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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Interesting so far Two point of views poles apart ! Originator of this post - not sure of your point of view though or you mixing up two separate things
  2. Yes have suggested admins if they can pin the topic or the poll to the top so that more members participate and provide suggestions.
  3. Not enough have voted. This poll should be pinned on top at the forum front so that more members get to participate. thank you !
  4. I meant app for this forum. I just saw one of the threads here where it is already discussed few years ago so may be it is not something feasible as of now. Admins should run a poll and see how many members are interested and in case there is any member who could help develop one.
  5. Thank you @starlight got translation done by @mesbah
  6. It's just few lines !
  7. سلامٌ عليكم Not sure if this has already been discussed and addressed but tried searching for it and couldn't find anything here or on playstore or App Store Is there a shiachat app on iOS or android ? If not, is there any plan to have one in the near future ? I believe it will be a useful tool. ma salamah
  8. Anyone who is fluent in Arabic language? Need something that needs to be translated. Please let me know and I will PM the content Thank you
  9. It is a responsibility of a believer that with his or her conduct, non-believers are intrigued & approach you to know more about what you believe in, of course after they are fascinated by the way you live your life! But what do "believers" do? Take an example of one of the Arab states - Once you reach the immigration point at the airport, their arrogance reflects from the way they treat you as a guest to their country. Not a good and an impressive start to make a non-believer ask you, "So tell me more about what you believe in?" After he sees how a believer is conducting his day to day business in a just manner, how he is treating his neighbors with compassion, how he is working with all honesty, how he treats other fellow humans with dignity, how he treats his family with love.... and more
  10. Thank you for your help, highly appreciated.
  11. سلامٌ عليكم Somewhere deep down we believe we are the chosen ones and everyone else will be weighed on the same scale. We also decide the measuring units for this scale namely "Usul-e-deen" & "Fur-e-deen" and since not even a single non-Muslim will be eligible for all the units mentioned in the scale (forget about scoring), some of the eligible members declare everything non-eligible members do will be of no use in the hereafter. The real question we should be asking is, "Is following few fundamentals of our religion enough for us to receive eternal rewards from Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì?
  12. @starlight you are right on the money there! They already asked for it! Surprisingly his sisters are playing an important role in trying to rob her off her savings. Her Mehr was negligible and her house and all her savings are her own so I can understand why it will not be easy to get the Khula! And our scholars, well yes they are busy with other "important" matters
  13. سلامٌ عليكم I remember reading it somewhere that anything that leads you to haram or keeps you away from the obligatory acts is considered haram if you continue it. For instance smoking (in addition to physical harm proven by statistics) if it becomes the reason that you are unable to fast during the month of Ramadan, it is then haram on you. Same is the case with anything that you do in access that stops you from obligatory acts - Caution Avid Foodies :-) Please search for the ruling as I'm not sure of the exact wordings. And since we are on tobacco topic, how many of you know about the famous tobacco fatwa by Grand Ayatollah Mirza Hassan Shirazi ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tobacco_Protest Ma Salamah
  14. She got in touch with him few days ago & asked him to give her Khula and he casually said, "I'm not in mood to give you Khula". What's surprising is, he never came to see his children from past more than 6 months, he is not even trying to call and speak to them, he is out of the country from past 4 months living his life and yet doesn't want to free her. Im sure there must be thousands of such cases around the world where women are left with no choice but to wait and yet our scholors are doing nothing about it. There is a ruling written about the hijab and men ensure it's implemented in their families or society but rulings likes Khul is kept limited to the books! sis @Laayla tried to find the rep of Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah in the USA but so far there isn't anyone or any center that represents his office. Have emailed them on http://english.bayynat.org/ hopefully they will let me know if they have anyone who represents them in the USA. Thank you. Ma salamah
  15. In 20 years they must have approached tens of sheikhs and the first sheikh if he was still around after 20 years probably would have been aware of it. Now this is really concerning that under the watch of reps or scholars someone can actually have her rights taken away of living a married life or single while as the other person is given a second chance - So we have translated "Divorce is a man's right" to "Divorce is a man's second chance and also a tool to harass & ruin another persons life"! Something is terribly wrong ! May Allah reward her for her patience.
