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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaykom, my sister had this dream please if anyone can help her I would appreciate it as she wrote; “ I hope someone can help me interpret this dream. I had a dream of a place I used to visit back home, there was mountains with glacier on the top, beautiful scenery. It looks exactly like the Glacier Peak of the Cascade Volcanic Arc in the U.S state of Washington. What caught my attention the most the 4 half moons in the sky. Where I used to live doesn’t have mountains with glaciers on top. I am also Floridian, so we don’t have those either. Also, usually they say what you see or think about during the day you will see in your dreams, I don’t remember the last time I saw a movie. Is there any interpretation behind this dream? Thank you.”
  2. Salam Alyikom, I just want someone that is knowledgeable who can answer questions about deen... I’m not sure if the websites work for me... I have tried emailing or asking questions on Al-Islam.org but I would not get my questions answered... at all.... the only thing that makes me feel better is when I post them here on shiachat...
  3. Salam alyikom, no I don’t have a government job... my major is completely different... and inshallah khier.. jazakAllah khier...
  4. Walikom Salam, Ohh okay, I’m not married... I’m single... I don’t care about wealth but think a lot about the hereafter.....and do for my akhira... because in the end.. I will die and leave everything in this world except my good deeds.... but Allah azawajal will test me indeed so I pray to Him to give me the strength to overcome His tests... inshAllah I ask Allah azawajal to increase my iman, and make me closer to Him and my love to Ahulubayt AS... behak Muhammad wa ahle Muhammad ahelum salam... thank you, jazakAllah khier
  5. Salam alyikom dear Muslims... another question: Please does anyone know where I can find a shayk that can answer my questions( if I have any for the future ), like the ones I ask here in Shia chat? Ofcourse a shaykh that has time, or a person who is very knowledgeable about Islam.. please because I live in Deltona and due to Covid I’m not able to go to masjid al hay ( a mosque for Shia ) the problem is that whenever I try to ask questions on al Islam.org nobody answers me... which makes me feel really sad because come on, I’m not saying to give me all your time... you know I just want my questions to be answered...
  6. Salam alyikom everyone, I just really wanna thank you all for giving me your time to help me... because I’m a Shia and nobody has time to answer my questions... When you have time please! Please answer my questions Do you know the 13 attributes of Allah azawajal?? One of the attributes of Allah azawajal is Speech : Al -Kalam Allah’s speech is eternal and everlasting attributes of the Self of Allah and is not a letter, sound, or language. Allah attributes Speech to Himself in Surat an Nisa 164 This is from the explanation of the 13 attributes Now my question is When I read the israa and ma^rajj Shia scholars stated this “Hadith n. 29: The Voice of ‘Ali During the Mi’raj In the book Kashf al‑Ghummah, it has been narrated from `Abdullah ibn `Umar that: "I heard someone ask the Prophet of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), `With what voice did Allah, the Glorified and High, speak to you in on the night of the Mi’raj?" The Prophet replied, "My Lord spoke to me with the voice of 'Ali ibn Abi Talib ((عليه السلام).) and said, `O' Ahmad! I am an Entity that is not like anything else. I can not be compared to anything else and I know all the secrets of your heart. With the exception of 'Ali ibn Abi Talib ((عليه السلام).) , you have no other close friend. Thus, I speak to you with the voice of 'Ali ibn Abi Talib ((عليه السلام).) so that your heart will be at ease."" From Kashf al-Ghummah, Vol. 1, p. 106, Fee mahabbati al-rasooli (s) iyyahu wa tahreedahu alaa mahabbatihi wa muwaalaatihi wa nahyuhu an baghdihi.” It says that Allah azawajal spoke to Muhammad having the voice of Ali AS... How ? Because Allah’s Speech is eternal and everlasting attributed of the Self of Allah and ``* not a letter, sound, or language..*
  7. Salam alyikom, I have already read those: from the imam Jaffa al sadiq AS (dreams interpretation ) But thank you for the reminder jazakallah khier may Allah azawajal bless you and your family behak Muhammad wa ahli Muhammad AS
  8. Salam alyikom, thank you, I already saw the part where imam Jafar al sadiq said about the sword and abdomen... but thank you once again jazkAllah khier May Allah azawajal bless you and your family behak Muhammad wa ahli Muhammad AS
  9. Salam alyikom, I guess that you are right.... :(( jazakallah khier may Allah Azawajal bless you and your family behak Muhammad wa ahli Muhammad AS
  10. Salam alyikom, I dont't usually think about anything before I go to sleep. ( concerning imama hussein AS or imam Ali AS) However, Every now and then I think about ahlulbayt AS and Imam Zaman (AJTF) ....
  11. Salam alyikom, I need help from someone who knows how to interpret dreams. I have dreamt of a man standing between two palm trees and he looked at me with his stomach open ( I saw his intestine wide open clearly and openly ) he then was holding his big sword and slit his stomach even more I was scared and shocked and suddenly woke up, I did not complete my day like the usual because all I was think about is the dream and who is that man that was in my dream? Why would he do that? Why did I have to see this painful moment of his stomach being slit open ( he was tearing his stomach as if it was something very simple to do) Please can anyone help me interpret this dream?... The man looked like this picture below The man was wearing shield with a helmet, the same thing as it is included in the picture Except there was no horse and no water and he was holding a big sword like (an example would be zulfiqar) but his hands were on his sides not the way in the picture..... the right side of the arm ( he was holding the sword) the other arm was just on his side..... The man was standing up and his stomach was slit open ( I literally saw the overall transverse colon of the large and small intestine) he was holding the sword and slit his stomach even more ( as if it’s very simple to do) without feeling the pain .. please I need anyone who knows about dreams to help me... Thank you Muslims for giving me your time
  12. Then what is allowed for me to do? If mascara I have to avoid it... then what does Sayed sistani allow women to do when talking about makeup..
  13. Brother I don’t get the last part... so I’m allowed to wear mascara but I have to becareful and be safe in a way of not doing forbidden activities and not intend by it to excite non- mahram men?.... like to have in mind not to wear makeup for anyone.. just for yourself.. even when you go outdoors?....
  14. Yes, you’re right... and no matter what others tell you in the end you say you’re going to change but you don’t... because you ignore the truth... and this is wrong... okay then can you alleaste tell me what Sayed sistani says about makeup? Does he agree for women to wear mascara and eyeliner ? And when you show me what he said can you please explain it to me..
  15. Brother there are things that are worse than putting makeup such as drinking, smoking, dating, and going to parties or listening to music... and I don’t do any of these! At all! So putting little makeup is nothing... trust me I try very hard to get closer to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and I’m not attach to this world because I know I’m created for a reason to please the Creator but I know that putting makeup attracts men... ( honestly nobody(men) ever talks to me or tell me I look very nice) only girls and I try my best to keep my circle small... but makeup is not ( OMG you committed a sin) there are things worse!! And I try to estghrouh Rabiii and atleaste I know what I’m doing is not right( putting makeup)... and btw in America to them(men) seeing women put makeup is NORMAL trust me!
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