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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Al-Islam.org has a book that very much scrutinizes this exact case and I personally found it helpful, read here https://www.al-islam.org/ismat-infallibiity-of-prophets-in-the-quran-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi Salaams
  2. Jabber Ibn Hayyan, referred to as the father of chemistry, was an early 8th to 9th century was a scientists of many arts who surprisingly has had an inspiration through the works of our 6th Imam, Jaffar Al Sadiq (as). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jabir_ibn_Hayyan
  3. Very uninforming comments in this thread, @sidnaq it is your choice whether or not you would like to study any case or matter that pertains to things you find personal. I don't find it right for anyone to ask her not to watch these videos. What I will say however is that there are many videos just like this that are created by movie editors and producers (they do this because it is their job; most have an education background in it) who will use your emotions against you through tropes like experiencing a revelation through dreams, experiencing a physical visit by their Lord, and other means which can emotionally impact how you feel and what you may believe, even if it may not necessarily be true at all. There are very healthy options to go through this like comparing and contrasting scriptural verses and their context; understanding theological similarities and differences, understanding why they are different and so on. You have the freedom of mind to make the choice in your own matter but I implore you that you must spend a large amount of time in studying and pondering. You cannot enter a belief system you have no knowledge of; likewise in order to subscribe to a certain dogma you must know, for the most part, the extremely essential parts of a belief system. Also, it is more then normal to have doubts and I find that healthy personally; it means you are thinking. Let these doubts be extinguished through your personal studying and inshallah through keeping true to yourself you will arrive to nothing but truth. Salaam (Also, If you would like information, i've spent a majority of the past year and a half studying interfaith theology between Christians and Muslims. I could help you understand where to start if you'd like to message me). We also have a small amount of Christian members on this site you could ask for information as well. Good luck
  4. We can compare this feeling to any other person or atrocity happening in the world however that does not negate the fact that OP is facing an extremely tough journey and seems to have a hard lifestyle. Religion to me is not a way to protect yourself from depression, it's a way to overcome it. A very strong believer can feel like absolute nothingness to a point of self-oblivion but Allah will provide a means of surviving in a suffering state no matter what the case is. It's a work in progress OP and you as a believer, with the help of Allah, should believe that any troubling matter can be overcome with Trust in God and focus onto a more self-enlightened future. hard work will pay off and you deserve to feel happy
  5. thanks for taking the time to reply guys, @hameedeh, Applying for any faculty in my university carries no intimacy or choice. The acceptance of a faculty, especially for engineering, is based on your overall AGPA (Adjusted Grade Point Average), adjusted specifically for engineers so that, out of the 12 mandatory prerequisite courses available, you will be accounted for the highest marks of 8 out of 12 for them for your first year entry. The problem is, if I were to somehow enter the faculty, that is where taking a break is dangerous: Once you are accepted, your time begins ticking. You actually have a maximum of 6-7 years (specifically a maximum of obligated credit hours) to finish your degree, or else you are expelled from the faculty. So I am actually on the safe side at the moment, where a break actually changes nothing except my own personal time. As for dependency, I am sure they would rather have determined, ambitious and ready students rather then myself who at the current moment of time is facing personal challenges that is becoming detrimental to my studies @Ahmad Al, thank you brother for the beautiful quote and It is something I live by through the help of Amir al-mumineen. The problem is however, is that I've had a rocky start through my engineering process from the beginning, because my mother told me to do so and because I listened to her. Alhamdulillah, I feel fine now and I am more looking forward to entering the faculty of engineering now then I did before, however I think it is more then due to take some time off to gather myself before facing an extremely tough next 5 year degree once I am actually into the faculty. I really am not wasting any time except shaving off 7 months of my personal life to benefit myself and my family, and I cannot explain it any farther then that as far as I know. again thank you for replies
