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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Slm obviously your hormones seems to be perturbed by the way .are you a man or girl..?guys the topic is closed since that day and you are still fantasming on pauses and pants behind your screen..so sorry about that.. this chat is in fact the frustatedshiachat.com . if it s a therapy for you i am happy this topic helps you to recover! But I can t deliver consultations anymore I definitly leave.. I would like u to express all your hatred and sexual frustrations though this topic. All the best!
  2. It s like large pants not that attractive as you was infering. The Quran verse is clear and relevant to this situation barakAllahofik. It is worth noting that "until they attain true belief" seems to suggests everyone may attain truth . Why are we so judgmental about differents cultures who seek spirituality while they may find the right path. Ali (as)mentioned brothers in religion or in humanity. I joined Ahl lbeit recently because there is still open minded people to discuss some point without judging. Muslim womens may be gold but they a often left singles without nothing organised to put them in relation. I defenitly wont think about marriage with this girl unless she changes. Thanks for recommendation brothers and sisters Salam
  3. She wears sharp pants only. But keep on mocking I need some of your good deeds especially if I mary her
  4. Slm I am boxer competitor as well.you should be careful about hairy Yoga teachers..they look manly but.. Seriously She may become muslim who knows.They worship cows ok but most of so called muslims worship their ego Thanks anyway everybody Slm alaykoum
  5. Thanks for your opinions especially for well intentioned comments. regarding the others.. Yoga guys are not judgmental and don t mock each other.In that way they differ less from Ahl beit s behaviour than a lot of us.
  6. Slm I felt in love with my yoga teacher. If hinduism may be one of the previous revelations comparatively to jewish and christian revelation I would like your opinion if I can mary her.
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