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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam to all I don't have smartphone Ali, but I understand what you mean and thank you so much. King kong: thanks for your advices and Sumayyeh kanam. Ifrani, I'm not a man, but it doesnt matter: thank you too ! And thank you at all for your precious advices. strength=Abbas: your medical check-up don't take with me:
  2. You can use what u want, but I don't advice you the siyara If u have family they can guide you ? Tusal b salame nshallah
  3. Salam I just want to have a advices to be concentrated when I study... I've lost this thing suddenly: I don't know why ! Can you advices me please ? Shukran w salam
  4. Salam, I think you can talk with him and don't rush him behond your family. Be cool and not rude Nshallah kheir
  5. Ahahah ! If u want, I'll learn u a few things sister ! Nshallah bukra you'll know to talk french better than me La ya Hussain ! French is more than "be" or "have" ahahah: let her go returns to base of french ! It is more importante than vocabulary I swear
  6. Salam ! Je me demandais si c'était toi qui barrait les phrases... Oui, je sais qu'on ne le fête pas en même temps, mais merci pour ton post... Même si il est barré ps: peut-être parce que tu cites un site ? :o
  7. Salam, C'est encore moi, j'aimerais savoir quand aura lieu la Naissance du Prophète ? Depuis quelques jours, j'entends dire que ce sera en même temps que Eid Milad l Majid ( Noël ), mais s'agit-il du 25 Décembre ou du 6 Janvier ?? Que la Paix soit sur vous
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