  6. bismillah This is long but not extremely long so it would be so very helpful if I could have advice on a very serious issue I am in. Salam brothers/sisters, I am in a bit of a situation and I would like to see what anyone else thinks about it. Coming this september, I will be ready to wait for my acceptance or rejection to the faculty of engineering. My grades are okay, however my current 3 courses will be very vital into getting accepted ( as they are prerequisites, they are mandatory to have and are part of your AGPA count that calculates your grade to see if you make the cut-off or not). This is my problem: I don`t feel think it is a good idea getting into engineering this fall. That is, I absolutely want to get into engineering, however I do not think it is a safe idea to get in so quickly and I wish I felt this sooner before applying. My plan is to take the fall semester off (the semester I was supposed to get in) and rather work to help my parents in paying for my own tuition, so that in the upcoming winter semester (same time now but next year) I can take an extra course I need and re-apply with even better chances of getting into the engineering faculty. Another reason is that I am just absolutely tired of university... I have to re-pay alot of my tuition that I haven`t even paid for even if my parents insist I don`t have to owe them back, and to be fully honest I really think a semester break would be extremely beneficial for me health/emotionally wise. Do you think it is a good idea to scurry me into an extremely tough faculty with half the determination that I'm supposed to have? The entire reason I am not going through with this is because of my mother; she absolutely, positively insists that I keep these 3 courses and get into the faculty so that I can hastily finish off my degree. I do not want to go against her word and what I am asking for is advice to help convey to her why that is not a good idea for me, and how taking a break would be extremely helpful not only for myself but for my entire family. Quick overview of pros and cons of taking a semester break and not getting into the faculty: PROS: 1.) I can return back and meditate on my religion, my health, and my overall well-being that has been completely destroyed this past year of university. 2.) I could help my father who works very hard, and repay him for everything he has given me 3.) An extra year to take courses before re-applying means I can repeat/take extra prerequisite courses in order to increase my GPA and give me better chances of meeting the cut-off for my faculty program.( I will have 8 by the end of this winter semester which is in April, and there are 12 prerequisite courses, however they only choose 8 of the 12 courses you took in accordance to your GPA cut-off and that is all that counts for your first year entry into the faculty.) 4.) I can return to university with a fresh mind and a positive attitude, ready to complete the courses I need to re-apply. CONS: 1.) I will be wasting about 4-8 months ( It is not even wasting if I am helping to repay my debts and tuition) of finishing a possible degree. 2.) My mother seems to be extremely upset by this idea, maybe because of the way she was raised back home or for other reasons, but she is absolutely not having it. Maybe it is possible to extinguish this con with help from some members? 3.) My mother thinks that if I drop this first semester out, then I will never return to school. She would have had an extremely good point if I never got into university to begin with. That is, many of my friends who graduated highschool with me promised to go to university after a year break and none of them have. However in my case, I already know the trials and tribulations of university, and have already invested money and time in this so I will most definitely be returning. My plan is: Out of these 3 courses, I will be keeping two, and dropping one. This means my application is void since I have not completed 8 of the 12 prerequisite courses. I will take the next summer and fall semester (september) for work and peace and meditation, and I will return to school in the winter semester, taking my one course again that I dropped as well as another prerequisite course (making it 9 out of 12 prerequisite courses done, and they take the 8 highest marks) which gives me an even greater chance of acceptance. Everybody in my family seems to be okay with this decision, except my mom. She absolutely insists that I finish and I am trying to explain to her that hurrying me into this will not end well for anybody. I do not feel ready physically and emotionally to take on an extremely tough faculty and I know a 4-7 month break will be extremely helpful. How do I help my mother understand? Appreciate any feedback and thank you for reading bismillah
  7. you don't think that I said that all, do you? As I stated, it was an excerpt of the tafsir of Allama tabatabai, an influential and one if, if not, the most learned shia scholar of his time. I would take what he says into more detail, and I would advise that you be careful taking things from answering-christianity as a source of information To be fully honest I did not know that we had some Muslims who did not believe in the return of Jesus until just recently.. @IjazLinorAhmad, if you don't believe that Jesus will have a second coming, do you believe that we will have the return of the 12th imam, or anyone for that matter?
