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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I mean sure, by compilation I meant how was the Quran sitting at my desk the way it is, if that is what you are referring to then great. @shiaman14 Also gave a third option which I find interesting but I see for now, as the question asks, that we should focus initially on the Shia belief. Maybe in time we will look at the sunni belief.
  2. Sure you can proceed brother and so far we agree
  3. Is this a rhetorical question or do you want me to answer like this: The month of Ramaḍān is one in which the Qurʾān was sent down as guidance to mankind, with manifest proofs of guidance and the Criterion.1 So let those of you who witness it fast [in] it, and as for someone who is sick or on a journey, let it be a [similar] number of other days. Allah desires ease for you, and He does not desire hardship for you, and so that you may complete the number, and magnify Allah for guiding you, and that you may give thanks. (Quran 2:185)
  4. Due to the recent posts about the opinion of Tahreef in the Quran and it's sort, in order for some viewers and people who are not familiar with this topic nor have enough information to contribute (like myself), I feel like we should first start a basis of how the Quran began. In brief terms (as hard as it can be), what does the Shia madhhab belief of the compilation of the Quran? We know the Hadith Al-Thaqalayn, in which the Prophet (saws) told us to hold on to two weighty things: The Quran and the Ahlulbayt. It is then noticed that using this hadith, the theory of Tahreef becomes a little bit hard to believe because of the wording of said hadith. Maybe a better way to question is: 1. What is the Shia Madhhab belief of the compilation of the Quran? 2. Does the Shia Madhhab believe that the Caliph Uthman compiled the Quran in terms of it's order from the first chapter to the last? If we do, in what way do we believe and what is known to be true of this idea? 3. Would not the belief in Tahreef be very detrimental to our theory of the perfect Quran? Not only would this be contradictory to many verses in the Quran against this belief, but wouldn't this relate very easily to other holy scriptures like the Torah and the Bible, in which we believe in the idea of those two scriptures possibly being tainted and altered to the likings of the religious heads at the time? NOTE: Most people are probably tired of topics like this, but I really have a hard time understanding these tahreef articles and maybe others feel the same way. SUB NOTE: I tried to ask my questions in a way not to bring up another Tahreef debate, but more importantly to help people as well as my self shed light on how the Shia Madhhab think the Quran was compiled, and what we think the Caliph Uthman did with them.
  5. tremendous help, thanks for the comment and I will note it brother
  6. all religion aside-- you seem to have a personal vendetta on people who claim to any sort of riches. Why do you stress on the idea that Islam is promoting the idea of arrogance and uncharitable acts and selfishness? Quran 57:20 TRANSLATION Know that the life of this world is justplay and diversion, and glitter,and mutual vainglory among youand covetousness1 for wealth and children—like the rainwhose vegetation impresses the farmer;then it withers and you see it turn yellow,then it becomes chaff,while in the Hereafter there is a severe punishmentand forgiveness from Allah and His pleasure;and the life of this world is nothingbut the wares of delusion. is a reminder that you should not forget your goal in life; to reach the hereafter. Not necessarily stressing that you should give up this life at all, but know your afterlife is more important? Do you need any more clarification?
  7. respectful article, not looking for an argument or a refutation, but of sources. May Allah bless you on a path He thinks is right for you.
  8. -was 5 years old and really into superman -jumping from couch to couch in living room -slipped off the armrest and landed on a mug -fractured left arm -everyone thought i was cool the next day at school with my cast
  9. In the Quran we have verses like Quran 5:46 SAHIH INTERNATIONAL And We sent, following in their footsteps, Jesus, the son of Mary, confirming that which came before him in the Torah; and We gave him the Gospel, in which was guidance and light and confirming that which preceded it of the Torah as guidance and instruction for the righteous. and others like, which show us that Allah (swt) sent Jesus a scripture and holy book of God inspired by Him. Now we have the belief that a book truly inspired by God can never be altered or played with. This is the very reason we say that the Quran is a perfect and clean book because It is the revelation of Allah (swt), which came to the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) by Angel Gabriel. We know that the Prophet was given the knowledge of the Quran in it's entirety,(sub-question: was the Quran sent down physically as a copy?), and the Prophet slowly began to speak verse after verse to the people at specific times in specific amounts ( 1 or more verses ). At this point, we had many people taking the Quranic words, writing them down, and compiling it. This is where we get sunni narrations of Uthman having these Quran compilations and that whole situation, as well as other scribes who wrote the Quranic words and compiled them. ( non-muslims seem to use this as a tactic to say how the versions of the Quran from the beginning were always different) ---- this part needs correcting as I don`t fully know if this is how we think the compilation of the Quran is believed to be like. If I am correct, the Shia belief is that from apparent narrations, thirteen (or around that) days after the death of the Prophet, Imam Ali (as) stayed entirely indoors, and compiled the same exact Quran we have until this day from beginning to end. More clarification later... