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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Noorulain reacted to Aabiss_Shakari in Tazkia E Nafs   
    1. What is Tazkia e Nafs?
    2. How one can do Tazkia e Nafs?
    3. Share Quranic verses and hadiths of Masoomeen a.s about Tazkia e Nafs.
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    Noorulain reacted to Abdulhujjah in Listening to music while working out   

    Sayyid Seestani says:

    536. Music that is permissible is the music that does not entail entertainment in gatherings held for that purpose. Forbidden music is the music that is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings.

    You playing the music is forbidden but say you entered a gym where music was being played, and you werent listening the Sayyed says:

    539. It is permissible to visit public places where music is being played, even if it is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings, provided that one does not intentionally listen to it: for example, passengers on course, waiting areas for visitors, public parks, restaurants and cafes, etc —even if the music played there is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings— because there is no problem in hearing forbidden tunes without intending to listen to it.

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    Noorulain reacted to AhlulBayt_313 in Sisters In The West: How Do You Dress For Work?   
    Surgical cap, gown, face mask, gloves, goggles, and scrubs for me, sometimes a lead apron :blush:
    Lots of layers :D
    Looks like this:

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    Noorulain reacted to Naz_ in Menses   
    Wa alaykum asalam,
    You are allowed to read the quran whilst you're menstruating except for the Surah's which require you to do sajdah (the verses of Sajdah). You're also not allowed to touch the writing of the Quran.
    I'd recommend all sisters, that have questions regarding menses, to first read thoroughly through this online book/article:
    It is very useful and informative.
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    Noorulain reacted to Peer in Menses   
    O' ye peoples! Women are deficient in Faith, deficient in shares and deficient in intelligence. As regards the deficiency in their Faith, it is their abstention from prayers and fasting during their menstrual period.
    Amir-ul-Momineen, Nahjul-Balagha, sermon #80
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    Noorulain reacted to Iman in Menses   
    Assalam alaykum,
    JizaakiAllah kheir sis wilayah... I cannot believe what I have just read. It actually goes against every single preconceived notion I had about about menses.
    Although I know/always knew that Allah (swt) judges both men and women equally... part of me worried about one thing especially: I often think of death, and sometimes the thought comes into my head that I may actually die in the state of menses and because blood is najis (so much so that u do not enter a masjid in that time) it made sense to me that consequently I would not go anywhere near Paradise :cry: When I would be in this state, I would even do a dua to Allah (swt) that I not "die" because of this stupid belief I had..
    May Allah (swt) bless you sis wilayah with all the good that can come in this World and the HereAfter. What you have posted means more to me than you will ever realise.
    I have said this before but will say it once again, alhamdullilahi rabbil 3alameen, that I am a Woman of Islam.
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