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  1. I believe more-or-less the same as the Sunni perspective—Umayyads and Abbasids didn't mess with these narrations because they dealt with unclear future events and material that was impossible to interpret—I'm not 100% about the chronology and duration of events—my understanding is we will catch a glimpse of al-Qāʾim Āl Muḥammad (peace be upon him) before commencement of Armageddon—repercussion of all-out nuclear war will bring about an intermission of hostilities for 10 - 30 years while nuclear winter envelopes the globe in darkness—people scurry to survive—people then attempt to reconstruct civilization—something resembling the Middle Ages but fused with derivative knowledge from our time-period—Moscow (Byzantines) will emerge as the new Superpower presumably— after formulating an unshakable alliance Byzantines and Muslims end up turning on each other—a power struggle ensues as differences arise regarding the trajectory of world leadership—Antichrist arises—al-Qāʾim (peace be upon him) clashes with Antichrist etc. etc.
  2. This has happened to me a few times and that's usually when I wake up.
  3. Rabbi Locks discusses Abrahamic or Jewish meditation / prayer / worship and the similarities (and differences) with the Buddhist practice with a fellow devotee at the Wailing Wall
  4. I guess I can lift the Coke ban now. I haven't drank a Coca-Cola product in about 20 years (I'm being serious).
  5. I'm sympathetic to both believers and those who decided to ditch religion altogether—I can see where both sides are coming from—I'm commiserate with those turning their backs on organized religion and Western Christianity—honestly, as understood from a contextualized religious-socio-cultural framework who can blame them?—Catholicism and Protestantism have only themselves to blame for their former adherents resorting to atheism, materialism, paganism, witchcraft, Satanism etc.—hypocritical Victorian ethics and centuries of European genocide against indigenous natives and the enslavement of black Africans and the stifling of scientific advancement and the infusing of paganism into Nascent Christianity—I'm simultaneously sympathetic to those who choose to remain adamant and adhere to their faith tradition (i.e. Christianity) despite the logical inconsistencies and difficulties—they see something worth holding on to and we can indeed appreciate such a stance.
  6. https://qz.com/quartzy/1411909/the-explosive-growth-of-witches-wiccans-and-pagans-in-the-us/?fbclid=IwAR0Xq6uHk60XMUyfCxG8ophq1lG1Bu67Q54GN9cnf_XmU339GXorit3IOQc
  7. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/03/witchcraft-juliet-diaz/605518/?fbclid=IwAR2bKjrc2ozVmeczmHAwZvQlO1r7pPAyJ_0vpG3IsVJN_1WCiN5IduFj1aQ
  8. "The rise of interest in witchcraft, astrology, shamanism and the paranormal among millennials and GenZ represents a desire to invoke the unseen for power; rather than to make the due sacrifices and obey the due restrictions that come with organized religion and textual authority. A spell is an attempt to exert unseen power. A prayer is an admission of one’s own powerlessness, and an invocation to the One God, to whom we submit and humble ourselves before." Bilal Muhammad
  9. @313_Waiter, I like Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar and I have learned a lot from watching his videos—Dr. Farrokh is a student of irfan and as such adheres to a type of İrfani/Sufi unifying cosmological worldview that rejects the existence of diametrical or dualistic tendencies in the universe—Irfanis and Sufis believe in a holistic approach—they maintain that Iblis' act of disobedience was an instrumental factor in fulfilling Allah's decree (i.e. a larger universal plan)—they believe that by weakening/de-emphasizing the evil in the central Satanic figure that metaphysical dualism (itself) also becomes reduced/debased,
