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  1. AoA! I will try to be more specific here so you guys can easily understand. So i have a question that if we die in a situation in which we aren't tahir due to masturbation or anyother bad act or if we die while doing a sin i know there will be a huge punishment but still is there any chance that Allah will forgive us or we will go hell for sure? I know you guys will say that i should stop doing that sins but let me clear this that i am not addicted or something but like all other humans it just gets committed by me and i really regret after all and i mostly do it when i go to sleep so i have to wait for morning to get a shower that's why i fear i die while sleeping without taking shower so please help i know this question is weird but it really scares me. (Ignore grammar mistakes) Thanks! May Allah swt bless you all!
  2. Salam guys !!! I want to chat with other members but its not available for me ?
  3. Salam guys !!! Can anyone tell me the real definition of miracle and why atheist doesn't believe on it? One of my classmate is an atheist who says that the universe is based on laws of science which can't be broken and he says that magic is nothing there is always a science behind it but miracle is not a magic and there is no science behind it but still they argue ?
  4. Salam guys !!! I hope you all are fine and enjoying your life very well. Thanks to Allah almighty who gave me a very healthy life but I can't enjoy my life like you guys. I am 17 years old and the previous years of my life were passed very well but now 4 months ago I didn't even enjoyed a single moment of my life and the reason is Fear which has become very strong and making my life like hell and I have the fear of getting diseases, injuries and brain damage or similar to these things. I don't scared of death but I fear slowly or painful death which caused by diseases. I hope you guys will understand me. This causes anxiety which makes my day hell I don't know what I do ??? My father is searching for a phsycotherapist but I don't think he will help me because I am loosing my hope even I don't enjoy my favourite things I am loosing my dreams even it doesn't even let me study my exams are ahead I don't know for how long I have to live like this or I don't know will I ever be free from this or not ? I am not getting answers of my prayers by Allah and I am not feeling satisfied even I regularly offer prayers and I am feeling like a misguided one because I am loosing my trust on Allah which I don't want my parents are also worried because I m the only child even I also give the sake of ahlulbayt a.s at the end of my prayer and recite durood but nothing is working my mom is saying me that I should visit roza-e-Imam Hussain a.s and you will be fine completely ? This is an only hope for me but still there is a fear my fear was started when I got a hit on the back of my head and there was no blood came out and people say that it's not good if blood doesn't comes out it makes me fear that It will kill me or there is something happened in my head or brain thank god I didn't faced any bad thing but lower eyesight and constant worries and Its look like that this fear will never go away even it's getting stronger and somedays I don't even sleep properly. Whenever I listen something about brain my fear get triggered and makes me panic I can't see my future I have lot of goals but...... I don't wana loose my hope and trust on Allah and ahlulbayt but I am not getting any answer or relief help me guys ?? ( ignore grammar mistakes)
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