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  1. Theyre flip flops so i think they would idk what to do
  2. Assalamualaykum, if some najis water spilled on my bathroom floor and dried up after a while and i step on it in wet shoes will the najasa spread? 2- Also, today i washed my shoes and put them on the bath mat with my feet in them like i generally do, if the floor was najis did the bottom of my wet shoes also become najis and if so due to my shoes being wet will the najasa spread as they had just been washed and were soaking. If they do become najos will my wet feet in them to and then everywhere i walked with the shoes or barefoot, inclufing my prayer mat and other shoes? I also suffer from waswasa Jazakallah
  3. Okay and if a Kafir touche or used my pen or laptop thinking maybe they had moit fingers as people generally do or sit in my car and use seatbelts and touched things are the things touched najis? What exactly is flowing wetness does moist fingertips count?
  4. Okay last question: if I wash urine off me or my toilet seat with the Muslim shower in a way that water falls on the floor and I step on it and then walk around, is the water najis and am I making my bathroom floor or room majors? I'm always confused about this please help me the water generally forms a puddle Jazakallah
  5. Assalamualaykum, So i tried this and everyday i promised i would stop but it keepa happening today after using the toilet i was washing myself and water drops fell on my leg because of the muslim showers pressure and all so i went to the shower and ended up washing my whole body three times but when i got out of the shower and put my slippers on i felt some water drops fall on my foot and when i looked there wad a puddle of water next to my foot but idk if the water that fell was splashes from the puddle or off my arms when i reached for my towel. Then when drying myself my towel kind of slipped and im not sure if it touvhed the floor but it seemed like it and i wiped myself with it. What do i do i still feel najis please please please help me. Jazakallah
  6. Jazakallah sister may Allah accept your prayers
  7. Assalamualaykum, I recently started wearing the hijab and was wondering if makeup such as kajol or red lipstick wad allowed? Jazakallah khair
  8. Oh thankyou so much! This will make my life alot easier jazakallah!!!!! May Allah grant the wishes of all who contributed and seek knowledge!
  9. And say i have christian family or these people and they kiss my cheek its not najis and i can pray? Also i have concluded that the first person the one qho prays is muslim muslim and the other who doesnt i will ask to start praying with me and inshallah they will take it up. But if they do not pray now are they najis? If they touch wet things are they najos too? Or if they kiss my cheek assuming they are close family? Jazakallah
  10. So if they/ I touch wet things in the house i can touch them and still pray because its not najis? So im overreacting then because if i am then its a relief as i was getting anxiety living like this. If the one who doesnt pray kiss my cheek do i wash my face or is it fine?
  11. Ok so when the christian maid washes things like cutlety and toilets i can use them or are they najis too? If people of the book are tahir, surely in this situation the things are too?
  12. Ok so lets say that i love in a house with these people and a christian maid. Im afraid of touching things especially when wet as i think they may be najis. If my clothes touch the wet kitchen sink i panic. Is this right? Are the things they use najis? And froma what i understand the two mentioned are muslims and not kafir, i just need to get the other to pray?
  13. So the people mentioned above, are they kafir if they believe in the two shahadah and on prays but doesnt think disbelievers are najis and that when they pray to their god Allah is listening and the other who doesnt pray?
  14. AssalamualaykumI read a while back that a kafir is someone who covers the truth and doesnt believe in the main principles of Islam. I have people i know who do not pray and drink alcohol but believe in Allah and Prophet Muhammed s.a.w as his messenger. The same applies to someone i know who doesnt think that non muslims are disbelievers, or infact thinks they are not najis. But this person prays every day.I know not praying put of laziness is an act of kufr. I just read that calling a muslim a kafir can in turn make you a kafir as only Allah can judge this. I am now worried that these thoights have made me a kafor and that all the shoes and clothes i wore have to be washed in case i touched them when wet or sweaty. Am i a kafir and are they as well? Please help me im very confused. Jazakallah
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