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  1. Ok I get it, the unfortunate hyper-aggressive male would go home quietly if these temptresses would only dress defensively or, even better, stay at home
  2. I'm regularly out and about at night. Do you mean their revealing clothes lure rapists into committing their crimes?
  3. What, in this context, must females be responsible for? My point was not specifically about this case, it was about the women-have-only-themselves-to-blame-when-men-rape-them attitude
  4. Leaving aside the particulars of this case, in Ireland women are allowed to wear what they like and men are not allowed rape anyone under any circumstances. It is clear and there is no confusion about it. This case is controversial because, at least as it has been presented, it challenged this simple common sense assumption. Men are responsible for their own behavior.
  5. Klanky

    LGBTQY ?

    The experience of many, if not the vast majority, of gay people is that there is no choice in who they are sexually attracted to. One gender does it for them, the other does not. I think it is fair to say that this attraction is what most people understand by the word "gay". "Straight" people are attracted to the opposite gender. Acts are a distinct issue
  6. Klanky

    LGBTQY ?

    Yeah reasonable, but since I'm here it's no great battle to mention these things
  7. Klanky

    LGBTQY ?

    I see, so it is a coincidence that of all the haram things in the world these particular two are often brought up together
  8. Klanky

    LGBTQY ?

    I didn't answer your previous request for examples of your ignorant, disparaging attitude because I'm on my phone and it is awkward but here is an example. You are categorizing homosexuality and pedophilia together as if a regular married man or woman could not be a pedophile. I don't know why you're confused about the offense this suggestion causes. They're deviants, they want to normalize paedophilia, I bet they're mentally ill blah blah blah, you're full of it
  9. Klanky

    LGBTQY ?

    It's not the words that are offensive, it's the ignorant disparaging attitude
  10. Klanky

    LGBTQY ?

    There is an interesting documentary on this topic, in English it is called Be Like Others and I think it's on YouTube. It is very sad, the people on it seem under intense pressure from their circumstances to take these drastic life and body changing measures with virtually no compassion or understanding from anybody at all. Some of the people didn't seem to really want to change gender but appeared to see no other alternative.
  11. Klanky

    LGBTQY ?

    You could define it however you like, I suppose. It seems to me that the word liberal, in a sexual context, usually suggests a relatively permissive attitude as opposed to a restrictive conservative attitude. Islam, with regard to age and sex at least, seems more permissive than the prevailing secularism of the west.
  12. Klanky

    LGBTQY ?

    Am I mistaken in thinking that Islam is, in general, more liberal than "the west" in terms of when a person is old enough for sex?
  13. I don't know about you but I'm having a cup of tea and a mince pie
  14. No disrespect was intended, I was not generalizing but referring specifically to that guy's representation and I have no idea if it is a correct or accurate representation or not
  15. Your point there probably applies to all sorts of scenarios in life - things we didn't do because they didn't seem important at the time and we come to regret it. Often there is no way to know if you've made the right choice. Belief in God may be the result of your upbringing or of various choices you make along the way but I don't think that "decision" is an accurate word for it. The effect of cumulative twists and turns in a life time is not a decision.