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  1. Asalam, thank you so much for the detailed post. but my question was not pertaining to the fazilat of the sadaat . M question was whether people who'se mother are from the sadaat be called syed's or not, leaving aside the issue of khums.
  2. Asalam, if it is so thencan such people use syed as a prefix before their name?
  3. Asalam, What I Have heard and read is that on youme-e-qayama people will be called by the name of their ''Mother'. Pardon for my ignorance, if any.
  4. Asalam, Yeah that''s right. But the essence of the sadaat lies with bibi fatima zahra s.a. right. So a lineage which starts with a women ..then why can't it be carried on by women.
  5. Asalam, I have read through the previous threads regarding this issue. But I could not draw a conclusion regarding the question pertaining to sadaat or the shari'I criteria's to qualify as a syed. My question is that why can't people whose mothers are from sadaat and are najeb ur turfayn but the fathers are from ghair sadaat be qualified to be Syeds. Didnt the sadaat start because of Bibi Zahra .s.a? Aren't the bibi's of ahlulbayt mahram to such children as they are their maternal aunts, grandmother's etc. When you contact the marjae, for instance Agha Khamenie says that though they are the descendents of the prophet yet they can't be attributed as Syed's. I know what matters the most to Allah swt is a person's taqwa but still i want to be clear on the issue. Also i have heard there are a few marajae who consider such people as Syed's.
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