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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So the conclusion is if we didnt agree to defend an infidel, an atheist, basically an enemy of God, we are called arrogant, judgmental, our arguments are twisted in a way that pleases the other party in the discussion, using them as EXcuses to defend a man who's life doesn't worth a thing. God not only paralyzed him, but he made him live decades in agony and in despair, giving him a chance after a chance with each breath he took so he can reflect and believe in the Creator of the universe but still he chose to continue in his Kufr. Forgive me but I cannot comprehend this logic you guys are using.
  2. Of course we shouldn't say may he rest in peace. He doesn't deserve it. Do you even know the meaning of this statement?
  3. Did i say that we should discredit his work cause he was an atheist? And who said anything about the muslim people that give islam a wrong name? They deserve whatever punishment God is giving them.
  4. It's our job to do الامر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر An atheist is an enemy of God, despite who he is and what he is.
  5. Isn't it ironic how one of the smartest man on earth wishes the simplest thing? This is the result for his ungratefulness towards God. He gave him such a mind and yet he doesnt believe in his creator. A similar condition to his in the arbaeen zyara last year in iraq, a little girl who is lebanese was healed, when she entered the shrine of aba l fadel l abbaas she started moving slowly, you can imagine the reaction of the crowd and her family who were dragging her all the way in the wheeling chair. So you see it's just like that, anything is easy for God if we only believe.
  6. Don't cross your line. You don't believe in our Imam then fine keep this toxic thought to yourself. You're starting to upset me. Do you think that the Imam(atfs) Needs you? It's the other way around, you Need Islam because without it you are going to Hell, Islam is salvation itself. And stop wasting our time and get off of this website if you are only here to attack our religion.
  7. I'm a women and I'm 26 and i do not think the way you stated. Don't generalize, it is unjust. In the end what are you expecting to find on an online thread? Pious women? There is no such thing as Dominant women, and there won't be, ever. Women who think that are probably immature and are Feminists who have been traumatized, or whom their upbringing was missing something regarding to the social concept that we call inequality of sex. Anyway i don't understand how a women would dominate her man... If i dominated a man I'd leave him right away because there is no chance on earth that i would ever fall in love with him, or even choose to understand and get to know him. In islam women and men are equal to a certain extent, but we should accept that both of us have very different tasks that makes us very different. For example look at the privilege that a mother can have in shia islam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L_qt6Z0iAY&feature=youtu.be In our sect a women can't be a marjaa, why? Because women are obviously driven by their emotions and this thread is a big proof of this. But once we are able to truly and effectively control our emotions and stop being driven by them then we have the chance to achieve much higher ranks than our scholars.
  8. Let me remind you that there is no Cheating in Islam. Forget about the permanent marriage, men in our sect are Allowed to have Temporary marriage (mutaa, temporary agreement, etc..) Without the knowledge of their wife. There are many reasons why a man would choose to do this behind the back of his wife, but then again if he was in a healthy marriage life and the 2 partners are sane and have a stable character then he wouldn't do it. Now clearly our sister here, lola, have been attacking islam and she wasn't convinced about anything we have been saying, tho it was obvious that we were trying to help her for her own sake because these personal accusations that she's been doing will lead her to something much more bigger and dangerous in the future, and since she wasn't cooperating at all someone had to state the Obvious and put her some limitation with some straight, honest words like our brother here Ali did.
  9. I've been watching How to get away with murder, their plots are Great! They make you wanna use your head and think before they reveal the hidden secrets.
  10. That's a sign of a weakling. Anyway there are other stuff to do for oneself to feel confidence and self esteem and that doesn't involve betraying your religion and the principles you live upon.