  8. Surah 4:157 --- tafsir al mizan by his eminence sayed Allama Muhammed Hussain tabatabai hope it helps However, the next verse proves or points that'Isa (a.s.) is alive and has not died yet. QUR'AN: And there is not one of the People of the Book but he must certainly believe in him before his death; and on the Day of Resurrection, he ('Isa) shall be a witness against them: The third person singular pronouns in "believe in him" and "he shall be" refer to'Isa (a.s.). As for the pronoun in "before his death" there are various interpretations: Some people have said: The pronoun refers to 'one' in "one of the People of the Book", meaning: each and every one among the People of the Book will believe in'Isa (a.s.) before that one dies. It will become clear to him just before his death that'Isa was the Messenger of Allah and His servant; even though that faith at that time will not benefit him at all, and'Isa will be a witness over them all on the Day of Judgment. It makes no difference whether they believed in him in a way that was beneficial to them or at a time when it was of no avail like believing at the time of death. If we say that the pronoun "before his death" refers to'Isa (a.s.), it would support what has been narrated in some traditions that'Isa is alive, has not died and that he will come down before the Day of Resurrection and then the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians, will believe in him. But this interpretation particularizes, without any reason, the generality of the phrase, "and there is not one of the People of the Book". But according to this explanation, the verse would mean that only those People of the Book would believe in'Isa who would be present when he would come down from the heavens, while all others who came and went after his being raised and before his coming down would not believe in him. This restricts without any reason the general meaning of the verse. However, some have opted for this explanation and said that the pronoun refers to'Isa (a.s.) and points to their belief in him at the time of his coming down from heaven in the last days. This view relies on a tradition as we have mentioned above. But the verse with its two parts clearly shows that'Isa (a.s.) will be a witness on all of them on the Day of Resurrection as will all of them believe in him before death. And Allah has quoted the speech of'Isa regarding this evidence in a particular way: And I was a witness over them so long as I was among them; when You did take me up You were the watcher over them and You are witness over all things (5:117). In this verse,'Isa limits his evidence for the period when he was alive among them before his being taken away, and the verse under discussion says that he would be a witness over all those who could believe in him; now if all would believe in him it means that he would not die but after all of them. This brings us to the second interpretation, that is, he is alive until now and he will return to them again so that they could believe in him. Utmost that can be said is that the one who will not be present when he will return to them second time will believe in him at the time of his death and the one who will be present at that time will have to believe in him whether willingly or under compulsion. This verse coming after the Divine words: and they did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them so (like'Isa);... Rather Allah raised him up to Himself, and Allah is Mighty, Wise, indicates that'Isa has not died and is still alive; because there seems no useful purpose in saying that all of them would believe in him under compulsion. This supports the view that their believing in'Isa before death refers to their believing in him before'Isa's death. However, there are other verses which apparently go somehow against it. For example: And when Allah said: O'Isa! I am going to take you away completely and cause you to ascend unto Me and purify you of those who disbelieve, and make those who follow you above those who disbelieve to the Day of Resurrection (3:55). It shows that some disbelievers in'Isa will continue upto the Day of Resurrection. Also, the verse:... and their saying: "Our hearts are covered"; Nay! Allah has set a seal upon them owing to their disbelieve, so they shall not believe except a little", shows that it is an affliction written against them, and their society, as a Jewish society, will not believe upto the Day of Resurrection. Also, the verse: And I was a witness over them so long as I was among them; when You did take me up You were the watcher over them (5:117), shows that they will be continuing after'Isa (a.s.) was taken away completely. However, the fact is that these three verses do not go against the idea of'Isa (a.s.) being alive. The verse:... and make those who follow you above those who disbelieve to the Day of Resurrection, doesn't say that they would continue upto the Day of Resurrection with their identity as the People of the Book. Likewise, the Divine words: Nay! Allah has set a seal upon them owing to their disbelief, so they shall not believe except a little, only says that the true belief will not be accepted by all of them together and if at sometime they believed, that belief would cover only a few of