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  1. Saudi Arabia does not agree with me. My comment was about the extremists in this thread who make takfir of all Sunnis indiscriminately. How is that relevant or similar to the news report you quoted?
  2. How did you know what Imam 'Ali would be doing if he were alive? Or, is that only from your wild dreams?
  3. Some "Shi'i" extremists here are condemning non-Shi'i extremists, through extremism. Nothing helpful.
  4. Wahhabis generally, and many ill-informed Sunnis, are happy about the unfortunate tragedy. This reveals the sorry state of our Ummah.
  5. The hadith does not exist in the four books highlighted in red, and I am not aware of any reliable chain for it either in the Shi'i sources. In the Sunni book (not books), it is graded a fabrication.
  6. Would you mind extracting from that link the teachings of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (as) which Imam Malik transmitted? Couldn't find any.
  7. I think you should use the website al-islam.org a bit more than before. It contains a lot of good materials from which you can choose.
  8. First, no real Shi'i considers Umm al-Muminin 'Aishah a fornicator or adulteress, from the start to the end of her life. Rather, those who accused him of that were some hypocritical Sahabah, and their followers today. Meanwhile, would you mind telling us your view about the war led by 'Aishah against the state, during the rule of Imam 'Ali, 'alaihi al-salam? Do you believe that she really led an armed insurrection against the state or not? I am asking this question because you seem to be suggesting that she never led any armed battle against the state. I need you to clarify your exact position.
  9. Would you mind quoting the teachings of Imam al-Sadiq 'alaihi al-salam as transmitted by Imam Malik?
  10. Being a student is one thing. Following is another. A lot of people were students of the Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wa aalihi. But, how many really followed him? You can gauge that through their levels of adherence to Hadith al-Thaqalayn. Imam Malik was a student of Imam Ja'far, 'alaihi al-salam. But, in his various books, did he transmit the knowledgeable he had gained from Imam al-Sadiq, as other companions of the holy Imam did? Of course, he did not.
  11. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to ask for Sunni sources from Sunni Muslims? Shi'is do not follow Sunni sources, just as Sunnis do not follow Shi'i sources. So, it looks weird asking Shi'is to produce Sunni proofs for Shi'i doctrines or rituals. It is like going on a Sunni forum and demanding that they produce Shi'i reports for their act of folding arms during salat. Just saying, though.
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