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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @gayboyanon Dear brother please check out this website by a Shia brother who went through having same sex desires but managed to overcome it: https://muslimwithssa.wordpress.com It's a well known fact that there are many muslims who go through this issue and the problem isn't having this kind of desire in itself, rather it is when you act on your desires or start to encourage living the Gay lifestyle where it start to become haram. Remember dear brother that you are first and foremost a Muslim and I pray to God that he helps you and also rewards you for your struggle. I think that Christians are much better at taking care of this issue with all of their websites and therapists aimed at helping those people who have same-sex desires. It is also a proof that you can overcome it and live a in a healthy relationship with a woman. Check out this website for example: https://www.focusonthefamily.com/get-help/leaving-homosexuality/ I personally believe that many of the 'Gay' people today would have been able to overcome their desires if they would've wanted to and tried, but since we live in a time where being Gay and having relationships with the same sex is becoming more and more normalised, they just accept it and go with it. I just want you brother to rethink what you're going through and reconsider whether you really want to marry a male or have a relationship with one, despite the fact that it is against what God wants (remember that I am talking about the same-sex relationship itself and not you as a person going through having same-sex attractions). This is confirmed in both the Quran and our hadiths and is an established fact: Sahih International: Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women. Rather, you are a transgressing people (7:81) The first step is you truly wanting to change and not just adopting to the gay lifestyle that (recently) have become so normalised. Again, please remember respected brother that you are first and foremost a Muslim and a follower of Prophet Muhammad (s) and his Ahlulbayt (a), don't let anything take this away from you. I understand that the easiest would be to just accept the feelings you have since pretty much everyone around the world are becoming more accepting of this, but the right course is not always the easiest nor is it always walked upon by the majority. If something is clearly forbidden in Islam, we need to not oppose it as that would mean opposing what God wants. Check out the articles shared in the first link above and you'll understand what I'm talking about. I wrote this because I know someone who is going through this problem and that's why this subject is something that's close to my heart. I truly hope you can accept the advice given, and if you choose to not do it then it is your own choice in the end. I would also like to ask the members here to try to keep the discussion as respectful as possible. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) guide us all! Salam
  2. Salam alaykom Their office in London are pretty fast in replying to questions: http://najaf.org/english/ It usually takes no more than 1-2 days and I've even received replies as fast as 10 minutes after sending a question.
  3. Kulayni and al-Kafi (Pt. I) https://shiiticstudies.com/2019/12/10/kulayni-and-al-kafi-pt-i/ Kulayni and al-Kafi (Pt. II) https://shiiticstudies.com/2019/12/24/kulayni-and-al-kafi-pt-ii/
  4. Salam alaykom dear brother As already stated by others, the feelings themselves are not haram at all. Rather it's haram when you act on those feelings etc. Don't forget that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is all-merciful, this is just one of His tests. لَا يُكَلِّفُ اللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا وُسْعَهَا “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear” (2:286) You also have to remember that you are not alone, there are many people who have gone through this and actually managed to overcome these feelings/desires. Check out this blog by a Shia brother who had the same issue: https://muslimwithssa.wordpress.com He shares a lot of good articles on the subject and good tips. Feel free to contact him if you want someone to talk with and who has gone through the same things you are doing right now. There are also many good Christian websites who deals with overcoming same-sex attractions, such as this one: https://www.livehope.org/?resource=keys-to-recovery-from-same-sex-attractions I pray that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) makes you stronger and keeps you on the straight path. Don't ever think that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) hates you or that you deserve punishment for this, you definitely don't! Wsalam
  5. This narration has been discussed in the above mentioned thread, thought it could be interesting to share brother Abu Tufayl's comment on it.
  6. @Ibn al-Hussain The ones who got enslaved during wars, where they usually those who were at the battlefield (such as the wives of those who fought) or would also those people who were living in peace be enslaved?