  11. @Mohammed-Mehdi السلام عليكم - You should always place your imam before anything. Meaning you should place your commitment before anything. From the silliest to the biggest things; like when your boss comes to you and threatens that if you keep on preventing yourself from handshaking women at work then I will fire you. Your marjaa might tell you it's ok you can handshake but personally for me i wouldn't do it, because I know that if i sacrificed something for my imam and God, they will give me something much better than i already have, in this case a much better job. Or even if i didn't have a recompense in this world, I'm sure that i will have it in the next, it's just a matter of time. I can give you a lot of other scenarios that have the same logic which you can test your self with in order to get better and improve and to please your imam. When you go to bed for example and remember that oh i forgot to do woudou' before i sleep and you're already in bed and you dont want to get up again, force yourself to get up and do it! - Get closer to your imam, try to talk to him, read books about him, try to feel his presence that he is there seeing you and watching over you. Always go to Majalis of ahlulbayt, this way you can show your imam that you are ready and waiting, you are doing the effort and constantly working on your creed. There are many shias who wish for the reappearance of the imam and yet they miss their morning prayer, that's a bit contradictory from their end don't you think? Try to develop a sincere relationship with the imam; like how you always think of your beloved one and wish to see them? This is how it should be. The more you get closer to the imam the more he will get closer to you, and of course akhlaq, ethics, plays a big part. You can always read about the actions that are mentioned in the ahadiths that can get you closer to imam al mahdi(atfs), there is a narration that says if you cry morning and night every day for a year on imam al hussein, you can be sure that you will see the imam by the end of the year. But no one can sincerely do this unless they have developed a strong connection with imam al hussein(As). It is attainable tho, there are people if you just mention the Name of the imam in front of them they shed a tear. It is also hard to keep this level of spirituality once you achieve it. When you are in trouble always call upon the imam, he will solve it no matter how big it is and sometimes he even personally comes but you don't pay attention to his presence. After experience this is Proven to be True. Say: يا امام الذي تطوى له الأرض أدركني يا صاحب العصر والزمان أدركني (3) يا امامي يا مهدي الغوث الغوث الغوث الان الان الان الساعة Do this prayer every friday if you can: http://qadatona.org/عربي/الأدعية-والزيارات/69 Every day read zyarat ashura and doaa al nudba, preferably after morning prayer. Pray jama'a as much as you can, sheikh bahjat says praying jama'a is like praying behind the imam of our time, it's very important. There is this pact you can do aswell, make a deal with the imam that for 40 days you will stay sin free, and you will practice your religion in the most perfect forms. After these 40 days end you will be bestowed with blessings from God, like he will grant you your needs and he will place wise sayings and wisdom in your heart, and you will be granted the blessing to see the imam. You might think the 40 days is easy but it's not, especially if you are living in a non islamic country. Some big scholars used to prevent from going out of their houses to stay away from haram. Imam al khomeini used to do this pact and after the 40 days end he would place his demands in the quran written on a paper then he goes out to teach his classes, after he comes back he opens the quran and the paper would be missing. Everything is achievable when you work on your commitment, faith and your Niyah (intention).
  12. Watch these 2 small videos, there are hundreds of sentences such as these in the bible. When I began my journey to Islam, I started from My book, the bible, Ahmad deedat managed to prove to me how the bible was manipulated throughout the years, this made me very confused and lost. The truth behind the bible and Christianity is Very clear, it is pretty much available for the one who needs to see. We are in the era of technology where nothing can be hidden.
  13. The freemasonry, illuminati, zionists are the number one enemy of shias, they are the ones that established all this propaganda about islam in the world and their sole target is to destroy our sect. Saudis have chairs in this organization cause of their money. Since these people own and control the media, they can pretty much control what you Read about them. Most website are biased on the internet. How can you think of joining them? What appealed you to this thought. Anyway keep in mind that whoever comes and tells you that he has a rank in freemasonry then his role is not important and not effective. The person that truly has a strong role in this organization wouldnt utter a word. In fact this is what they do they are very secretive, it is one of the reasons why they succeeded. The head of mi6 managed to hide for 41 years his status of his wife and children.
  14. @Maha_13 Sister it's a blessing from God bestowed upon you that you have specifically found a Shia man with such good qualities. Imam ali(as) says: ''Opportunities come and swiftly go, so you make sure to cease it.'' ''Beware of the flight of blessings, for nothing that runs away is returned.'' Make sure you make the best of this situation you are in even if you didn't marry the guy in the end. You never know what God is hiding for you, rely on Him and don't worry about your parents. Brother @kirtc was a sunni and now he's a shia, maybe he can give you a couple of advises.
  15. @Pilgrim السلام عليكم I was in your situation once in 2014, then i started reading about islam and God lead me to shia committed and knowledgeable people, I started asking them questions and they guided me all the way. When i said the shahada at first i felt overwhelmed because i realized i have so much to grasp. I guess what i'm trying to say is don't worry you can understand the fundamentals of shia islam one step at a time and we're here for you to answer you in whatever you need. I know some shias in australia.They are indeed very sweet, I hope this location is near you so you will be able to attend it.
  16. I don't expect you to understand why a women would let her husband to marry some other women. You are very far from understanding the very fundamental principles of islam so of course you won't understand a much deeper issue. So explain what's a modern nation to you? You do realize that almost all christian husbands cheat on their wives at some point in marriage life? To defend your point of view you took the situation i presented to the extreme so it could make sense. Yes there are women who don't wanna work and they are very well educated. https://www.citi.io/2015/08/20/the-10-best-party-cities-in-the-world/ We're Number 6. Of course I'm not proud of my country being westernized more and more every year and becoming more and more dumb and driven by the shallowness of the societies in the west.
  17. If God states that jealousy is a bad thing for women then it is a bad thing. Try understanding the reasons behind this instead of rejecting it. I didn't say we're arguing, arguments can be facts or situations etc.. I do think imam ali knows perfectly well about the psychological state of human beings much much more than dr phill, I studied 5 years modern psychology, they are not even close to the psychology that ahlulbayt describes.
