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  1. A loss to the whole world, and to the wider revitalization of ijtihad, the death of Ayatollah Saanei on 12 September 2020 makes me ask who will fill his shoes, and where will his muqaladeen go?
  2. I came across this older thread... Not sure who you ended up selecting, but of your list I think highly of Yousef Saanei. He has some truly original ideas. On the downside, his office stopped replying to English-language questions a couple years ago. Also consider Sayid Kamal Haydari
  3. Salams, I would be very grateful if someone could clarify my understanding of Ayatollah Saanei’s presentation of the fadila prayer times discussed below. ووقت فضيلة الظهر من الزوال إلى بلوغ الظلّ الحادث مثل الشاخص، كما أنّ منتهى فضيلة العصر المِثلان، ومبدأ فضيلته إذا بلغ الظلّ أربعة أقدام ـ أي أربعة أسباع الشاخص ـ على الأظهر، وإن لا يبعد أن يكون مبدؤها بعد مقدار أداء الظهر.ووقت فضيلة المغرب من المغرب إلى ذهاب الشفق، وهو الحمرة المغربيّة، وهو أوّل فضيلة العشاء إلى ثلث اللّيل، فلها وقتا إجزاء: قبل ذهاب الشفق، وبعد الثلث إلى النصف. ووقت فضيلة الصبح من أوّله إلى حدوث الحُمرة المشرقيّة، ولعلّ حدوثها يساوق مع زمان التجلّل والإسفار وتنوّر الصُّبح المنصوص بها. Source: http://www.saanei.org/index.php?view=03,02,09,338,0 I would be very grateful for any help you can provide.
  4. Christmas is about being together with family, not really Christianity per se. most of the people in my family do drink, but don’t get hammered. My wife is culturally Christian, and the traditional symbols are important to her. I spend the Eids alone, so western holidays are my family time. Also, eggnog is awesome.
  5. My Marja’ (Saanei) is non-responsive to questions posed on his English website. It is literally illegal to send money from the US to Iran, so what are people’s thoughts on giving khums to whatever person or group would be in greatest need directly? There are Shi’a here in the US that need help just as much as in Qom or Najaf.
  6. Asalamu Alykum, Something which is puzzling to me, and suggests that our hadith on inheritance don’t date from when we think they do. When the 11th Imam died, he (practicing Taqiyya) willed his estate to his mother. However, his brother Jafar (who was recognized as Imam by a group of the Shi’a) claimed a share in his brother’s estate, which he would be entitled to under Sunni fiqh. As our inheritance fiqh supposedly goes bacK to Imam Al-Sadiq, why would Jafar want Sunni law applied if he wanted to be considered seriously as the Imam?
  7. there was a typo in my question (I dictate my posts, and sometimes it autocorrects without my knowing) im aware of the length of a farsakh, but why if 8 farsakhs was a days journey then, why should we not given incredibly faster modes of transportation, should we not have a distance to cover that is meaningful by car, as 44 km isn’t really even a day trip.
  8. Salams, What are the proofs for the distance required to shorten the prayer or break fast? I’ve seen something that suggests 8 farsakh was a day’s journey, so why should we only shorten our prayers after a days journey by modern modes of transport, such as the car, since it’s the most common.
  9. I don’t know why I didn’t find this earlier, in a 2007 ruling he says that the new crescent can be established (among other ways) using: “the naked or reinforced eye, like with conventional binoculars” - excerpt from Issue 1200, dated 20/6/1386 SH/11 Sep 2007 http://saanei.org/index.php?view=01,02,09,3162,0
  10. Salams, Did you get any kind of response from them? To avoid this, I have requested permission to give my Khums to an American pre-Hawza program and an International Shia NGO, we will see what his office says...
  11. The last day of my khums year ( counting from my first paycheck) is payday. Do I pay 1/5th of my whole paycheck or do you deduct your expected expenses for the month first? Thanks for your time I really appreciate it!
  12. Thanks for your answer, two follow-ups (1) Just to clarify: if the increase between the two dates is $500, but only $100 of that was actually in your account for one year, you pay 1/5 of $500 even if $400 is added on 29 June? (2) if you receive $100 as a gift during the khums year, but it is spent by the end of the year, do you reduce the amount of increase by the amount of gifts received during the year? Jazakallah
  13. Salams, Where one is paying khums on a salary, do you simply compare the bank account balances on the first and last days of the khums year, or do you take the lowest balance in the account during the khums year? jazakhallah Khair
  14. Thought I would revive this thread, because I finally found the answer. He adheres to the requirement of naked eye. I ran this link through Google translate; it’s not well-translated, but the last line says something to the effect of “is dedicated to observing with the naked eye.” http://saanei.org/index.php?view=01,02,09,1694,0 س 4. در حال حاضر كه با پيشرفت ابزار علمى قادريم با استفاده از وسيله اى چون دوربين دو چشمى، هلال هاى باريك را نيز رؤيت نماييم، آيا باز براى رؤيت هلال، بايد تنها به چشم غير مسلّح متوسل شويم و يا اينكه رؤيت هلال ماه با استفاده از ابزار نيز داراى حجيت است؟ ج ـ مناط شهور و اهلّه كه مواقيت شرعى براى روزه و حج و غير آنهاست، همان حلول شهر (ماه) است نه رؤيت، و حلول به هر طريق علمى كه باشد، حجت است و كفايت مى كند؛ به علاوه آنكه بر فرض موضوعيت رؤيت، مقتضاى اhطلاق ادلّه اش اعتبار رؤيت هلال با ابزار است و اختصاص به رؤيت با چشم غير مسلح ندارد.
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