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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The whole darn world knows. Google and you will find them. Ayub was primarily responsible for completely alienating the Bengalis and for institutionalizing corruption, especially corruption by military personnel.
  2. Iran is a sovereign country. It can do whatever its government of the day perceives to be in its best interest
  3. Hmm . . . what exactly had you thought earlier?
  4. (wasalam) Unn "aalim" kou chorreay Jabb Aseeraan-e-Karbala kou rehaayee milee tou Dimashq say Karbala joutay huway Madina gaye. Saath kyaa thaa unn kay? Aik 'alam. Mazlooma-e-Karbala nay Mazloom-e-Karbala kee jou pehli majlis Madina mein kee, wahaan kyaa Imam kaa 'alam naheen thaa?
  5. (wasalam) Iss dhaara kaa mauz'u azaadaari hai, aur sh'aaer-e-azaadaari kee t'aareef dhaara banaanay waalay nay naheen kee. Zuljenah, 'alam, deegar shabeehaat jo hamm hindo-pakistani Shia aaraateh kartay hain, inn sahab kou khal gayeen; inhein Iran aur Iraq mein hounay waalay ayyaam-e-Moharram kay woh dramay naheen nazar aayay jin mein 'aam genehgaar loug Imaam takk kaa role adaa kartay kahein, unn peh kuchch kahaa houtaa Hindo-pakistani Shia kyounkeh bechaaray beyzabaan hain, apnay kaam say kaam rakhtay hain, paraaey phattay mein taang naheen arraatay iss liye har kass o naa kass unn peh harf zani karnay kou apnaa paidaaeshi haqq samajhtaa hai Jaisey Mayn nay pehlay bhee kahaa hai, guzeshteh chaar Moharramoun say Mayn iss site peh Moharram kee aamad kay saath iss qism kay unwaanaat kaa toomaar daikh rahee hoon
  6. When Musharraf resigned, the question of who should be the next president presented itself. It is a sorry pass for Pakistan's polity that the PPP could not scrounge up another candidate instead of Asif Ali Zardari. This is not to say that Zardari is not a suitable and fitting candidate. It is to simply say that for the past two decades he has been under a cloud, the target of various wilful, wild accuisations, all abegging proof. The media in Pakistan, never people friendly, has been in the forefront of the smear campaign directed at the PPP, Benazir and Zardari.
  7. It is inherent in youth to lust for the unknown --- Rawshni --
  8. ^ Oopar chandd be'mithaal Shia ithaa ashari mojtehedeen-e-azzaam kay fataaw diye hain, unn kaa jawaab lay aao, phirr "discussion start" karein gay
  9. Let us also remember Amjad Farooqui, one time Musharraf pal and helper in recruiting Taliban from disgruntled elements of the erstwhile self-styled mujahideen and students in the madressahs in the border belt between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Amjad was killed in cold blood in a fake police encounter in Nawabshah. _______ During the military action against Shias in Gilgit, Musharraf also "imported" Arab and Central Asian Al Qaedeh fighters from Afghanistan to shed Shia blood
  10. Envy, if it leads to sincere efforts to equal what someone else has, is something quite healthy. Covetousness is not.
  11. There has hardly been any industrialization during the past nine years. And where there has been, there has also been self-generation provision. For instance, ALL sugar mills produce their own electricity, and so do the cement plants. In fact, all CPI's produce their own power, it is a by product of their operation. Batch processing industries, for instance textile mills, require utility power. On the other hand there has been MASSIVE increase in the power consumption of the urban households. Figure should be available with PEPCO, WAPDA, KESC etc., but they are tight lipped about them, mainly due to two factors. Line losses, which are very high, and power theft, which is astronomical. Power theft began in Karachi, and spread throughout the country very soon. The media, especially the print media played a key role role in its spread, printing pictures and describing in graphic detail how it is done. In Karachi, even billion rupee industries have been known to steal power on a continuous basis.
  12. Some one claimed they were foreign educated. Karachi Grammar School, Presentation Convent, in the days BB went there were pretty good schools in the social sense too; they weren't producing little lord faunterloys in thise days, Private education started becoming the dung heap of society during the Zia days.
  13. Ó˜ª ˜ÿ ãæÓã ÇäáیæŸ Ñ ä áیۓ ÝÕáö Ûã ˜Ç æÔæÇÑÀ ÇæÑ Àÿ Ñæیä ÔǘÑ
  14. aag rakhaye hain dhuaan rakhaye hain sharar rakhtay hain tayray saudaaee bhee aahoun main asar rakhtay hain
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