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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't wish to go into too much details, my extended family are bunch of thieves and bad people, they made my mothers live hell, and now are trying to do the same with my dad. My family has cut off communication with them, however there will be a time when I need to confront them about there behaviour towards my family for many many years and there thieving of my fathers money, there lying etc. What would be the best way to approach this.?
  2. this is the image islam should be potrayed as, i wish i was like ali panahiyan
  3. No no im muslim from the start but my father isnt very religious unlike my mum however her main focus was for us to learn how to read the quran properly with tajweed etc
  4. Quick question what is ziarat abd the significance of it, sorry im still a baby in islamic knowledge ...
  5. Very arrogant, looking from an outsider point of view i can get why some people would dislike islam due to a few idiots using it for there own gains, eg i know a guy who is literally a scumbag, but he has a beard yet hes also very arrogant uet people respect him because he makes it out hes true true muslim, theres no sign of humbleness in him, ive noticed some other like this aswell
  6. Salam, what are some things you are aiming to achieve in 2016?
  7. Salam brothers and sisters, do you know of any shia teachers in which i could acquire knowledge from? Im 16 and havent exactly had the strongest islamic knowledge upbringinG so id like to start my journey face to face
  8. Okay so as you may have guessed im under 18 (16) and my dad said there are two choices for our family, either he can get remarried (family are advising him to do this) or I become mature and can married at 18 so that i can start life early and look after my brothers and sister Im not totally against it as i understand where he is coming from but i have a few issues. First im too young and want to enjoy life a little but i guess part of me also wants to be devout to god, second of all do you think its a good idea i havent even got an income and plan on going to uni. Third is view is 90% go
  9. First of all, thank to each and everyone one of yous for your contribution during my difficult time, I hope Allah S.W.T rewards you for helping me out. I've been thinking a lot and I would really like to become more religious, atleast this way whatever life throws at me I know I will have Allah with me, i will have my twelve imams to guide me, i would really like to start becoming more religious, if it makes me a humble person like my mother was , then i think that will be the best for my life, thank you all once again, may Allah bless you !
  10. Okay I guess I don't know how to start so i'll start it like this -Growing up I saw a lot of fights and violence in my household, sometimes I think I was born violent aswell, but I'm also different, I care a lot about people, but I do get angry if I get pushed to a point -Anyways my mum was religious, dad not so much, I loved both my parents but due to some family problems I had difficult life growing up -After my mum became ill my dad changed, he turned into a kind sensitive man, which i suspect he always was, but before my mum was ill, he was being influenced by bad family mem
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