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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not really, as I mentioned, we are just acquaintances, so I do not have any reason to think about them. I will try to forget about this though, it isn't very important, but wanted to ask anyway, to understand if I am missing anything
  2. Thank-you for that note, didn't think about his perspective. It certainly would be worrying, depending on the situation and event in the dream.
  3. I sleep alright, just the past few nights have been a little weird as I have been studying. I get around 8-9 hours of sleep each night.
  4. Assalam u alaykum brothers and sisters, Recently I have been having repetitive dreams with the same person in it each time. It's almost random, but now it can't be called random because I do think about it. I don't think it's related to real life experience, I only see the person 2-3 times a week. They are not of significant importance, we are only acquaintances. The person is of opposite gender, but that does not help with me understanding why this is happening. It feels as though each time they are present in my dream, I see them the next day. Itmay just be me thinking like that, but it almost feels real. I thought I should mention it to the person if it does continue, but would first like other people's opinions. Although not serious, I wanted to hear from others what they think. Jazakallah Khair
  5. I know there is a big debate in between Shia and Sunni sects of Islam (as well as the other minor ones), but what about our point of views on Islamic organisations such as Human Appeal and Islamic Relief? Are they directly supporting a certain sect, or all? Should we support them? Is there any doubt about where the money goes to/who the money goes to?
  6. Btw, some may think this is general knowledge, but honestly, I do forget because this has not happened to me in a long time, but as I have been working lately as well as attending school, it is something that occurs weekly or fortnightly.
  7. I have always wondered - and have read but forgot - how we catch-up missed prayers. For example: I work through Zohr and Asr prayer times, and arrive home in time for Maghrib and Isha; should I pray the night prayers first, or catch up my Zuhr & Asr first? I have heard some say that the prayers missed should be done at the time of prayer the next day before that day's prayer. If rules apply according to Marja, I go by Sayid Ali Sistani.
  8. But it would be tough to raise, then simply give out $1000 for a logo; I may be wrong, you may have been thinking differently as you have been on SC for a long time. In the beginning I was thinking why not $50? It is enough credit just to have your work of art displayed on the website for everyone to see. I also get that there are weak submissions, but we had to keep it simple. I know, simple doesn't always mean weak, but not everyone is an expert in designing - especially digitally. In all peace and fairness, just wanted to point that out
  9. I have submitted before (which can now be deleted) but I thought maybe I could add something which will symbolise that this is not only a "Shia" website, but a "Chatting" website, so I added a little speech bubble.
  10. "1st/2nd of February depending on where you live" @Khadim uz Zahra had mentioned it
  11. I don't have any button to insert my files, but hoping I can submit somehow
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