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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Al-Islam.org has a book that very much scrutinizes this exact case and I personally found it helpful, read here https://www.al-islam.org/ismat-infallibiity-of-prophets-in-the-quran-sayyid-muhammad-rizvi Salaams
  2. Jabber Ibn Hayyan, referred to as the father of chemistry, was an early 8th to 9th century was a scientists of many arts who surprisingly has had an inspiration through the works of our 6th Imam, Jaffar Al Sadiq (as). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jabir_ibn_Hayyan
  3. Very uninforming comments in this thread, @sidnaq it is your choice whether or not you would like to study any case or matter that pertains to things you find personal. I don't find it right for anyone to ask her not to watch these videos. What I will say however is that there are many videos just like this that are created by movie editors and producers (they do this because it is their job; most have an education background in it) who will use your emotions against you through tropes like experiencing a revelation through dreams, experiencing a physical visit by their Lord, and other m
  4. We can compare this feeling to any other person or atrocity happening in the world however that does not negate the fact that OP is facing an extremely tough journey and seems to have a hard lifestyle. Religion to me is not a way to protect yourself from depression, it's a way to overcome it. A very strong believer can feel like absolute nothingness to a point of self-oblivion but Allah will provide a means of surviving in a suffering state no matter what the case is. It's a work in progress OP and you as a believer, with the help of Allah, should believe that any troubling matter can be
  5. thanks for taking the time to reply guys, @hameedeh, Applying for any faculty in my university carries no intimacy or choice. The acceptance of a faculty, especially for engineering, is based on your overall AGPA (Adjusted Grade Point Average), adjusted specifically for engineers so that, out of the 12 mandatory prerequisite courses available, you will be accounted for the highest marks of 8 out of 12 for them for your first year entry. The problem is, if I were to somehow enter the faculty, that is where taking a break is dangerous: Once you are accepted, your time begins ticking. You ac
  6. bismillah This is long but not extremely long so it would be so very helpful if I could have advice on a very serious issue I am in. Salam brothers/sisters, I am in a bit of a situation and I would like to see what anyone else thinks about it. Coming this september, I will be ready to wait for my acceptance or rejection to the faculty of engineering. My grades are okay, however my current 3 courses will be very vital into getting accepted ( as they are prerequisites, they are mandatory to have and are part of your AGPA count that calculates your grade to see if you make the cut-
  7. you don't think that I said that all, do you? As I stated, it was an excerpt of the tafsir of Allama tabatabai, an influential and one if, if not, the most learned shia scholar of his time. I would take what he says into more detail, and I would advise that you be careful taking things from answering-christianity as a source of information To be fully honest I did not know that we had some Muslims who did not believe in the return of Jesus until just recently.. @IjazLinorAhmad, if you don't believe that Jesus will have a second coming, do you believe that we will have the ret
  8. Surah 4:157 --- tafsir al mizan by his eminence sayed Allama Muhammed Hussain tabatabai hope it helps However, the next verse proves or points that'Isa (a.s.) is alive and has not died yet. QUR'AN: And there is not one of the People of the Book but he must certainly believe in him before his death; and on the Day of Resurrection, he ('Isa) shall be a witness against them: The third person singular pronouns in "believe in him" and "he shall be" refer to'Isa (a.s.). As for the pronoun in "before his death" there are various interpretations: Some people have said: The pronoun
  9. I found it a little silly how he not only defined what the word 'Mohammed' or 'Machmad' means (the Praiseworthy, the beloved, etc), and even referenced the word or name 'Machmad' in psalms (which was in a good light) however still pushed this anti-Mohammed agenda at the end. haha
  10. the highlighed above is ironic considering you began cursing the shia and saying nasty words a after reading a false and biased news article
  11. I am sorry I don't fully understand your questions, could you elaborate?
  12. Thanks for the input! Week one She was a nice lady, her name is Prophet Sharon Rivest and I believe she resides in Quebec but came here to hold their service. She doesn't give off a very negative or chilling vibe but I was nervous when she began choosing random people from the crowd and addressed their problems and how they will be solved (that was done last night, this morning she did not put them on the spot) Afterwards dozens of people wanted to get a prayer and a possible prophecy from her, and the church pastor insisted I have one so I waited in line (mostly to be nice but
  13. Firstly, the church I attend comes from a type of protestant Christianity, as far as the Catholic faith goes I cannot really speak for them (but if i could say anything through experience all catholic friends I have addressed with this issue maintain that there is no such thing as 'modern day prophets' If it comes to source, I could reference you to www.crosswalk.com, and if you would like excerpts from the article: Do they still exist? In Acts 2:17-18 we read, "In the last days, God said, ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your you
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