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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Can syeds eat aqiqa meat I don't know how to start new thread
  2. Actually I am righting something about karbala so I require this information
  3. Well it is nothing there is alote going on with shias in Iran Azerbaijan shia majority countries their people love west and try their best to be counted as one one of them
  4. Yes it will make difference in my understanding of karbala
  5. Was Imam Hussain AS alive or dead at the time when he was beheaded
  6. Yes I had seen this in Holy Quran too Long time used for eternity
  7. Do it means that we will not enter paradise for eternity
  8. It has been related by Shaikhat Taifa Al-Tusi, through successive chain of narrators from Abu ‘Amr Usman Daqqaq, from Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Malik, from Ahmad bin Yahya Azdi, from Makhool bin Ibraheem, from Rabi’ bin Mu­nzir, from his father who quotes Imam Husayn bin Ali (a.s.) as saying that, “There is no slave of Allah who sheds tears and his eyes become wet, except that Allah will put him in Paradise for a (lengthy) period.” Ahmad bin Yahya Azdi says that one day I saw Imam Husayn (a.s.) in a dream and in­quired from him regarding the validity of the tradition and the Imam re­plied that it was true. Is this for Muslims or non Muslims
  9. I have been reading shamail e tirmizi lately in Bab e Sirat e rasool Hadith number 303 narrated by ibn e Abbas that prophet's daughter was dying and she died in front of him then umme ayman started crying aloud listening to her prophet said you started crying in front of prophet of Allah she said even you are crying on it he said it is the blessing of Allah that he made heart soft of his slave and said momin is always in khair even if his nafs is taken from him (the translation is rough). I know it is Sunni book so I want to know what shias believe about crying aloud please give some evidence from shia or Sunni books no matter and it's applications in case of Imam Hussain AS
  10. Can some one please send me link of book al-Ma'refat fil Manaqeb wa al-Masa'eb in Urdu
  11. What do you say about its authenticity well nothing can be 100% authentic except Quran. is the book quotable or reliable for large extent
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