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now when it comes to Jesus Christ (as) and his Injeel (Gospel), Islam says that , just like the Prophet, the Gospel came from Allah towards Jesus Christ (as) through Angel Gabriel as well. Jesus also told the people of the revelation the same way and spoke of verses from the Gospel Allah (swt) sent down to him (right?). My main questions are: 1. What is the differences between the way Jesus (pbuh) obtained the revelation of God and the Holy Book, and the way Muhammed (pbuh) obtained revelation of God and the Holy Book? 2. What is the differences in the way they were preserved? Better yet, are the books in the NT Bible words that came from God or are they personal entries from the apostles who wrote them? 3. Did Jesus know they were going to create the NT Bible after him? not the most important question in here but curious if there was any mention of Jesus saying that he wanted this after him. 4. What happened with the Injeel of Jesus (pbuh)? Was it a physical copy like the Quran or was it a full revelation that was in the mind of Jesus (pbuh) which was not revealed as a book? NOTE: I know I have probably been terribly inaccurate with somethings I brought up so clarification and corrections are needed. EDIT: I ask because we know that a book truly inspired by Allah can never be altered and corrupted, so I am trying to learn how the Bible, or even the Torah were revealed and what happened to them. I heard narrations like the inspired books of God (Psalms of David, Torah, Bible) are all in possession of the awaited Imam (af), and will be revealed to us in the end.
  10. embarrassing and disappointing comment you have made. I suggest you retract this comment or apologize to @Tawheed313. Him as well as @Shaykh Patience101 are only looking to reduce the fire we may have to make a safer and stronger ummah, whereas Yassir Al-Habib does the exact opposite. Nevertheless you are still free to hate whoever you may like with that deeply ingrained and humiliating hate you have, just like @Bint Abbas and @Pro-Alid. I know myself , as well as many others, choose not to.
  11. The only point I made was that he does not respect other schools in Islam, despite differences we may have with them in terms of jurisprudence or politics. Do you think the slandering and la'en that Yassir Al-Habib does to revered people in other schools of Islam is the way of Imam Ali (as) ? For example, look at the way Kamal Al-Hayderi explains the situation and status of Aisha, and look at the way Yassir Al-Habib does it. Do you see the difference?
  12. But i'm sure you know that there are many agnostics and even atheists who can be very wonderful people. What do you do then?
  13. @BornShia Nobody is disagreeing with you... not even our sunni members? Most of them also hold the belief of fake or fabricated hadiths in Bukhari. What is the point of your post? I suggest you stop making numerous posts like this and tagging @Fahad Sani and @Tawheed313 in them, it is making you look unprofessional and personally I'm slowly beginning to ignore your posts.
  14. Myself and many other members on this site do not find nor welcome Yassir Al-Habib as a just and fair scholar on this site. You are free to your own opinions and to follow whoever you may like but I suggest you find a different shiekh, one who is less hostile to other schools in Islam, and follow them.
  15. agreed -- it was my own take on it, do not feel like I am insulting you.
  16. Would you say that in order to have salvation we need to do believe in the shedding of Christ's Blood? Do you think the belief in the trinity is part of salvation?
  17. @Loveall for a person who jumps in and out of Islam and Christianity numerous times, you are under no authority to tell others that they are not following truth. You claimed Islam and the one God who is Allah on a Monday, and you claimed Jesus as God with the Trinity doctrine on Friday. You have already been called out on this so I am surprised you are not showing the least bit of humility in your text. Not at all saying that Christianity is not the truth, but you clearly are confused yourself.
  18. @tek40 Hello tek! Welcome to forums. Do you believe that Jesus would have chosen any other way to save man other then crucifixion, if there was another way?
  19. Does anyone have a detailed explanation or link of how the 6th or 7th imam (as) explained the difference between free will and pre-destination using the analogy of the man's two legs? It could help explain it a little futher, if not I'll try my best to reiterate what the imam said
  20. emotional video... This is a good, short video to watch to all converts, to Islam or Christianity or any religion, about how to deal with parents that may not have found truth. It's message can be portrayed generally and I feel like it is important for converts to know that Allah guides whom he wills.
  21. Good context! I have an semi-unrelated question though. Imam (as) said: which is an excerpt from the narration you mentioned. My question is, what is your take on this?-- What do you think this means in other words.
  22. wow i really like that @iCambrian, and thanks @shiaman14 thats probably the best straight forward answer I could give
  23. So what do you guys think we can call them? What would be an appropriate way to explain to a non-Muslim what ISIS represents and what Islam is?
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