  10. So you're a Maturidi or Ashʿari Sunni? Nobody believes in the divinity of Muhammad—Muhammad is no different from other human beings—he gets thirsty like us, he suffers from heat exhaustion like us, he experiences physical injuries like we do, he feels anxiety and stress like we do, he died as we will all one day die etc.—everything that humans experience and go through (as a part of human nature) he (s) went through—having said that there's an opinion that Muhammad (s) was among the first created beings created by Allah and that he might have been an instrument used in bringing about creation—I'm in process of studying this subject now and I haven't reached a conclusion either way—most classical scholars say Allah existed alone in eternity, until "Be, and it is" (كن فيكون kun fa-yakūn)—then He created Al-'Arsh, Al-'Aql, Al-Kalām —(Shaykh ʿAbdul Qādir al-Gīlānī, d. 561) in his book Sirr al-asrar fi ma yahtaju ilayh al-abrar (p. 12-14 of the Lahore edition) said: "Know that since Allah first created the soul of Muhammad from the light of His beauty, as He said: I created Muhammad from the light of My Face, and as the Prophet said: The first thing Allah created is my soul, and the first thing Allah created is The Pen, and the first thing Allah created is The Intellect—what is meant by all this is one and the same thing, and that is the Haqiqah al-Muhammadiyyah. However, it was named a light because it is completely purified from darkness, as Allah said: "There has come to you from Allah a Light and a Manifest Book." It was also named an intellect because it is the cause for the transmission of knowledge, and the pen is its medium in the world of letters. The Muhammadan Soul (al-Ruh al-Muhammadiyyah) is therefore the quintessence of all created things and the first of them and their origin, as the Prophet said: I am from Allah and the believers are from me, and Allah created all souls from me in the spiritual world and He did so in the best form. It is the name of the totality of mankind in that Primordial World, and after its creation by four thousand aeons, Allah created the Throne from the light of Muhammad himself ﷺ, and from it the rest of creation." This book has now been translated by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi as The Secret of Secrets (Cambridge: Islamic Texts Society, 1994).
  11. Peace, سلام—this is a deep deep philosophical concept and a hard one to wrap our minds around as laypeople—my understanding of "Man-yahdihillahu fala mudilla lahu wa man-yudlilhu fala hadiya lah" (Roman Transliteration) i.e. "Whomever Allah guides, no one can misguide, and whomever Allah misguides, no one can guide" (English Translation) is the equivalent of saying, "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" (Newton's third law of motion)—from a micro perspective Iblis is rightly reprimanded for not prostrating before Adam and disobeying Allah—from a macro perspective Iblis is a cog in the larger cosmological tapestry or scheme playing a necessary role / function—more later (God-willing).
  12. Also, among the signs of the reappearance of al-Qāʾim Āl Muḥammad (a) is old pagan religions and Satanism rebounding in popularity.
  13. Satanists operate through stealth and deceit—this is their hallmark—they appear rational and coherent outwardly— they want people (potential adherents) to reach certain philosophical conclusions and they'll use seemingly rational arguments to achieve this goal—the intricacies of their language is geared to nudge you into compliance—agnosticism is the prerequisite class for atheism—atheism is the prerequisite class for atheistic Satanism ("self-spirituality" or "self-religiosity")—atheistic Satanism is the forerunner to full-blown theistic Satanism or devil worship—Satan leads humanity astray through infinitesimal degrees until his ultimate aim is realized.
  14. Come come now—all mainstream Sunnis (you obviously adhere to Salafism or one of its offshoots) acknowledge sentient beings being brought into existence in a timeless, placeless region before the creation of the physical universe—the original covenant made between Allah and mankind which marked the beginning of initial creation according to Islamic theology—this took place before the creation of the heavens and the earth—Allah assembled all of creation and informed them of the truth of His existence—all Muslims believe in this event. He has been studying, planning, observing, assessing and he (a) will arise on the command of his Lord—he abides by Allah's timetable and not by your or my schedule.
  15. We're arguing over semantics sister—the definition of a homosexual is anyone who is sexually attracted to a member of their own gender. Western mainstream media tries to blow everything out of proportion and use it for their propaganda needs—they're spin-doctoring masters!
