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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I pray that may Allah free me of this affliction very soon so I can live a happy nd healthy life. Thankyou all for your help nd good advices , indeed for a tortured one these kind words means a lot nd supportive. I'll keep them in my mind , remember me in your prayers. <3
  2. I really don't want to think that I'm hopeless and I'm helpless but whenever I see other people freed from their sufferring , I look at myself , nd whenever after all my hard efforts of reading quran whole days n nights , screamingly crying to Allah swt , whole nights praying to him, doung several ruqyahs nd duas but still have not gained complete shifa I get disappointed. Sometimes after prayer I don't feel like making dua , I dont do dua. I just cry nd say to myself that I've no any helper, Allah is not happy with me. Maybe you would say that I lack trust in Allah , what cou
  3. I don't know , I'm miserable . how can I know what would make me feel better .
  4. Plz don't ask the same question , I know it's an evil eye I'm sufferring I know I've those symptoms.
  5. Salam brothers and sisters , Plz help me in the name of Allah swt, I'm so tense since 6 to 7 months of my life. I have been the victim of evil eye since 8 months , I'm just sufferring and sufferring. It has stole my happiness , my beauty from me , my peace , my comfortable life , this all been ended. I've been the victim of a very very very bad evil eye , more powerful than black magic, there's not been a single day I've not cried. I'm trying my very hard to get rid but I can't , I do many powerful ruqyahs , I read quls more than 500 tines daily, I read more than 40 times muzamil
  6. Yes .. When one person isn't happy with someone's blessings and praise that thing with Hasad in his heart , or simply see the thing with Hasad then the poison i's in his eyes is transfered to that thing nd the other person who was blessed is deprived of that blessing. It can result in injury, loss or even death of that person who's affected by the evil eye .
  7. Wales um Salam .. Brother I spend almost my whole day reading quran. I know the poison i's going out of my body but it's slow : ( ..
  8. Sometimes I do get the feeling that maybe it's not evil eye , it's God. Who want to give me hidaya or want me to be obedient of my parents cause I was a bit disobedient . So what shall I do to remove this suffering , what's the method ?
  9. These all sites are as usual and contain similar information. I'm just depressed , it's five months .. I'm reciting quran a lot nd lot .. why isn't Allah giving me shafa suddenly : ( y it's too slow .. Can it be a test from Allah swt .. I'm too depressed , do I have to live my all life like this , I haven't married am only 19 , how would I carry on about my life . After two months it's my exams but I can't concentrate on my studies , the tension has settle down in my head not leaving me . : (
  10. I really want this evil to leave me as soon as possible . It's nearly five months , I'm too tired and saddened.
  11. One of my friend is known to have vast the evil eye . Everything she praises is destroyed. That was the month of September she praised my eyes as ' one should have such eyes , one day after that there was a severe pain in my eyes , I ignored it but day by day my eyes used to get worse , with pain and going inside without any reason nd growing dark circles around it. After one week I also noticed a black mark on my neck that remained visible for three days . When I read quran something like needles touch my neck , then it move around my neck , I get coughs nd lot of saliva in my mouth. Btw I
  12. Salam .. Recently I'm afflicted by the evil eye and really trying so hard to get rid of it as it's so powerful nd hard on me. Plz can someone share their experiences about the evil eye on them nd how they got rid of it .
  13. Istikhara is done to seek guidance about an action that an individual is going to do, like if someone is going to marry then he asks Allah's advice if the marriage is beneficial for him.. If one seens white or green thing in his dream then the answer is yes , and if one sees red or black things means dont do it. I dont think the istakhara is done to ask what sect is right or which is wrong. Allah has given you aqal , use it.
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