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  1. Thank you. Someone on my facebook posted similar Quote by Imam Malik and I was like woah hold up!! He was the student anyway
  2. Salamu alaikum, What is the source for the following hadith?: (there is a similar Quote by imam malik) Imam Sadiq said, Knowledge is not about studying much; rather it is a*** light***, placed within the intellect(AQL) of someone whom Allah (SWT) wills to guide.
  3. Wow I didnt know that. Is there any proof of this?
  4. I have not rrad onto it. But are you saying in a case where the islamic caliphate was re established, everyone except the people of the book would be slaughtered, I will need you to elaborate. Our prophet SAW had the opportunity from angels to destroy the town of Taif, instead he didnt be aude he wanted their children to accept Islam, since they rejected.
  5. As salamu alaikum, It is known amongst muslims that under sharia law, the crime and punishment aspect, Jews, Christians, and other religions, are judged by their respective holy books, what about atheist that have never been muslim? For example, if an atheist murders than what law does he fall under, what punishment does he get?
  6. I think this thread should be deleted. It will attract too much attention...
  7. Can someone please recommend good lectures and books on al tawheed from ahlul bayt perspective.
  8. So what is said to end the prayer according to ahlul bayt?
  9. As salamu alaikum, Does anyone know of any sunni sourced hadith saying that the prophet muhammad SAW said Allahi akbar 3x to end the prayer. I only found 1 source and this one only says Allahi akbar once. Ibn Abbas (R.A) said, we used to know that Allah's messenger had finished his prayer when we heard “Allahu Akbar”.[Sahih Muslim vol. 1, 1209/1210, Bukhari Vol.1 Book 12/802]
  10. This is true as well, and i would have similar intentions.
  11. Explain this part: Which Imams (AS) are talking in these 2 ahadith? Explain this part: So when the servantcomes to a major one from the major disobediencies, or a small one from the smalldisobediencies which Allahazwj Mighty and Majestic has Forbidden from, he wouldexit from the Emān. The name ‘Al Emān’ would drop from him, and the name ‘AlIslām’ would be affirmed upon him."
  12. Thats a major task marrying over seas and traveling back and forth. Going to have to have serious deep pockets. Marry from there, but I would have to find a way to get them to me.
  13. I was in a bad state of mind, dont call me muhammad, 5 is the bare minimum, I just feel bad when I have bad thoughts, and even though I pray, being in disobedience ... But its all good
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