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  1. Klanky

    Your personality type

    I'm another INFJ-T (Advocate), like Mother Teresa INFINITY JET
  2. Klanky

    Men and facial creams

    Or they might be just vain and self-obsessed human beings
  3. Klanky

    Undercut Type of Haircuts Allowed?

    I'm going bald too but I couldn't care less. As far as I understand it I will be completely irresistible once the process is complete. The barber told me that I should stop wasting money getting my hair cut, just shave it off. What happens if Western culture takes a fancy too long gray beards and this long black kimono things?
  4. Klanky

    Masturbation is killing me

    If you must stop then stop because your religion tells you that you should - not for fake garbage reasons like this! At least that way you're not fooling yourself
  5. I swim quite regularly. You really don't see that much when you are swimming, maybe just the slightest glimpse for a split second as you pass by. Your field of vision is quite restricted when you are swimming in the pool, at least if you go at times where the pool is dedicated to lane swimming. It's the filth of the water I worry about.
  6. Klanky

    Men can't stand in the shade during hajj

    I get sunburned just watching the weather forecast but fortunately for me I will never do hajj.. Three days of intense middle east sun is not to be taken lightly!
  7. Klanky

    Men can't stand in the shade during hajj

    What about heat stroke and skin cancer?
  8. Fair enough. We won't agree on it but my view is that people installing themselves in power and hanging on to it at all costs is a form of something-has-gone-wrong.
  9. I'm not sure what you are asking me anymore. I am not suggesting Iranians don't deserve referendums, I am suggesting that anyone should have one if the circumstances are right
  10. I agree with the second point, which is why I asked about the idea in the first place
  11. My suggestion was to have a referendum!
  12. If people said we do not want an Islamic government then there would be no need to immediately install president Maryam of the MEK. There could be a long transition with the current crowd managing it in an orderly fashion
  13. Yeah I guess they has to be some point where you stop asking the same question over and over and get on with it. Although it seems like a reasonable idea when something gets very divisive and confused e.g. Brexit.
  14. I don't get it! We have referendums (referenda?) At the drop of a hat