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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Okay, I'll try to get a list of his reasons for leaving Islam.... but I don't understand, shouldn't we at least admonish him for what he's doing ? I think of people who may suffer because of him and feel it is my duty to take a stand .
  2. He hasn't left praying, that is the sin that probably we do. He ......... is drinking, fornicating, making money through wrong means............. :'( :'(
  3. How many of you would agree with this .. ? We should behave normally with him ? All that pain in my heart I shouldn't convey to him ? I am so angry and sad that because of him my parents will suffer and my siblings will suffer... that I can never see him in the same light again. He's committing punishable sins... are we allowed to keep quiet ?
  4. :'( we are so so so hurt and broken by what he's doing. Its not just him I'm concerned about... I fear my parents will gradually fall sick because of the stress, my mother has been blaming herself since, I feel our family will fall apart. We are all so depressed... we grew up together, we spent 20 years in the same house.. we used to watch scientific documentaries together... he could use the documentary to disprove God and we could use the same documentary to prove God. We've had many intellectual discussions, he's thought about it, like so many of the posts in the atheism section in here.. and the atheists arguing there .. he argues in much the same way. No matter how much logical we are after a certain point it appears he cant understand anymore... for the past few months he's been so forgetful and confused it's like his mind is not working properly either... he keeps listening to music non-stop and doesn't distinguish between haram and halal food... all those things are meaningless to him. But he has such destructive habits that even another rational atheist would say that he's headed towards doom.
  5. Salam, My brother has left Islam, he is now an atheist. For some time he was questioning things and questioning Quranic verses and used to say he is searching, now he says he is not a muslim anymore. My family still had hope and all of us were trying hard to bring him back to the right path... we would argue logically with him but he replies and acts like a typical atheist and is not willing to accept anything. Still... because he is young and immature we still hoped that he will eventually realize - up until now we took it as a theoretical problem, we were so confident of him that he wouldn't be practically living the life like an atheist, we thought atheism was only in his mind we didn't know it had make it to his life and his ways. We just learnt that he's been committing great sins. He lives on his own, my parents live in a different country with my brother and his family, I live in a different country and my sister lives close to him but he doesn't listen to anyone. He is independent and rich and alone. . . though he's only 24. We're religious and when we learnt of how sinful life he's living ..it was like a majlis on skype, my mom cried so much, my sister in law, my siblings and me... we have been crying for him for what irreversible sins he's done and how he has broken our trust.. but what I need advice for now, is that what should we do now ? Should we confront him of what we've come to know.. should we break ties with him ? Should we stop talking ? Should we let him know that we know ? Or should we, like my mom says, be silent for the time being... My mom plans to go to him and compel him to live with her in a Muslim country so that he will be in front of her eyes. And my father keeps saying we should force him to marry and things will get better.... but obviously if he isn't Muslim we can't marry him to a muslim girl, it would be something if we get him to marry anyone.. as obviously marriage is now unnecessary and uninteresting to him. It's that if we all take a stand against him he will (most probably) not pay much heed to it and can even go without talking to us for months.. what we fear is that deserting him would only cause him to sink even deeper into the sinful lifestyle... such as taking drugs and other substances. But on the other hand I think that if we keep silent we would ourselves be committing a sin... I really want sincere advice on what we all should do... I know that only Allah can guide him now but if there's anything WE can do...
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