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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The flood was not worldwide but limited to the Mid-East region. There were civilizations in China that history records as being undisturbed at the time. (1,600) If Noah would have put two of every animal on earth into the ark, he would have needed 12-15 arks to house them and their food. How would an animal from remote countries over seas come to the ark?
  2. Chaotic Muslem, I will respond to your reply soon. And thanks for taking the time. I'll have to read it a couple more times to get it all.
  3. There's a web site called the Christian expositor. I've argued with this guy a few times and all he does is present issues and problems about every sect of Christianity. When unbelievers look at Christianity they don't know where to go or how to understand it since there's so many divisions in the Church. Many forums are full of sarcastic, belittling one and two liners. They love to ridicule people. I'm sick of them and all done with them. There was one forum about 10 years ago that was busy. It had a lot of great civil debaters with many amicable discussions. One by one mean arrogant people started coming in and one by one all the good people left. That forum turned bad and one moderator admitted it. How can it be important if there's no clear evidence of it. Some radical fundamentalist believe that if you don't believe in it you're condemned. How nice. The trinity is the easiest doctrine to debunk in the bible. The words of Jesus debunk it. Jesus himself said God was greater and that only God knows when Jesus will return. That's simple and proves Jesus and God are not coequal.. What Jesus prophesied in verse 10-14 is true of Christians and Muslims alike. And the end may be sooner than we think. Mathew 24 contains the most Jesus ever said about the end-times and there are some hidden signs in the chapter. I'm not being mean to them. I do what the bible says when it comes to that..."Never be under the same roof with an angry wonan" I say, "never be on the same forum with mean people!" I work with an Atheist engineer and we get along great. We both agree that Christians aren't very wise or smart. That helps. You don't realize what you're saying here. The word enemies means..."hated, odious, hateful." Christians are not my 'enemies.' They too often appear as enemies to unbelievers and to one another! That's what I'm sick of. Example...Many Protestants still hate Catholics and view them as the enemy. I don't consider Christians my enemies but I don't like being put down just so they can build themselves up... Psalm 55:12-14 It is not an enemy who taunts me— I could bear that. It is not my foes who so arrogantly insult me— I could have hidden from them. Instead, it is you—my equal, my companion and close friend. What good fellowship we once enjoyed as we walked together to the house of God.
  4. I don't agree with predestination either. I only know the basics of Islam. I really don't know much at all when I think of it and there's so much bad about every religion on the web that I actually avoid looking. And again, I think Christians have contributed to its demise...lack of growth over the years because of the web.
  5. See. It was the attitude of a Christian man that led you to Islam. When I was in my mid twenties, I was going to a bible college in Ca. I attended this one church that I really liked. They had 3-4 buses and had nobody to work on them. Being a diesel mechanic I offered to come in on Saturday's to maintain them. One bus needed a piston etc. so it took me a while. After about 3 months I didn't show up for a couple of Saturdays because I felt the buses were in pretty good shape being they only ran a few hours a week. When I did show up the pastor called me in his office and said, "I want you to take your tool home with you. You said you'd be here every Saturday." He basically fired me. I was donating my time on this, had a wife, three kids, working full time, and going to school full time. I couldn't believe it and was devastated. I don't think I went to church for over a year after that.
  6. Very good. I agree! Even Saddam, as bad as he was, look at what happened by taking him out! The US/Bush went in Iraq for one reason. Profiteering! And you are right. American really doesn't know the culture of Islam and the Arabs. I'm actually not very happy with what Bush did and the results prove it!
  7. I'm in agreement with you and I too have worked in and with many denominations. I was actually a minister back in the early to mid seventies but got out of it mostly because of the trinity issue. I agree 100% with this.... I'm glad I'm here. People are more kind here that any Christian forum I've been on...so far! And God knows I'm telling the truth! I've left over a dozen forums over the years. I think I can learn more here than searching the web for answers about Islam.
  8. I'm not a 'former' Christian. I just refuse to call myself one because it associates me with what I deem as an offensive bunch of people. I can give you a link to some of the most offensive forums I've been on. People continually belittle others and call one another baffoon's, ignorant; idiots, stupid, and worse of all they condemn me for being non-trinitarian. I've left about 5-6 Churches in the last 10 years. I've even traveled some distance to go to one Church only to find that people really didn't like me. I'm just am so disgruntled with the people in my court...and found out that I'm not the only one. I posted a reply on a blog about this very topic a few weeks ago and was surprised how many 'Christians' feel the same as I do and have gone through the same things I am! I can give you the link if you like...that is if I still have it somewhere. I'm asking for peoples opinion, and I'm in the right place, since many here have left Christianity. I truly am writing a page on this and would like it to be accurate and across the religious 'spectrum' if you will. I'm not the only one who has a derogatory opinion of my own brothers and sisters. Many do!