  16. I don't blame folks for being pessimistic given the Taliban's thirty year track-record. It seems lately (however) the Taliban have been engaging in serious behind-the-scenes negotiations with Iran. Pakistan is unarguably a client state of KSA but the relationship (under Imran Khan) seems to be waning as of late. Can the long-established bond be comprehensively severed? This remains to be seen. The Taliban’s recent decision to include ethnic and religious minorities (e.g. Tajik, Hazara etc.) into the new coalition has been viewed approvingly by Tehran. There are now various sub-factions within the Taliban (e.g. Hezb-e Walayat-e Islami) that are based in Tehran and there's talk that the Haqqani network, (traditionally known for having intimate ties with Islamabad) is getting closer and closer to Tehran as well. Remember that Persia and Afghanistan share a lengthy and intertwined history (i.e. Greater Khorasan, Achaemenid Empire, Sasanian Empire etc.) and this can be used as political leverage by Tehran. Additionally, Tehran is one of Kabul's major trading partners in the region. Also, keep in mind that Shah Abbas I (Safavid Dynasty) forced conversion and waged war on Sunnism. This left a bitter taste in the mouths of neighboring Hanafiyyah for centuries. During the Soviet/Afghan War the entire Muslim world (especially Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East) unified against communist expansionism and Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt etc. supported the Mujahideen guerrilla effort against Soviet Russia.
  17. All schools of Islamic jurisprudence maintain that homosexuality is forbidden based on the story of Lūṭ (a)—if you read the story closely you'll realize that the people living in the twin cities (Sodom and Gomorrah) were swayed by their lower animalistic desires—they hated strangers and robbed highway travelers—forms of sexual deviance included homosexuality (specifically male on male rape)—these perverted practices became prevalent and the punishment/wrath was finally brought down from on high—this is understood and I agree— but I'm not talking about this—I'm talking about an extremely small percentage of people who may have certain tendencies or inclinations based on genetic proneness—there are 331,449,281 Americans—4-5% of them identify as LGBTQIA—my belief is that 90-98% (of the 4-5%) are engaging in sexual perversion because it's now considered trendy and fashionable—the government/mainstream media/educational institutions have given them (US citizens) the green light to behave like pigs and engage in any and every indulgence—there's even a popular notion that has gained full momentum among academicians—they now consider "sexual deviance" as an antiquated expression (it has now been replaced with the non-judgmental term "paraphilia") and deem any sexual behavior or act as merely a subjective muse (hence permissible)—(note: there is no scientific unanimity for any dividing line separating unusual sexual practices from paraphilic ones)—and you're right—it does seem like the science is lacking and that liberal special interest groups have succeeded in swaying the scientific consensus into boosting the LGBT agenda for mysterious reasons—despite this I still feel the need to air on the side of caution—humanity stands on the brink of an informational and technological precipice—a time is approaching that will see humanity accelerate unlike any time before—new discoveries will be made in various fields (e.g. AI, biology, chemistry, earth and space sciences etc.)—we are obligated to retain open-mindedness in order to remain on the cutting edge and stay relevant.
  18. Science and Islam can never contradict one another—when the scientific community stumbles upon a finding we should be cautious before either dismissing or accepting—better to remain in neutral territory awhile until the smoke clears—seems to be a wide range of factors that cause homosexuality —mainly social, cultural and environmental factors but genetic markers play a role in a person's sexual predisposition scientists are saying—let's study the issue thoroughly and honestly before collapsing a wall on a person or burning them alive or throwing them from the highest pinnacle of a town—that's all I'm saying.
  19. Perhaps this is why Imam Khomeini (r) granted certain homosexuals the right to sex reassignment surgery This is correct if homosexuality is practiced universally for a long duration—the human species will eventually go extinct—according to the latest statistics 4-5% of people in the US identify as LBGTQIA—that's up from 2-3% in 2010—according to statistics I remember looking up in 2010, approximately 1/3 of Hollywood executives, actors, producers, directors, writers etc. identified as gay, bisexual or lesbian and I think those figures are underexaggerated—I think it's closer to 50%—you can easily see LBGT agenda popularized in pop culture, film, magazines etc.—there's an obvious Zionist influence in Hollywood but there's also an open gay influence—in the 70's and 80's it was more subtle but within the last 10 - 20 years it's become increasingly more overt.
  20. @Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, if you're in favor of adult males and male minors interacting sexually—then do you make a distinction between consenting young males and non-consenting young males?
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