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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Are you able to divorce without any paperwork? Best,
  2. John Al Amli. Thanks for you amazing advice.
  3. Guys i appreciate ur replies but my question is not on the permissibility of marijuana rather my question is the permissibility of being in a gathering of friends where marijuana is being smoked. In my humble opinion I feel it is wrong because I myself can get high from second hand smoke. That's my first question. My second question. If my friends are playing poker and I am not playing but I advice them on what to do with certain hands because I myself used to play in the past. Again, in my humble opinion I feel it is wrong because I am participating in the act of of the gambler which breaks the law of firoo3 al deen of enjoining good and forbidding evil.
  4. is that a rhetorical question? I dont understand the wisdom of your advice behind that question. Please elaborate if you could.
  5. Dear all, I have friends who smoke marijuana and gamble. For example, toady I went to see my friends at their house and they were smoking marijuana and playing poker. These are my friends from way back in elementary. We grew up together. I understand Islam emphasizes on the importance of friendship and keeping in touch with your friends as your social duty. But entering my friends house I didnt know what they were doing until I was there. I felt that I shouldnt have been there, however, my intention was to visit my friends for the sake of God. .Anyways I stayed an hour and left. What do you guys think I should do regarding my friends. I don't want to take them out of my life because they are my friends that I grew up with at the end of the day.
  6. Quote: "Never seek to challenge anyone in combat, but if you are challenged, then respond; for the one who seeks it is an aggressor, and the aggressor is struck down" imam ali ( a.s ) - ghurar al-hikam I love that quote by Imam Ali, makes so much sense. Thanks. If you guys have more quotes from ahl il bayt regarding this topic that would help a lot. For those who asked, it is verbal. Usually I don't respond to verbal abuse but I am learning that Islam wants us to respond to stop the aggression and so that is what I will do inshala. You can let it go the first time but then you need to stop it before the aggressor thinks they can do more.
  7. The bullying happens at work LeftCoastmom. Narsis what are the legal ways? Ammar Nakshawani who is a phenomenal scholar may Allah bless his soul says something wonderful that makes perfect sense. Islam is not a religion of oeace for that means whenever injustice happens you turn away your cheek. But nothing gets solved that way. Nothing gets solved if you stay silent. You must speak out against injustice and oppression which are forms of bullying.
  8. What if I am the victim and an adult? Surely I cannot just let him I must do something to stop it. I just want to know what is the wisest way to handle it in Islamic thought. I agree with DigitlUmmah about if someone attacks you, the quran says respond until the attack is repulsed, or they stop.
  9. Hi guys. What does Islam and ahl il bayt say about this? What should you do if you are made fun of or bullied?
  10. I got it from tafseer Ali bn Ibraheem. From this website: https://hubeali.com/books/English-Books/Tafseer-e-Quran/Tafseer_Sura_AL-FAJR_CH%2089.pdf
  11. Salam Alaykum brothers and sisters, I read the following regarding the chapter of Al Fajr from the Quran and its benefits. However, I am trying to understand the wisdom behind this. Can someone please shed a light? The narration below is from the Prophet (pbuh and his family). And the one who recites it and attaches it (Amulet) upon his waist, and copulates with his wife in a Permissible manner, Allahazwj would Grant to him the sustenance of a male child, (who would be) a delight for his eyes’.3
  12. This is the exact text. The Father’s Right Over the Child Muhaqqiq Ardebili said: “It is reasonable to say that one should avoid being damned by his parents. Traditions and Qur’anic verses also support this. Children must obey their parents. The jurisprudents have stated that if the leader has not declared holy war or the infidels have not attacked Muslim lands, parents can prevent their children from going to war.9 Whatever is forbidden or incumbent upon one regarding strangers also holds for parents: 1) One cannot travel without the permission of his parents. 2) One must obey his parents. 3) Parents can prevent one from participation in war. 4) If one is to obey his parents or say his prayers, he should put off the prayers and do what his parents ask him to do. 5) There are times when parents can prevent one from attending the congregational prayer.
  13. Salam Alaykum good people, I was reading Treatise of Rights by Imam Zain il 3abideen (as) and I came across an interesting point regarding the rights of parents on their children. It is written that "If one is to obey his parents or say his prayers, he should put off the prayers and do what his parents ask him to do." This statement is not made by the Imam himself rather it is unclear as to who made this statement. What knowledge do you have regarding this statement? Or opinions? May God bless you.
  14. Thank you all for your quotes, advice and wisdom. You are amazing.
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