  9. I really like this... ''There are three things that you can never get back: Time that was wasted, WORDS that were spoken, and the opportunities that were not taken.'' Imam Ali(a.s) And thank you for a kind and informative reply. People think that the reformation was a good thing. I don't. Over the centuries, it has done nothing but create more division within the Church. And again. Here you are a 'former' Christian converted to Islam! Why? Why is Christianity losing ground and Islam gaining ground? I say it's because when people on the outside 'look in' they see Christians as divided, bigoted, and hypocritical. I see how you were turned off by Christians. Can you tell me any other reason why you left and went to Islam?
  10. My problem is with Christians. I agree 100% with Gandhi. He said, "I like your Christ, I don't like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." He's right!
  11. I know that. But it seems to be an epidemic in Christianity.
  12. You've just struck a nerve. Let me explain. I'm asking for peoples honest opinion of Christians because since 911 more people have converted to Islam...including many 'former' Christians and my feeling is that they were unhappy or disgruntled about the Church they were in... just like me! You would think that people would have converted to Christianity but the opposite is true. There's one church in America...the Church of Christ/Congregational churches who's closing about 3 churches a week. The estimate is that for every NEW Church that is formed about 4-5 Churches close. And it's even worse in the UK. So I'm looking for answers. People must have an unfavorable opinion of "Christians/Christianity" for that to happen. I'm looking for answers...Why is the Christian Church losing ground and Islam is gaining ground. Are people going through the same thing I am? So please tell me Notme. Why did you, a former Christian, convert to Islam? Were you teed off like me? Or was it something else?
  13. I hear you well. I'm disgusted with Christians and have been for many years now. I've left several churches because ...for example. There's a Baptist Church down the road from me and every time I go there I hear the pastor talk bad about Catholics, Billy Graham, Mormons, SDA'S, or JW'S. I don't judge these people in other faiths but it seems that they are bent on slandering others in the faith. So I go to another Baptist church and guess what...the same thing. You're right about looking for like-minded people in the wrong place. I found out that these Churches are affiliated with Baptist fundamentalism other wise known as the Bob Jones University crowd. Probably the most offensive Christians of all. In the 60's and before they wouldn't allow blacks into their churches and believed they were the only ones going to heaven. There aren't many Churches around here that are not Trinitarian other than a Unitarian Universalist church that caters to the LGBT crowd and I won't go there. I haven't been to church for a while now but feel the need to go. I'll likely go back (being raised Catholic) to a local Catholic Church as they're not offensive like the others and don't dump on you for believing different.
  14. I'm not a Muslim either and I'm not in pain. I'm actually disgusted with Christianity and can understand why people avoid it like the plague. I could tell you horror stories about some of my experiences with pastors and 'Church.' I was actually a minister when I was in my twenties but left the ministry because I couldn't believe what I was 'told' to believe. I especially dislike the trinity doctrine because it has caused so many Protestants to judge those of us who don't believe in it.
  15. The reason I called myself a "disciple of Christ" is because I refuse to ever call myself a Christian again. Protestant Christians have nothing good to say about one another. Since the reformation, the Protestant church has disagreed on nearly every doctrinal issue and the result is they've broken up into so many divisions it's crazy. Protestants have nothing good to say about one another. I've been on several so called 'Christian' forums over the years and removed myself from everyone of them simply because of their mean spirited over the edge offensive nature. They're mean and pass judgment on one another over the most stupid things. Over the years I've had several bad experiences with pastors and 'church.' I have to wonder why and how I've tolerated it. I have one cousin I haven't seen in 35 years. A few years ago when I found out he was a minister in a 'Pentecostal' Church in a nearby town, I decided to make a surprise visit. I didn't attend the service but spoke to him before and things went well. That is until we started conversing by email. Then he had absolutely nothing good to say about me. I don't believe in the trinity either and that's a big no-no to many. There are so many 'bad' Christians out there as well as bad Christian websites. Christians think they're better than everyone, even those in their same court. They appear hypocritical and bigoted to non-believers and that's one reason I believe Islam is growing and Christianity is losing ground and shutting down churches one after another in America and Europe. I almost gave up on Christianity because of their offensive nature. I find nicer people elsewhere. I almost canned my 'Christian' website because I was so teed off. So I decided to write a page entitled, 'stupid Christians.' Now be nice. Give me some input why some of you have an unfavorable opinion of Christians. I just want some insight as to how Muslims view Christians. And please look at only as what's going on in today's world and forget about the past. Believe me. You won't offend me. You can't offend me any more than what I've already been offended by even my own cousin. I'm just looking for input to help me write my page 'stupid Christians' which I may rename anyway.
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