  16. Thank you all for your views and help and it certainly is disheartening that there is no practical solution, only rulings written in the books. It makes you question the motives of people who are given authority in religious matters. @Laayla thank you & a quick fun fact, I'm a brother :-) Yes she is trying to find the representative of Sayed Fadlullah. InshaAllah will soon. As I mentioned she was the major contributor towards the family income and still is. The husband was asked by the child support agency to pay a certain amount, he couldn't pay it and left the country about 4 months ago and is working somewhere else. She never denied him the right to see their children but he never came to see them and never called them. Divorce took place last year and since then she is trying to find someone who can help her with Khula. So far no luck ! Thank you for sharing @starlight Wa salam :-) Good news is audience is getting aware and these scholars (some and not all) are not as free as they were a decade ago. There is some degree of accountability and InshAllah it will get better as we move on and do some self studying too.
  17. @notme I'm not sure Ayah in the Quran you are referring to. Could you please quote it. Yes, they have the authority to give Khula but somehow they avoid getting involved in it and I wonder why! Thank you @Laayla will check who the representative is and the ones she got in touch with said unless they hear from the other party, they can't do anything about it (Her husband & his family are not responding and husbands sister has mentioned, she will have to pay a substantial amount & major portion of her savings, if she wants to get a divorce). She asked the scholars what if they don't agree to the Divorce and to that they said, "in that case we can't help"!!! And yes she is willing to travel within the USA if there is someone who would actually be kind and help her focus on her life and her children. ma salaamah
  18. Thank you @Ron_Burgundy & @notme Although it's 2017 but we as a society still tend to accept inappropriate behaviour & actions few men display in certain cultures. She did try to threaten him but it didn't work! And since you touched another topic, is it allowed in Islam to shame someone in public ?
  19. سلامٌ عليكم It has been ages since I posted or took part in any discussion here. This particular subject has been discussed before here but thought someone may have something to add or suggest. One of my friend, mother of two kindergarten children filed divorce last year under the US law but is still under the marriage contract in accordance with Islam and we all know the reason - he won't divorce her!! Married for 10 years, working mother with a major portion of share in income from her (almost 100%) unfortunately found her husband indulged in a haram and an inappropriate act. Concerned for her own safety & dignity and of her daughter's she immediately requested her husband to leave the house. As was expected he did not return, did not for months ask for the well-being of their children and finally she filed divorce. He does not have a steady income so couldn't pay towards the childcare and was even sent letters by child support agency. My friend approached scholars and their offices for help so that she can get Khula but seems like she is left with no choice but to wait like so many other women who go through the same situation. Scholors are unable to help since the man and his family are in no mood to respond to the calls or even when someone tries to talk to them in person. They are not willing to let her go while supporting their son/brother's actions. My questions are; 1. Why so difficult for women and easy for men? I have gone through topics here and also the rulings but someone asking the same question after 5 years tells me something is either wrong or someone is not doing his job properly while sitting in the office of various Maraji across the countries. 2. Do you know any scholar in Dallas or in Houstan who actually wants to help women have their right given to them of living a good life with their children? Thank you all in advance! Ma salama
  20. Salaam Not that I have any doubt about the Miracles that are associated with Ahlul Bayt (as) but we need to be very careful as the world out there is always on a watch and they always try to find ways to make fun of our faith. We at times do certain things out of love and affection for our Ahlul-bayt that we forget everything else that can harm our religion. Your intentions can be pure and right but do not become a reason for people to make fun of our faith! I remember watching a video where in this non-muslim was showing how muslims are trying to associate everything to miracles. He was making fun of everything that was uploaded on websites. By attaching folder I am not trying to draw any parallels here. While reading this post I thought of sharing with you artwork that people are capable of doing! Wa Salaam ArtworkPart2.zip
