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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam'alaikum, I hope everyone is well. Almost a year ago I had asked for ziaraat in Egypt. Well I went there and alhamdulillah had a great trip. Fortunately I got the co-ordinates of the locations of all the places relevant to us. They are as follows: (Just paste these co-ordinates on google maps and you will find the place) Bibi Ayesha Bint Imam Ja'far e Sadiq 30°01'27.4"N 31°15'26.7"E Nafisa Bint Imam Hussain 30°01'21.2"N 31°15'06.9"E Rukayya bin Ali w/o H.z Muslim ibn aqeel 30°01'32.7"N 31°15'07.0"E Beside her is son of Imam Jafar e Sadiq and Syeda Atika. Either she is aunt of our Prophet or wife of Hazrat Muhammad bin Abi Bakr Hz. Muhammad bin Abu Bakr 30°00'31.6"N 31°13'46.5"E This shrine is closed because the structure is falling off. Sadly there is no one to look after it. I think if we get this information to the right people something can be done about it . I would Highly recommend everyone to go there if visiting egypt so people start giving importance to it as the Egyptians love having tourists around. I was really sad not to be blessed with the Ziarah of his zareeh. Hz Malik e Ashtar 30°11'43.8"N 31°21'11.3"E There are other famous places such as Raa'sil Hussain Mosque and Grave of Sayyidah Zainab bint Ali, these places are too famous and anybody can guide you there. even google maps. However these places are not authentic as per our traditions As for the grave of the Prophets, most people dont know and are not sure about The legend has it that when bani israel went to cross the nile they took the prophets bodies with them. However that does not seem to be true. If anyone wants any info or is planning to go egypt, I would love to be of any help. I am not a very great fan of their food brother. Nothing I ate their convinced me. Kushari was good. Otherwise, egypt is not a place for food. iltemaas e Dua
  2. Thanks for the great help... I will definitely save this page on my mobile when I am there inshallah
  3. Thanks Ali Hussain, I hope to take some pictures and co-ordinates on google maps for future reference.. Specially those places that are authentic.... I saw this post.. however to find Ruqayyah bint Ali (s.a) I have to first know where Syeda Nafisa and Sukaina Mosque. Can anybody please guide me on it? So I believe this is the complete list of places that are relevant to us? Thanks a lot... really looking forward to visit specially Hazrat Malik e Ashtar and Hazrat Muhammad bin Abi Bakr (May Allah bless them all).
  4. Hi, I hope you all are in the best of health and eemaan. I am planning to go to egypt early January.If I go there then I believe Ziaaraat is a must. I am looking for a list of places relevant to us ithnasharies... I have found these uptill now: Imam Hussain Mosque (Khan el Khelili Bazaar) shrines of sayida zainab, sayida sukaina, sayida nafisa, Shrine of Malik e Ashtar (Near el Marg station) Shrine of Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr (Masjid Muhammad al-Saghir) in coptic cairo near 'Mar Girgis Metro station Shrine of Lady Atika Some of these places I am really not sure of the exact locations.. If someone can guide me on 2 things it would be great: 1) Any more sites that is a must visit once in Cairo 2) The Locations of the above and other places. I know some of these places have weak historic lines of their buriul sites in egypt. But still I would love to go there. Best Regards
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