  18. Before i converted i listened day and night to music. Underground, dupstep, psychedelic, trance, all types of House, all kinds of instruments, i slept and ate on music, even when we used to sit at my friends places we would put some light background music. In my country people appreciate music a lot so they do events camps every week for the people. Beirut is very famous for its nightlife. When i committed i stopped gradually because i couldnt do it all of a sudden. I started listening to the music that my marjaa allows me to, but even then i felt it wasnt right, sometimes the soul is able to detect whether we're doing something right or wrong. Then i read that sheikh bahajt says all music is haram so i stopped it entirely. Music affects people in the way they think, dress, behave, speak. I used to monitor the effects on my friends.
  19. You're Overlapping subjects sister. You might have had a bad experience with Islam. Who said it is even close to acceptable living with a bad husband and flirting around having no self respect and dignity? I'm quoting imam ali and you're quoting Dr Phil? We're clearly not on the same level of arguments.
  20. I've been told that imam ali(as) made this speech when aisha waged a war against him. And since it made sense to me i didnt do a research on it. Lol
  21. For the sisters that are refusing the perspective of islam about jealousy and who are talking about the members of their families and their husbands, you are not being objective and you're not allowing yourselves to see the ruling and wisdom of God behind all of this. When I was a christian, I didn't even wanted to be married, I hated the nature of men, the first question i ever asked when i considered islam is why a man gets to marry 4 wives? I thought that men are some kind of narcissistic creatures who just cared about satisfying their libido and sexual desires, I somehow wanted to do live with my so called boyfriend without marriage because this way i considered myself to be free. This is what the system does to you this is what sayed ali l khamenei call الحرب الناعمة, the Soft War that the zionists use against us. It took me a lot of time to change these thoughts that i had, but everything became easier when i met God fearing, believing men. Now there is a difference between a boy and a man, a boy is the husband that tells his wife to wear a skirt when they go out so the world can see how beautiful his wife is and so he can look at her and feel the pleasure. A man, a true man, is the man that protects his wife and truly cares for her. What you girls encountered unfortunately is the first type. @andres There is a lot of reasons why a man can marry another women, but in our religion a man cannot marry a second wife unless he treats them justly. Meaning each of them get to have a car, a house, a cellphone, etc... Equally, and the quran states whoever doesn't do that is already making a sin. The other reasons can lessen the societal problems, for example if a women is widowed and doesn't have anyone, or if a women has children and her husband dies and she can't feed them, or if a one's wife can't have children for a reason that is only known by God, etc... And if you think about it this concept can be used as several motifs for a lot of things in a couples relationship. Of course I'm not saying a man can abuse this ruling that God has placed in our religion, I do think that nowadays a man who appreciates his wife, have a healthy marriage life and who respects himself and the image of his wife, who is busy worshiping God and sustaining his family, he wouldn't have reasons to look elsewhere to find comfort and pleasure. The raising divorce rate nowadays indicates the immaturity of the individuals, and their inability to take stable decisions. It's very sad and it's destroying islamic families. @rkazmi33 You are right it's very hard to overcome this feeling of jealousy, but I'm not saying we should overcome it for the sake of our husbands, we should control it because when we do we will be able to reach a higher state of existence and feel closer to God. This is one of the reasons why i chose to talk about this. I'm sorry about your ex husband I'm not sure why he married you since you were not physically his type? It seems like he was desperate to get married so he made a hasty decision. انشالله you'll meet a better committed man.
  22. Do not look at the islam that muslims created. Rather, look at the islam that ahlulbayt brought to this world. It is perfection and salvation in this world and the next. So don't unwisely oppose a quotation said by Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib(as) just because you can't understand the apparent and the latent meaning behind it based on your own personal experience.
  23. Wife and Husband’s Jealousy Imam Ali (AS) has been reported as saying: “The wife’s zeal is (from) disbelief and the husband’s zeal is (from) faith.”17 Imam Sadiq (AS) has been reported by Jabir as saying: “God has made Jihad obligatory on men and on women. As for the jihad of man, man is to offer his properties and blood in the way of Allah. And as for the jihad of woman, womanis to be patient with her husband’s harms and jealousy.” https://www.al-islam.org/taqwa-piety-advice-ahl-al-bayt-sayyed-hussain-tooyserkani/46-wife-and-husbands-duties#wife-and-husbands-jealousy
  24. I totally agree, these thoughts can be used as weapons each time we feel such feelings. The tricky part is when it comes to institutionalizing the thoughts you mentioned into our systematic way of thinking. It's not easy at all.
  25. 1) نهج البلاغة، الحكمة 124. Nahjul balagha wisdom 124 2) فروع الكافي 5 : 505 باب غيرة النساء من كتاب النكاح. Furu' l kafi 3) فروع الكافي 5 : 504. Furu' l kafi 4) تحف العقول : 87. Tihaful 'Ukoul 5) شرح نهج البلاغة 18 / 312 Explanation of nahjul balagha There are a lot of hadiths from ahlulbayt speaking about the jealousy of women.
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