them. Moreover, if the verse, "And there is not one of the People of the Book but he must certainly believe in him before his death", shows that they would believe in him before his death, it only mentions the belief, per se; it does not say that it would be an acceptable belief. Likewise, the verse: When You did take me up You were the watcher over them, refers to the people, not to the Christians or the People of the Book, because the verse begins with these words: And when Allah will say: "O'Isa son of Maryam! did you say to the people, take me and my mother two gods beside Allah?" (5:116). Apart from that,'Isa (a.s.), as one of the ulu'I-azm Messengers, was sent to all the people, and when he will give evidence over their deeds it would cover the Israelites as well as others, whether they believed in him or continued as unbelievers. In short, the verses, seen in their context and in conjunction with other related verses, show that'Isa (a.s.) did not die; he was not killed nor crucified nor did he die a natural death as we have mentioned earlier and we have written on this subject under the verse: O'Isa! I am going to take you away completely... (3:55) in the third volume of this book (Arabic Version). A very strange explanation has been given by az-Zamakhshari in Tafsiru'I-kashshaf. He says: "This verse could possibly be interpreted in this way that there is none among all the People of the Book but he will believe in'Isa (a.s); Allah will give them life in their graves at the time of coming down of'Isa (a.s.) and will inform them of his coming down and why he has come; so they will believe in him when their believing will give them no benefit. Is it not the belief of ar-raj'ah (partial return)?"
  9. I found it a little silly how he not only defined what the word 'Mohammed' or 'Machmad' means (the Praiseworthy, the beloved, etc), and even referenced the word or name 'Machmad' in psalms (which was in a good light) however still pushed this anti-Mohammed agenda at the end. haha
  10. the highlighed above is ironic considering you began cursing the shia and saying nasty words a after reading a false and biased news article
  11. I am sorry I don't fully understand your questions, could you elaborate?
  12. Thanks for the input! Week one She was a nice lady, her name is Prophet Sharon Rivest and I believe she resides in Quebec but came here to hold their service. She doesn't give off a very negative or chilling vibe but I was nervous when she began choosing random people from the crowd and addressed their problems and how they will be solved (that was done last night, this morning she did not put them on the spot) Afterwards dozens of people wanted to get a prayer and a possible prophecy from her, and the church pastor insisted I have one so I waited in line (mostly to be nice but also because It looked fun): Once my turn came she gently put her hand on my upper chest and began speaking in tongues (I have heard tongue speakings but not like this) and to be fully honest I did not feel any different... very anxious yes and nervous because there was like 15 people watching me but I did not feel very uplifted; she would fall in and out of tongue speaking but between that she would pretty much reiterate the same things she's been saying to everyone else like blessings and that sort, however one thing that is unique that she said to me was ' I see a lot of creativity in your hands ' and asked me if I was a student, to which I answered yes, then asked me what I was taking, and I told her I'm trying to get into engineering. After that she sort of smiled at me and finished up and began to do the same for others... Cool experience so far. Am I fit to call her a false prophet in terms of biblical understanding? Don't see any reason yet as far as the scripture goes I don't know if I feel inspired... what is it supposed to feel like? I think she is a nice lady and she impacted many of the listeners but she seemed like a normal pastor to me; aside from the tongues she seemed virtually the same as anyone.
  13. Firstly, the church I attend comes from a type of protestant Christianity, as far as the Catholic faith goes I cannot really speak for them (but if i could say anything through experience all catholic friends I have addressed with this issue maintain that there is no such thing as 'modern day prophets' If it comes to source, I could reference you to www.crosswalk.com, and if you would like excerpts from the article: Do they still exist? In Acts 2:17-18 we read, "In the last days, God said, ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.'" Clearly, since the time of Christ we have been living in "the last days" and this gift is anything but gone. However, perhaps more than with any other label, we must use extreme caution when either demonstrating this gift or receiving it from others, because we are forewarned: "Dear friends, do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world." 1 John 4:1 and then goes on to list the criteria of what to look for in a 'modern day prophet' ; this is something I only recently have been looking into and it did spark my curiosity especially based on the fact that I might be meeting a self proclaimed prophet soon.
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