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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam o alekum, A couple of years ago I asked for a website with very old nohas, a brother shared this on "imambargah.com" . But it is down for a long time. I thought the owner will do something. but I think its left alone now. this website had a huge amounnt of nohas in english, urdu and other languages . from aboout 1998. I really need this website live. can anyone do something about it?. or if there is any similar website with old nohas... Old means before 2005. kindly share it. JazakAllah.
  2. She doesn't want to move, me neither. because she cannot live alone.
  3. Salam, It has been a half year since our marriage. from the day first, my wife have problems with my mother. she thinks my mother is needlessly pointing her mistakes. I don't have any convenience(vehicle) and my monthly salary is not good enough so many times I have to borrow my father's car to travel. sometimes he dont give permission so I have to cancel/limit our trip. she thinks that he denied because I discuss it with my mother and then she tells father to deny it. She has so much hate in herself that even she even lie to me that she is okay. On other hand my mother want any disturbance in house ( we are a joint family) so most of the time she complains to me about her rather than discussing with her or infront of any one. my wife dont want me to hear any of mother's complain. my mother do love her, but as she lived her whole life struggling for a peaceful life, at this point she does not want any fights or mishaps home. I have tried to talk to mother, she said "every person have good and bad habit, we appreciate good habits and correct bad ones, if she chooses to marry you and live here with us, she have to correct her habits." I don't know what to do
  4. Salam, I dont know how and why, I am not able to visit site. there is an error saying "Surf safely, the site you are trying to access contains content that is prohibited for viewership from within Pakistan."
  5. Salam, there was noha of Nadeem Sarwar, "Maa bulati he aa ay hussain" there was a part of marsia Nadeem sarwar recited before start of noha. kindly somebody share that. JazakAllah
  6. I personally am not against giving dowry to BRIDE /DAUGHTER. but what i think is people here ( indo-pak subcontinent) believe dowry is for son-in-law. He will keep our daughter happy if we give more and more (expensive) things to our daughter. I am getting married soon, and we (me and my parents) already made it clear that we have everything in our house, if you (her parents) want to give some thing to your daughter, make sure it stays in bedroom(and it will). Unfortunately ( it happened in my distinct relatives too) parents compete each other by giving expensive things including jewelry and even vehicles as dowry. some parents are not capable of bearing such expenses so they lend money to buy these things. . .just. . for .. competition. in last.. about LINE. What I've read about marriages,(I don't remember if it is a saying of Prophet (s.a.w.w) or any Masoom(a.s) ) it is best to bare expense of marriage from bride side too. So a husbands can furnish their rooms with every thing they want. and its a good thing.
  7. Assalam o alekum, I listened a manqabat 6 to 8 years ago . . the main petry was... EK MUHAMMAD , EK ALI. end of every stanza contained 2 or 3 words and then above line *** **** ** ****, Ek muhammad ek ali. I think it was recited by Prof.Sibte Jafar. If any one remember it, Kindly share a link audio/video. JazakAllah
  8. Assalamo alekum , have anybody heard this soz/ rubaaee baala sha-oor o aql se mera hussain he parwardigaar tu hi bta, kya hussain he jisne yazidiat kay, parakh-chay urra diye tareekh keh rhi he, akela hussain he I need TARZ of this soz
  9. Assalam o alekum . Who first time recite this manqabat HUM MADH E ALI (A.S) MEN DAAR PE BHI... LAFZON KO RAWANI DETE HN!!
  10. then how people are able to dual boot mac with windows? Is it possible to format a partition with HFS format??
  11. Assalam o alekum, any body tried to install Hackintosh in a normal windows PC? I've seen many tutorials but no body explained why I had to format my whole HDD.
  12. I cry when I am angry because for me, my anger is uncontrollable. To hide it from family, I go to rooftop, to take a bath, or on bed with lights closed. I think this is what you are asking.
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