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  1. BA HA HA HA HA HA HA....and of course, he disallows comments in the comment section...Why do Malikis put their hands by their sides when praying? - Assim al hakeem...approximately 3 minutes
  2. Why Do Malikis Pray With Their Hands Down? | Sh. Shadee El Masry | 2 minutes 49 seconds
  3. Do al-Muʿtazilah worship w/ sadl? I know the Ibadis do
  4. Imam Omar Suleiman - Why Malikis Pray with their Hands Unfolded - Sadl - Maliki School - 5 minutes 24 seconds
  5. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf talking about worshiping w/ unfolded arms (i.e. sadl) and Sunni/Salafi intra-denominational bullying in North Africa...40 minutes...old school audio cassette lecture...very informative...worshiping w/ sadl is the dominate opinion in Maliki fiqh...praying w/ arms folded (i.e. qabal) is due to modern Saudi petrol funding certain missionaries and mercenary movements in the Maghreb
  6. Pro-HAMAS, Pro-Palestinian, Socialist, Mexican Protestors Torch Israeli Embassy - Jimmy Dore - 3 minutes 30 seconds
  7. "Produce your proof if ye are truthful" - Surah Al-Baqarah 2:111 and 27:64
  8. Iran is great for Jews!!! - Anti-Semitism is nonexistent there - Iran has been a sanctuary for Jews worldwide for 2,500 years - Comedian Ari Shaffir schools Howie Mandel on Iran - Jimmy Dore - 18 minutes 11 seconds
  10. Perhaps during the forty years wandering in the wilderness era w/ the Children of Israel...he (a) would have had plenty of time to wander/roam around during this time-period I suppose...ahadith mentioned Musa (a) was accompanied by Joshua (r)... I suppose this meant Harun (a) was governing things back home while Musa (a) was away
  11. Richard Medhurst in Iran - Streamed 21 hours ago - George Galloway & Richard Medhurst - MOATS - 15 minutes 4 seconds
  12. I'd be highly surprised if a small percentage of born homosexuals didn't exist in nature—I suppose it's possible however—some animals exemplify bisexual tendencies and not exclusively homosexual behavior—exclusive homosexual behavior in nature is rare—if a person was born a no. 6 Kinsey Scale (i.e. exemplifying or representing strict homosexuality) homosexual then Islamic law wouldn't be binding on such a person—in an ideal Islamic state, the citizenry would exercise mercy and compassion and help him (her) find a proper mate and live a quiet, peaceful and meaningful life/existence—the Islamic state, wouldn't allow them (gays and lesbians) to propagate or promulgate their movement or cause though—Islamic privacy laws are pretty airtight for a reason—this is/was probably the reason
  13. Should we believe like Catholics who blindly follow the pope?...or should Shīʿi Muslims be more like forensic investigators who carefully and meticulously follow the path that the evidence leads them to without reservation? I think we should behave more like forensic investigators and archeologists who follow proof...you're right...the devil is lurking behind every corner trying to lead us astray...the secularists, the postmodernists, the Zionists, the Saudis, the Hindutva Movement, the evangelicals, CIA, MI-6 etc. are all attempting to misdirect Muslims...but the well-read Muslim is a lot less likely to be fooled...the passionate, goodhearted blind follower is more likely to suffer from inner conflict or have an existential crisis somewhere down the line because he (she) took the lazy route and didn't do his (her) due diligence...in my experience it's always the mindless traditionalist who falls victim to atheism, assimilation etc....the ones who come through the door emotionally...usually exist the door emotionally...Qurʾān admonishes human beings for not using their mind, intellect and reason and strongly discourages robotically mimicking the masses... Ali (peace be upon him) said, “Verily, truth and falsehood are not known by the statures of men. Know the truth and you will recognize its people. Know falsehood and you will recognize the one who brings it.” I must entertain the notion and take into consideration that my mom may not be my mom...We don't challenge the obvious until the so-called 'obvious', 'evident' etc. is called into question and challenged...so Columbus arrived in 1492...not 1592, not 1692, not 1992...the indigenous natives tell us that he arrived in 1492 and the Europeans site the exact same year (i.e. 1492)...so there's universal historical consensus on the matter...if contrary evidence by a legitimate source arises in the future and contradicts the time-honored stance then we proceed further and investigate...we're not scared of truth and we advance fearlessly...we place ourselves in an objective position to analyze the contrasting proof once it surfaces...we're brave and we must judge the new proofs fairly and without bias or favoritism
  14. Terrance Howard is an interesting individual...on occasion I'll pick a random person...it could be an athlete, a politician, an actor, an activist etc. and read their Wikipedia page...I read Terrance Howard's page awhile back and I was surprised to learn that he upholds a number of controversial mathematical and scientific theories...I'm not in a position to either substantiate or negate his claims...my strong suits have always been history and literature...enjoy...3 hours and 9 minutes...streamed 5 days ago
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