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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. if your talking about the one that was in the caravan thing then its closed now. there is no longer a alzahraa book shop. you can try al mabarat and also there is the new book shop that opened in kelsey street, js up the rd from the mosque, next door to alzhraa butchery. its excellent and lots of useful resources.
  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. 1. yes i would deffinately wanna know the gender of my baby, i never had a preference when i was preggo but i was excited to know. 2. finding out wont change decisions as a parent. i think ud start thinking more into the future and think more about how u want to raise ur daughter or son etc; 3. as a couple we didnt mind what we were having, but alot of people and relatives kept saying they wanted a boy... a very arrogant view of u should have a boy first or only boys lol but that was mainly the elders. 4. pros of finding out would be u get to buy gender specific clothing, toys, accessories,
  4. Salam Hope all is well. Im just wondering how long does it take to get to iran from sydney.. for those that have gone, how man y hours exactly or approximately and are there any stops anywhere? thanks
  5. hypothetically speaking, as a wife i woulda appreciated my husband to tell me when i was getting to know him if he had committed fornication or adultery or whatever it is.. otherwise if i were to find out later i would be quite shattered and i wouldnt trust him at all. at the same time id looks at him differently soo might as well be honest from the start, itll save you the headache later when she accidently finds out.
  6. B. look at her faith, how much she is close to change, and not the lookks. looks wont send you to paradise, a faithful wife that will build a pious home with you and bear pious children for you may though.
  7. alot of brothers and sisters contributed to this thread in a very constructive way, well done.. personally i think respect is a big thing in marriage and what i found is sumthing couples need to do is always give and take! dont expect what you dont give and dont give what you wouldnt want to recieve, lol i dnt know if im making sense its so late but what i mean, is always put ur self in ur spouses shoes, treat them like you would like to be treated, give them what you would like to be given, act towards them in a way where you know God will be happy with you. a few guys said patience with the
  8. i like to say Mahdi rather than Mehdi. if i have a boy inshallah thats surelly my sons name Mahdi, and if my hubby wasnt called mohamad i woulda called my son Mohamad Mahdi, i thin k its beautiful and not heavy on a baby to carry at all. my favourite namee!!
  9. thanks for ur very informative post. i understand where your coming from i do agree as for my friend, i dont believe they did all the necessary tests, they did some but not all but inshallah it wont happen with her again. a miscarriage is never easy on a mother no matter what the cause or reason is. at the end of the day alhamdullah
  10. there is a cause to majority of things. but i dont necessarily believe that there has to be a cause for everything. Maybe God willed this to happen doesnt need to be a medical reason could be another reason. but yes i do believe things happen for a reason but there doesnt necessarily have to be a cause.. this same friend of mine believes that its a hereditory thing. that her mum used to miscarry with all boys but when she was pregnant with girls they would live, she believed her baby died becuase it was a boy just like what happened to her mum, now shes preggo with a girl and shes passed half
  11. engaged at 18, married at 19 baby at 20 lol and still my parents thought im stupid and i had to beg my dad to let me get married becuase they belive strongly a girl should finish her studies first.. alhamdullah
  12. my friends had a recent miscarriage, at her 5 months ultrasound they detected the baby to be dead. and they couldnt give her a medical reason as to why this happened. there isnt always a medical reason.
  13. i agree, where i am in asutralia we usually do 1 ulatrasound at 5 months, and no other ultrasound is followed up unless there was an underlying problem detected in the 1st one then they would obviously check every so often monitoring the problem. i had a low lying placenta so i had to do a follow up ultrasound about 7 weeks b4 birth to see if its moved up. ultrasounds are good. like u said they have their uses. but i dont understand the first question about jaundice? can ultrasouns detect jaundice babies? is that the question? if thats the question i dnt think so. my son became jaundice 3 day
  14. i dont understand the rudeness, its a logical question and she requires an answer. personally i dont know the answser, but when i was breastfeeding i always went to a seperate room where there was no body and breast fed becuase i was more comfortable doing so, some women are on the other hand comfortable exposing their breast and breastfeeding in front of a gathering, i think its fine, i mean shes not doing it for a sexual reason, but nevertheless for a rewarding reason.
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