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  1. I understand that we cannot pay zakat or charity to Sayyid but it doesn’t answer my question. If Quran is saying that we could pay Khums to the poor/needy, orphans, and travelers then why do we limit it to Sayyids?
  2. Quran says that we good give khums to orphans, needy and travel. So why do we limit it to Sayyid’s? Quran doesn’t say Sayyid orphans, sayid needy or sayyid traveler.
  3. Regular school course + tarbiya quran class, and break for namaz.
  4. Let’s list all the shia Islamic schools in the USA. I know Al-Huda (Houston, TX) Jafaria School (Somerset, NJ) Do you know any shia schools?
  5. I found a snack made in turkey but it has a gelatin in it. Can we assume it is from halal animal?
  6. Can someone please tell me the base of this ruling? This is from Agha Sistani. Ruling 1520. Based on obligatory precaution, a person who has a legitimate excuse [for performing prayers in a certain way] – for example, he performs prayers with tayammum or in a sitting position – cannot be hired in any case to perform the prayers of a deceased person, even if the prayers of the deceased became qaḍāʾ in the same way. However, hiring someone who performs prayers with jabīrah wuḍūʾ or with jabīrah ghusl is not a problem, and the same applies to hiring someone whose hands or feet have been amputated, although to suffice with the acts he performs on behalf of the person is problematic [i.e. based on obligatory precaution, one must not suffice with the acts he performs].
  7. It is not allowed ( according to most of our Maraaji’ of Taqleed) to add any thing on the obligatory Tashahhud.
  8. Science doesn’t have any answers that’s it. Period. They should stop making these stories.
  9. So what is the password of brother forum?

  10. Yes, so if I have to pray with sunni jamaat I don’t raise my palms and recite Qunoot.
  11. Allah Humma Salle Ala Muhammadin Wa Aal-e-Muhammad, Wa Aj'jil Faraja Hum
  12. Where you got that hadith from? Driving is not haram. Women could drive. If women could drive car I do not see harm in riding a motorcycle or bicycle.
  13. true. as long as semen was released.
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