  21. (bismillah) (salam) Does anyone have any online link/article or a book they can recommend which has details about journey of Family & companions of Imam Hussain (as) from Karbala to Kufa and then to Damascus. Just wanted to know how long did it take them to reach destination and places they were stopped at. Would appreciate help! (wasalam)
  22. (bismillah) (salam) Nothing new about it. History is witness that you always needed help from outsiders! Although it is a state of sadness that there is an unrest in Islamic country but what surprises me is reaction from Zionist media. There was a dictatorship in Iraq for decades but were they bothered? No! Afghanistan was run by militants for years, did west question it? No! From past 20 years i million people are killed in Kashmir (india), do yousee Obama going on tv and asking India and Pakistan to stop it? NO! In Gulf countries there is a dictatorship and criminals are hanged in public, does US of A has a problem with it ? No! Now comes Iran, be it presidential election or a university election, US of A and their puppets in europe get restless! Dont you get the point? Iran in 20 years became suffient enough to have their own doctors, engineers, professors etc and you say Iran is not progressing! They put a full stop to foreigners in 90's and since then they are producing their own doctors engineers etc!In gulf countries, all comapanies, hospitals and other establishments are still run by foreigners. As i said it is a sad state that people are getting killed but i must say it satisfies me to the core to see restlessness in western world! They have been trying everything possible to infilitrate Iran but to no avail. And it should not come to you as a surprise when you see them addressing world and saying, "we want peace in iran" Do you really? This is an opportunity for big bully to find a way in but he still doent not get the point! Keep trying and everytime you will fail! And for members who were never seen here before good luck to you finding yourself trapped in your own illussions! And for some members this topic so facinates them that 60% posts are only from them! You can also give it a try we will meet again in some time when situation is more transparent! Long live Islamic unity! (wasalam)
  23. (bismillah) (salam) If you are too concerned about it, i would suggest a big NO! i been there and believe me there is nothing like vegi and non-vegi. During peak-hours they have 50 orders to process in half an hour and there is no way the kitchen guy will make sure after touching meat he washes his/her hands as per the hygiene rules! If he leaves make-table even for a minute the whole shift will be in a big mess! And on cut-table, next time go wen it is peak-hour and see how knives are moving so fast from vegi table to non-vegi.. Thought u r too concerned so couldnt stop myself. I stopped eating Pizza long long time back after witnesing there is nothing like veg and non-veg in fast food places! (wasalam)
  24. (bismillah) (salam) Marbles with all due respect, i put my earlier post without going through your posts and now realised i should have first read everytrhing! Dont you think we are being selfish here and trying to prove our point rather than trying to help brother in need. I am trying to read between the lines and what i can understand is, you seem to be convert and this is not with any disrespect it is a blessing i must say and you seem to have something against muslim men who use and misuse Islam for their own sake! Just my opinion not judging you! My question is why do we conscious and unconsciuosly weaken Islam by these kind of arguements. I totally agree with you that we have made an option in Islam "Pick and Choose" and whatever benefits me in this world is good Islam and opposite is just a tehreef! You know what i mean. About you point Scholars being bound by same constraint, well there is quite a difference. We as common people get influenced easily and to give opinion is no big a deal. You might have come across this type of issue once or may be ten times but with scholars they deal with these issues on daily basis so obviously will have a better advice than you and me! And let us not turn this thread into pro-Ayatollah and anti one! By the way, it seems originator has solved all isssues and they are living happily! Didnt see his reply so far! :!!!: (wasalam)
  25. (bismillah) (salam) My first reply to this post is in line with you BintAlHoda and the reason i have put this answer from Sistani.org is to look at the issue from all perspectives. I did add that the answer is specefic and he needs to look at it in a very rational way! And answer obviously is not intended to restrict him to few choices but to keep into consideration what scholars have to say about it. Rightly said, we do not know the whole story so we can only speculate and give our opinions and rest is with him and his wife! I would again urge the orginator of this post to get in touch with scholars since our opinions vary depending on our culture, region, upbringing and we might end up answering this issue under the influence of our personal experience. (wasalam)
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