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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A bit late - don't know if ur problems been sorted but am willing to help - get in touch if u still need help i'll do what i can?
  2. bump would really like to know this as well especially since there is no information available elsewhere :S
  3. AoN

    I am from Rawalpindi not from Sarghoda ..

  4. Don't know if you're still looking for recruits but please check your PM :)
  5. (salam) Yeah I echo that - I heard this riwayat on hidayat (rhymes hehe) and I thought eh? Baffled! Can anyone shed light? Ya Ali ya Ali :yaali:
  6. Haye haye been visiting my page on the 29th of January eh?

  7. Ya Ali Madad and (salam) Is anyone in or around Bradford/Leeds area interested in receiving pictures/shabihaat of Imams and Sarkar-e-Wafa salawaatALlah wa salaamAllah alaihim ajmaeen as hadiya? They are old but haven't been hung up/framed. The reason I can no longer keep them is because my dad says that it is be-adabi to keep them rolled up and not hang them up. If so please PM or post here I might be able to get them dropped off to you or hand them over at any of the Bradford Imam Bargahs. JazakAllah and Ya Ali ya Ali :yaali:
  8. CyShah

    Maths Help

    (salam) You need to find f'(x) or dy/dx, find the value for x when dy/dx = 0, plug this into the function to find the value of y when x takes this value. Then find d2y/dx^2 and if it is = 0 it is a point of inflection, if it is >0 it is a minimum point if it is <0 it is a maximum point. Hope this helps. Ma'salam iltemas dua
  9. (salam) Is this the Shabih-ul-Hassan of Indian origin? It sounds very unlike him! Or is it the one who's related to Naseem Abbas? Confused. Ma'salam
  10. Hi there, enjoy your time here :)
  11. I'm fine hun how r u? I've got some news to tell you it's not important but I will text u soon as my phone charges

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