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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You seem like a good guy. Now I feel like I was a bit of a tool back there.
  2. Thank you. I never would have identified the unintentional time travel I must have undertaken...I guess that'd explain why I'm posting on a forum, and do not have a Facebook account. *Sigh* But seriously, congrats. I guess you just 'get jokes'.
  3. Most of mine revolve around the pool or backyard with my siblings. We were so outdoorsy...Then I see kids today, with their Nintendos and Tamagotchis and what-not *grumble grumble*
  4. Good luck with the not looking at any women thing, man. If you can pull it off, you're a stronger man than most. I'm pretty sure it'd still be haraam.
  5. I thank you all for your great and tolerant responses. JazakhAllahu kheyran. My next question, comes with a bit of a personal twist thrown in - and that comes in the form of my son's name, Omer. As I've mentioned many a time I've always been tolerant of difference and preferred focus on similarities and commonalities between myself and my brothers (even despite sectarian stuff) so please don't get me wrong. So despite the factual nature of his name now (a name, one may guess, I personally love.) I do wonder would it alone serve as a hindrance to him in the future when interacting with others (as I am teaching my children Muslim = Muslim, and we love our brothers regardless of sectarian difference.) Along side that yesterday my wife and I were talking 'in the event of our children falling into an inter-sect marriage scenario...Would I be right to assume that (already unlikely) event would almost not happen as a result of a name? Or am I overthinking it? This is very theoretic. (Needless to say, in an event like this with any of my kids my response in addition to the usual investigation would be 'They're Muslim! Mabrook!' and to make du'a for them accepting their spouse as my own child.) Not trolling. Not trying to sound ignorant. Just asking.
  6. Honestly hormones don't just rage on sight. But being a yoga teacher I'm sure her body is well taken care of. Bro, you have got to start doing yoga at home. Alone.
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. To me it's very heartening to hear that you've had such a positive experience among Sunnis in a tolerant way. It's strange you should mention the Salafis because there are Sunnis out there who seem to have an equally negative opinion of the Salafis and Shi'a - which is something I find odd in relation to your post. I definitely don't doubt, however that there are (not all, though) Salafis spreading hate. I will. Thanks. Wa alaykum salaam. Thank you for your response, and isn't it most interesting that the Muslims who refuse to be enemies as a result of politics or slight ideological/historical difference are branded by some the 'traitors' or 'enemies themselves.' SubhanAllah, it's a very strategically played cult mentality of sorts designed to enable the free flow of lies and propaganda. I mean if 'Extremist X' wants to baselessly assert the Shi'a worship Ali (ra) and are therefore outside of thee fold of Islam for committing Shirk (AstaghfiruAllah.) the last thing he wants is the Sunni he's said this to to be able to find out it's a steaming pile of...You know and he has made these claims with no actual base. I say that as that's 100% the first thing I had indisputably debunked from my readings on this forum. 2. All too many it'd seem. I totally admit that. I see it. 4. Thank you for this answer in particular, and, I mean. I get it. I've never really understand why the person who I've really just met was so cautious in telling me about their being Shi'a, but I the picture is starting to come together, honestly. Though, all the time we've spent together since I will say this - they are an excellent person and Muslim masha'Allah and we are getting along to a point where not only am I glad to have met them, I can see a friendship lasting years to come insha'Allah. Ameen. JazakaAllahu kheyr. While I don't see myself following a similar path, I am very happy for your ahkee about the fulfillment you clearly feel in your decision. I will say, I've not long been on this forum but it's not what I expected. Disparaging remarks about the Sunnis are just hardly even a thing here masha'Allah. Which, sadly, I cannot say the same in reverse on many of the glut of Sunni forums I've been on over the years. I feel very welcome to these forums. I have nothing to add, but I wanted to acknowledge this post as very well put and eye-opening. Thank you.
  8. DAMMIT. Someone beat me to a Downward Dog reference.
  9. JazakaAllahu bro for your insight. Takfir is haraam for Sunnis too. Lots of people commit all kinds of haraam astaghfiruAllah.
  10. Asalaam alaykum. After some reading on this forum over the last day or two I thought I'd post just a kind of open ended question. Please do not go easy. I am on a quest inshaAllah to become a better me. This Shi'a new to my working life has certainly leant me an opportunity. To gain a better understanding about my brothers and how I can communicate with them better (as a Muslim brother in a state of mutual respect.) Let's leave all sectarian issues to the side. They're another thing all together. As a Shi'a how do you view Sunnis? How do you feel Sunnis view Shi'a Muslims? Why do you feel such a rift between our communities exist? Do you feel there even is a rift? If you feel there is, do you feel one side is more culpable in said rift than the other? I thought I had more than that. Anyway, for now that will do.
  11. So interesting too subhanAllah. As a Sunni this is likely the claim about Shi'a Muslims I've heard most often. AstaghfiruAllah. I've never known better to refute it (that said, nor did I believe it to be the case necessarily.) I've also never made this claim to anyone. I guess I just feel a bit of guilt right now for not looking into it sooner for myself and refuting it when I hear being it made.
  12. I have a hard time not saying Italy. Italy. Dream job?
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