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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Live in floating colors breath in your ever flowing dreams exist in a reality that you just made up with your mind your canvas your emotions your pallets ring them through draw with your hands or screams or cries or tears or just laugh out loud to make the loneliness disappear..
  2. hoooo!! So desu ka na!!!


    You still come here???? Why so...

  3. didnt knew you were still alive.... on SC i mean... May you live long and prosper... :D

  4. Sorry for the late reply... on two three centers in Melbourne.. hmmmm.. that is kinda a low number for such a big city... hmmm
  5. Salam Brothers and Sisters, I have just arrived in Melbourne on PR and now looking for a job. I know a lil bit about Melbourne but not that much. I know there is a center called Panjetan center but thats about it. So i am looking for like nice places to eat, which suburbs have the most Muslim populations, any other shia masjids or centers besides panjetan here any shia or islamic schools here for children. A good place to get a house or an apartment. Also, any areas where i should stay clear like any wahabi hot spots. Tell me how are the people like, esp the shia community, anything
  6. hmmm what else is new...

  7. Salam All, Thanks floating, really appreciate it. you gave a very detailed and helpful response jazak Allah .. I will wear my short pajamas when i go to banks town and give an evil pirate like frown just to be more salafi looking. (i wonder why dont they come to saudi arabia, KSA would welcome these ppl so much i guess lol... ) Suit()? dam it i dont like wearing a suit :dry: I guess i just have to grow up some day :D thank you inquisitor for posting the link. Also, it is a general question for ppl in Auusie Land.. why do you like your city why do you like Australia in general. i just want t
  8. Salam Alaikum guys, ( Ahhh!!!! its been a long time....) :) So here it goes.... Me and my family are coming to Sydney and Melbourne in some months for two to three weeks to do our first landing. Can any of of you guys suggest anything about what to do there and where to go. Any good places to stay that are reasonable and if possible close to any good shia centers. i heard there was an Imam Ali mosque in Sydney. I got a list of our momin businesses from here so that's one help. Also, from the link it seems there is a lot of wahabism in Sydney, is it? how is Melbourne in that regards. Where i
  9. damn.. i just saw the dbz vids again.. all of them going super saiyen and super saiyan three .. wow... i can never grow out of it it seems lol.. :D
  10. On top of what afici said, pls sister, talk to your parents. I know parents are not the listening types and they might some times take their children not so seriously, but first talk to you mom, then dad and then if that fails call a moulana and tell them to talk to them so they understand that you are serious. I am sure parents are always willing to wed off their daughters rather than sons. in case of daughters they are not usually that strict. Sisters dont really have the financial issue, so the OP doesn't have this issue, its the husband's head ache. But, with all that advice, never take
  11. And he becomes a syed... i mean saiyan ..
  12. loved the post by pheonix: . we are sooooo away from being shia... and yet we have the nerve to fight for things like mutah, something that these pro and anti supporters would never be able to do anyways. How sad that we fight so easily over non issues and we never actually work on issues ( i know a minority does work on issues just talking about the general public like me.. ) I would suggest that mods delete or hide such posts which are hijacking the topics, mutah/marriage threads or else where. Ppl are going to stop asking questions here if some users keep on behaving like this. This is be
  13. I will pray for both the brothers who are going thru this :( I cannot relate, but Healers post from 2009 is a good start. Allah loves you and will always love you, dont lose hope in Him. For some ppl, fame, poverty, wealth is a test, consider this your test that you have to go thru. May Allah help you both thru this.
  14. I have been thinking that this is something women with major interests beyond a family life should be willing to think about... As fast as women in our community are opting career lives, Men havent changed their attitude that much towards this, esp the religious men.
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