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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you. I agree completely. I definitely wasn't going to show the figure of the body. Now I decided I'm just either going to show the equipment or just face or find other ways to advertise without things being problematic.
  2. Salam Shia Family, I am about to sell gym equipment and I was wondering if you guys know of any rulings in regards to showing Women working out (on the treadmill for example) permissible? She would be wearing gym clothing most likely but I would try to make sure body is covered and predominantly showing her face. The target audience is the US so that would be the only reason I would be showing this. Thanks in Advance .
  3. Assalamu Alaykum my dear brothers and sisters, I hope youre all doing well and have benefited from the past two months of Rajab and Shabaan and are loooking forward to the Holy month of Ramadan. May Allah swt make it a blessed month for us all. Ameen My question today is how much should Imams of our Mosques get paid? How much should Islamic Speakers get paid? How much should Latmiya Artists and Nohas get paid? For a long time I naievly assumed that these groups of people that I've mentioned don't really get paid. Like I used to think that all Islamic speakers are volounteering or som
  4. Salam dear brothers and sisters. I was just wondering if downloading nasheeds and watching movies online permissable or not? Is it considered stealing? What do the scholars say about this matter? Thanks
  5. Thank you all brothers and sisters for your replies. May Allah (swt) reward you all. @hameedeh I wish my father was insisting my sister didn't attend the majlis for those reasons. I would have affected my decision much better. Unfortunately, he doesn't want her to attend purely because its a gather that shias or attending. My mother is going to the majalis whether my sis stays or not and she wants us to go. Basically my sister and I do have permission from one of my parents, just not both. @sidnaqThank you brother. Sayyid Sistani is my marjaa @Jauher abbasTh
  6. Salam Alaykum to all of my brothers and sisters, I give my condolences to all of you in these painful nights of remembrance of the greatest tragedy in history. Here is my dilemna... I joined the school of Ahlulbayt (as) about 2 years ago. My father was livid. He disowned me and stopped speaking to me. That was in the beginning. I didnt let that bother me too much. I started giving da'wah to the inhabitants of my household and Alhamdulillah my mother and sister also joined the school of Ahlulbayt (as). As you can imagine my father became even more livid. However, over time he c
  7. Salam brothers and sisters I was just wandering if there were any mujtahids living in the us. Or also if they teach and whether we could attend their classes. Thanks
  8. Thanks brother. I appreciate that. However I am not planning on going to the middle east just yet. There are things happening in my life atm and I cant really leave my parents alone to deal with them. That is why I have to stay in the west. My dream is to study in the middle east but unfortunately that just can not happen right now. Hopefully there are institutions that I could attend whilst also trying for my degree in US.
  9. Salam to all of my brothers and sisters, I have been trying to figure out how the next 10 years of my life is going to be and I am hoping if you guys can help me in my decision. I know I want to become an islamic scholar and go to hawza and study. I have no doubt about that. Lecturing around the world speaking and spreading the teachings of Ahlulbayt is my dream. However at the same time in doing a service to Ahlulbayt I want to also work on a degree in psychology. I am 18 (turning 19 soon) and I was wandering if I could work on both of them at the same time. That way whilst I am w
  10. I thank each of you for your inpute and replies. May Allah swt bless all of you and forgive your sins. I have decided not to do taqiyya because of my mother. When I informed her of the plan of doing taqiya for the sake of the family she refused and said she wouldn't do it. She said she hasn't done anything wrong and that she didn't force her beliefs on anyone, and she thinks it's better for him to know that there is nooooo chance we would ever return to a school that rejects the wilayah of Amiral Momineen as. That way we wouldn't have to go through this whole mess if later on he suspects we a
  11. That's actually what I offered. I said to him "you will not see me pray, listen to a lecture or anything to do with religion what so ever. Anytime you will see me it would just be normal talks going on and that I would practically erase the word 'shia' from the house." But he still refused and said if we dont return back to his school he would leave. That's why I am considering this way.
  12. Salam all brothers and sisters, I am in a bit of a problem. Alhamdulilah I joined the school of Ahlulbayt over a year ago now. When I first joined i considered doing taqqiya so that my father doesn't get sick. My father suffers from this mental condition where he completely practically goes insane when his stress levels get really high. But at the time I was joining, he had been healthy for a couple of years so I decided that I wasn't going to do taqqiya because I only felt comfortable doing taqqiya if I was in a life or death situation. My father disowned me when he found out that I had
  13. Imam Ali (AS) Thank you brother. Its exactly a quote like this from our master Imam Ali as that I thought of when I was reading the book. Everything that is mentioned in terms of speed learning or healing yourself with your mind and all sorts of other things always mentioned it is done with meditation. That's why I didn't see anything wrong with it. But it does say other things that made me feel uncomfortable which is why I wanted to hear what my fellow brothers and sisters had to say.
  14. ok brother. To be honest I was mostly interested in the speed learning. He mentioned that in alpha waves our brain is more relaxed and capable of taking in more knowledge. So if you put your brain in alpha and learn you will learn much faster and memorized much easier. What do you think about that?
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