Salaam @wmehar2, Your scenario is missing major elements of consideration. The arbitrary definitions of persons A, B and C are irrelevant as they do not draw on what makes the situation a special circumstance. Imam Husayn was the son of Imam Ali and Sayeda Fatima. Imam Ali was described as Nafs of Rasool in the Quran. There is a well known Hadeeth in all sects which says anyone who goes against Imam Ali is a hypocrite. There is another Hadeeth where the prophet says "I am from Husayn and Husayn is from me". Another one that says "Fatima is a part of me, whoever hurt her, hurts
  5. Salam @Kazemi, I am not disputing that Imam Ja'far is Abu Bakr's grandchild. I am disputing that we cannot use Imam Ja'far's lineage to Abu Bakr as proof of where he got his best Islamic teachings. Since Imam Ja'far's lineage is a pre-determined lineage which receives the covenant of God, all Islamic teachings he gained would be through Imam Baqir > Imam Zain Al-Abideen > Imam Husayn > Imam Hasan > Imam Ali and Sayeda Fatima > Rasool Allah.
  6. You seem to be implying that Imam Ja'far transmitted true teachings from Abu Bakr, which is a fair statement to make. However, you have also implied that the fact that he is a grandchild of Abu Bakr is proof of this; correct me if I misunderstood. However, if this is truly what meant, then it is preposterous. Lineage is not proof of what your principles and teachings will be. In my opinion, lineage should only be considered proof when it is used a decree by Allah such as in the Quran (progeny of Prophet Ibrahim) and also in Authentic Mutawatir Prophetic narrations such as Hadeeth Tha
  7. Salam Sister, This is a very difficult topic for anyone to approach. It requires someone who has wisdom on the topic of marraige. Most of us see marraige through the lens of one gender only. If you know an Aalima who is trustworthy, or even if you can see an Islamic therapist for 2 sessions, you may get some insight as to if there is anything else you can do. A very simply piece of advice from me: It is possible that he is going through something very personal and you and him possibly are not getting enough time together to open up and just talk, not necessarily about what might
  8. And my supposition is that followers of Abu Hanifa at that time did not go with Imam Ja'far directly because Imam Ja'far was a propagator of the message of the Prophet through Imam Ali rather than Caliphs 1,2 and 3.
  9. I was asking for your own personal opinion. Regardless of what the Imam chose to do, do you think he should have done it differently. And if so, then why?
  10. I heard that Abu Hanifa only studied under Imam Ja'far for 2 years. I believe if they followed Imam Ja'far, it would have foundationally conflicted with their rejection of Imam Ali as the successor of the Prophet. Rather i believe they follow Imam Ja'far through a difference school, a school which accepts the order of the established 4 caliphs. Back in the day when sects would have been created, it was all about who was a follower of Imam Ali and who was a follower of the state. We have to remember that for over 5 or 6 decades, some say 100 years even, Imam Ali was cursed on the minb
  11. Salam brother, Do you believe Imam Husayn made any mistakes in all events that led to his martyrdom? I only ask because you say "he fought for what he knew was right". I have muslims friends from schools other than the school of Ahlulbayt who believe Imam Husayn was wronged but also believe he was a rebel (astaghfirullah) or it was his fault for not listening to advice from many friends and wayfarers along the way from Medina to Makka to Karbala. Personally I believe he made the correct decision at every step and new he had a pre-determined fate ahead of him with the burden of s
  12. Salam brother @Arad Etemad I understand your point and it is something that I have also asked in the past. You ask: "the imams have more attention the Allah and the prophet" They Imam's do not have more attention. Our prayers are filled with "Bismillah", "Allahumma" "Allahu Akbar" "Rabbii". All our duas refer to Allah as the source. You ask: " what's the difference the dua comin from u or the imams delivering it Allah is the most forgiving and as long ass he knows that we love the imams doesn't he accept it " There is no major difference. But this is the
  13. Did you assume that the "sunni" sect was established before the "shia" sect? I believe that is the basis of your assumption that this verse proves the "shia" sect is wrong. "Shias" believe they are the true followers of the sunnah and "sunnis" believe they are the true followers of the sunnah. "Shias" believe that both sects started developing right after the death of the Prophet (sawa). Today, the ultimate difference between the 2 sects is narrators of hadeeth that are trusted. On another note, the practice of matam is an entirely different sub-issue within "shia" islam which has no
  14. While I respect what you say regarding the opinions of Mujtahids, people are still allowed to have opinions without being mocked. Why so defensive and outwardly with your approach? Perhaps the brother will come closer to understanding and/or agreeing with your point if you dialed it down a bit.
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