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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My daughter heard but did not see anyone". She was sick with meningitis at the time of dream". She was sick for 3 weeks and everyday for 3 weeks before the dream I made dua for her everyday until the end of the third week my daughter woke from a nap in mid day and said "dad I heard that song you listen to' the one with Allah". Her words exact. So I played some of Al-Nahl and she told me " yea I heard that in my dream dad". Though during her nap the television was on but was turned down and was somewhat quit in the room.
  2. Assalaam-o Alaikom" I am a revert and wanted to know what's the meaning of my 6 year old daughter having dreams of Quran being recited". I am a convert and have been making dua for guidance for my self but before my daughter's 6 birthday she told me she had dreams of Quran being recited . Since she told me of her dreams I have been making dua to guide my daughter to Islam and guide her to Allah swta and give her his mercy of this deen. Anybody know of these dreams significance for my daughter who was baptized in a Catholic church and she is very interested in wearing hijab at a young age.
  3. I'm a new Muslim revert from a Catholic to Shia and would like to know how to greet brothers and sisters on Eid al Gadr ?
  4. Before salah we aren't suppose to eat. How long do I start this no eating before Salah ? I don't know. I usually don't eat the whole hour before Salah ".. Can someone tell me when to not consume anything before Salah ?
  5. Asalamu Alaikum" What is night prayer" ? After Isha Salah I came across a video on YouTube about night prayer in the middle of the night. Oh and can anyone tell me why I always wake up at 2:30am every night ? I always make dua for a good rest but it never happens. I always wake up directly at 2:30am . Very puzzled by this.... Im a new Muslim. Still learning.
  6. Asalamu Alaikum. How do I get ahold of a English translated Quran. ? Someone send me a link to how I could get ahold of a English translated Quran to take with me everywhere I go. I want a Quran with English words. Mashallah Thank you :-)
  7. I can't stop reading" It pulls all my interest out of my daily living to just read and keep reading. That from Imam Ali iben Abu Talib is always in my head.
  8. The disclosure of the Majesties of Glorification without indication The negotiations of speculation through the realization of the reality The negation of the realities through the rendering of the veil of secrecy Appreciating the divine oneness through apprehension of the attributes of the divine unicity A light that illuminated from the pre-eternal dawn now on talismanic table of the divine unicity.
  9. Wow I have been waiting a long time to take my shahada I only thought of taking my shahada in a mosque out of respect for this Deen" And I thought in my head that it would be pleasing to Allah subhanallu Wa Ta'ala to be in a Holy Mosque and in front of believers to take shahada. This is all wonderful news to hear. Im must act hastily and take my shahada in front of the only one who matters most Allah subhanallu Wa Ta'ala. Thank you brothers for all.. Wasalakum Salaam.
  10. How and where do I take my shahada ? Positive about this. I live in a Native American Reservation miles away from any real Muslims and any mosque. My mind is made up. I'm 100% positive to revert to Islam from a Catholic.
  11. I need help" I want to become a Muslim " im currently a Catholic. I know about Islam only through YouTube and it's so captivating" I want to learn more on every aspect of Islam" I sincerely want to become a Muslim . Ive had half a year to think it over. I'm definitely positive 100%. The Quran make total since for the questions i needed answering" that I could hardly understand from the bible. I want to learn about the predecessors of Muhammad (pbuh) .
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