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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you narsis. I have another question: I believe that there are certain marja's who have a different viewing on the issue of asking for permission in certain situations which I believe may be valid for my situation, for example: Grand Ayatollah Sayed M.S.Alhakeem says: Question: Temporary Marriage If I want to do Mutah with a Christian girl who, in her religion, does not need the permission of the father to get married, can we thus form a Mutah contract and be allowed to consummate the marriage without his permission? Answer: If the consent of the guardian is not required based on his religion, it is permissible to marry his virgin daughter without his permission. The permission is also not required if the father mandates his daughter to deal with the matter of her marriage. http://english.alhakeem.com on issue of Mutah If in this case it is permissible, do I have the jurisdiction to switch my marja state with the reason being I do not want to dwell into haraam and this can be my only choice? Salam
  2. I am in a little bit of Conflict. There is a christian girl who comes from a strict background ( her father being a pastor) and said that she must wait until graduation from university to marry. I do not want to commit any more haraam with this woman( haraam has been done before, please respond to this first if it can be a problem or if i have to wait an iddah) , and we are both 18 years old, where in Canada 18 is considered that you are your own gaurdian. In an old lecture from Sayed Ammar Nakshawani's mutah lecture, he used the word gaurdian specifically to identify who she may get permission from. My question is: Can I perform Mutah with this woman, who is independant of her parents but chooses to live there, has respect to my beliefs and morals even if we have commited sin before( she also feels guilty of doing it after i opened up to her about my faith) , who has a christian father that does not neccessarily follow the rules of Mutah which may make his opinion void? To clarify my marja is sayed ali sistani. Please respond whenever you can, I am in a tight position and abstaining from sexual acts and thoughts has proven to be extremely tough especially during this new day and age where woman wear very revealing clothing.
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