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  1. Klanky

    Masturbation issue

    Something I have seen on other forums is spoiler tags, generally used for talking about a movie in such a way that you don't spoil it for others - you have to click the spoiler text to see what was written - like this, maybe it's already here... You guys could use it to warn the ladies of unladylike language ahead.
  2. Klanky

    Iranian Films

    Close-Up by Kiarostami is fantastic
  3. Klanky

    Mixed Bathing

    That sounds like an exceptional "leisure centre"
  4. Klanky

    #56 Do You Get Enough Exercise?

    I walk a lot, I think living in a city helps with this. 6km or one hour walk to work, although I don't do this every day I do still end up walking a good bit just getting around. I go to the gym too but I'm not very diligent about that. Cakes/chocolate/pastries/muffins these are my big weakness, but I got my cholesterol checked recently and it's fine so I can carry on munching those for another while.
  5. Klanky

    Mixed Bathing

    I've seen this loads of times. At swimming pools here in Ireland the trend is towards having individual changing cubicles and open/mixed showers where nudity is not allowed and the visibility and openness discourages any inappropriate behavior. There are still more old fashioned ones where the changing areas are segregated and people get naked. It is not unusual to see a father and little daughter in there. I think little children think nothing of nudity in that kinda context (getting changed) and are not bothered by it at all unless they have been primed to be bothered by it.
  6. Every week or two I run the number 1 blade all over my face and head - job done
  7. Klanky

    Your personality type

    I'm another INFJ-T (Advocate), like Mother Teresa INFINITY JET
  8. Klanky

    Men and facial creams

    Or they might be just vain and self-obsessed human beings
  9. Klanky

    Undercut Type of Haircuts Allowed?

    I'm going bald too but I couldn't care less. As far as I understand it I will be completely irresistible once the process is complete. The barber told me that I should stop wasting money getting my hair cut, just shave it off. What happens if Western culture takes a fancy too long gray beards and this long black kimono things?
  10. Klanky

    Masturbation is killing me

    If you must stop then stop because your religion tells you that you should - not for fake garbage reasons like this! At least that way you're not fooling yourself
  11. I swim quite regularly. You really don't see that much when you are swimming, maybe just the slightest glimpse for a split second as you pass by. Your field of vision is quite restricted when you are swimming in the pool, at least if you go at times where the pool is dedicated to lane swimming. It's the filth of the water I worry about.
  12. Klanky

    Men can't stand in the shade during hajj

    I get sunburned just watching the weather forecast but fortunately for me I will never do hajj.. Three days of intense middle east sun is not to be taken lightly!
  13. Klanky

    Men can't stand in the shade during hajj

    What about heat stroke and skin cancer?
  14. Fair enough. We won't agree on it but my view is that people installing themselves in power and hanging on to it at all costs is a form of something-has-gone-wrong.