  7. Salam alykom The definition regarding ghina and music by Sayyed Sistani seems a little vague. He says that even if a nasheed (without instruments) would be sung in a 'ghina' way then it would be haram to listen to. Would Maher Zain's vocal only nasheeds fall in that category or would they be fine to listen to, such as the ones below? I've read many different definitions of Ghina and feel very unsure about this. I asked a Sheikh and he said these were fine, though I feel that I would like to hear from more people. While at it, today when most scholars talk about music they mention that haram music are the ones suitable "suitable for entertainment and amusement gathering", meaning that even music with instruments could be alright (such as classic music etc), how did they come up with this interpretation? When you read the hadiths (at least the English translation), they seem to talk very harsh about instruments in general (specially flute and string instruments and surprisingly even drums), so how do they interpret such traditions considering that many marjas today share this idea? Are the traditions wrongly translated or just weak? Would love to hear from knowledgeable brothers and sisters about this topic. @Ibn al-Hussain Would also love to hear your thoughts on this brother.
  8. According to Ahmedis Imam Hussain ((عليه السلام)) used to stammer, something which he inherited from Prophet Musa ((عليه السلام)): Do we have anything reliable in Shia & Sunni sources which support this claim?
  9. Salam brother Check out this thread where brother @Islamic Salvation has shared some of the most authentic narrations on Imam Mahdi (a.j): Also check out this collection of authentic narrations published by brother @Qa'im: http://www.imamiyya.com/hadith/qiyam Wsalam
  10. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) guide us all, didn't know it could go this far. However I don't think that WhoIsHusssain wants to promote that kind of views, rather they just want to inspire people through Imam Hussain ((عليه السلام)) on doing good deeds, being kind to one another etc and hopefully there might be non-Muslims as well who get inspired and eventually guided to Islam. I also think it's obvious in itself that such things would be prohibited (as Islam has its own laws, as in other religions or countries) and I'm pretty sure that their intention is not to try portraying Imam Hussain ((عليه السلام)) as a liberal or something like that, rather they want to inspire others through common grounds (generosity, helping others, standing up for your rights).
  11. Salam I did not claim that it was fabricated, nor do I throw away a hadith just because it is 'weak'. However when a hadith has a sanad full of Ghulats, then it'd be better to put it aside as the chances that it may not have been said by the Imam ((عليه السلام)) are greater.
  12. If you're talking about the hadith which says that Imam Mahdi (a.j) will dig up their graves and hang them, then it is extremely weak: http://www.revivingalislam.com/2010/06/hadeeth-aboo-bakr-Umar-hung-from-tree.html?m=1 The chain contain mostly Ghulats (extremists) and therefore can not be relied upon.
  13. Sorry, I should've wrote (if) we say that it was his intention.. However, aren't there a lot of narrations stating how he wanted to reform the Ummah, stop the oppression etc? Also didn't he go to Kufa with the thought of getting their support to stand against Yazid l.a and eventually get the caliphate? I don't see why there would be an issue with the Imam (عليه السلام) wanting to get the caliphate so he can guide the people to the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) and help the opressed people..
  14. Salam alykom Just a question, even though Imam Hussain ((عليه السلام)) did what he did with the intention of getting the caliphate. Can it still not be argued that Imam Hussain ((عليه السلام)) wanted to do that because he stood up for justice, freedom and wanted to reform the Ummah due to the oppression that was happening because of Yazid l.a? Why would it be wrong to use Imam Hussain ((عليه السلام)) as an inspiration in standing up for justice today, in the way www.whoishussain.org does for example? Or what is it about today's view of Imam Hussain's ((عليه السلام)) mission that is not correct? Sorry just trying to understand the discussion you all have had in this thread. Also, is this sayying from Imam Hussain ((عليه السلام)) authentic (or at least reliable in someway)?
  15. The matter is not as simple as black & white. I wouldn't rush into calling Sunnis in general as disbelievers as there are hadiths implying that they are Muslims (not mo'mins though) and their destiny is left to God's mercy, and He will do with them as He wills. Note that I don't know the grading of the second hadith. For more information about this topic read this article: http://purifiedhousehold.com/salvation-of-non-Shias/
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