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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Enough with all this "People will keep coming and going" nonsense yaar. Like seriously dudeee, you sound like those sports fans who give their teams the whole "loveable losers" attitude. Never win cause they have been stopped from progress by the nimbys and people who wanna be "nice and polite". Lol. When will people realize, you cannot make an apple into an orange...it will always be an apple. Ya can't turn New York city into Cambridge. You just can't. It's not possible. You don't just become a president at a 4 year university and go "Oh we wanna become like Princeton or Harvard because they're "nice well mannered and appropriate" universities. Are you kidding me? It's like someone saying "Oh so and sos son became a doctor, engineer, etc so you should too!" "Oh they're so mod you have to be too!" "Oh they're so punctual and respectful and well dressed you have to be like that!" Like we gotta stop with this nonsense. If your goal is to turn SC into the perfect "Obedient, Nice, Respectful, Y-Rated, More than appropriate, paradise" it's gonna drive a lot of members away from here. I don't wanna be critical of the staff but dudeeee were not 5 years old lol.
  2. Wasalaam, Actually I do somewhat agree with you. I have suggested in another post that there should be a permanent Ulema or Scholarly presence on this website to keep those members attracted, who as you said are likely to jump off the ship. Scholars should be consulted for guidance. But that is just my humble opinion. Others are free to disagree. :)
  3. Salaam, Alright Brothers and Sisters, I am sorry but I cannot no longer keep silent on this matter. I just can't. I don't care if I get warned or banned but this has to be said. This site is very dear to me. I've been a member for a long while now. I am an old timer. I am just speechless and in utter shock. Like dudeeee, I don't know how to ask this is a more appropriate form but, What the heck happend to this site? How in the world does Shiachat, SHIACHAT....Yes SHIACHATTTTTT go from being a once massively popular forum among not just Shias but also our Sunni Brothers too this, I don't even know what to call it....its so embarrasing? I meannnn dudeee were talking about SHIACHAT!!! The same Shiachat with Mufeed and Buggylemon and Ice and Gotham and HUssainyat and Enlightened and SD and Robinhood and Sohan and WFH and Mac and Mu3lam and the creww......That Shiachat......You used to have 15 members a day in the chatroom!!! 15 MEMBERS A DAY!!! You had Brained and Tonks and POT and Bint.....You had Cake and EMALI.....You're forums used to be filled to the core....You had Sunnis like Maghribi and others...You were the place to be!! You were like the online Shia version of TIMES SQUARE!!! Now.......I mean you lost your heart and soul!! You're very reason for why people came to you!! You had 40-50 people members only at anytime...MINIMUM!! AND I'm being conservative on that!! 40-50!! .......13 and 16....... [Inappropriate image removed] ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? We need to get this forum back on track people!!! This is SHIACHAT!! Where everything goes!! Debates and forums are your soul and foundation. When I first came 7 years ago......IT WAS A WAR!!! PEOPLE WERE TOUGHER!! if you reported someone, ain't nobody cared....Forums was packed, fierce arguments brought in tons and tons of people...anything was acceptable...... We've gone from a R-Rated awesome saturated populated to the core forum to a Y rated PeeWee website!! We have got to change this and make SC great again! As you all or those of you who were around at the time remember, I led the Pistons and Bulls to multiple championships. So I know a thing or two about what it takes to be great. Lets do it. Shiachat is in a big hole right now Ladies and Gents!! We got to get this site back to its former Glory!! @Al-Hassan-You're in charge of tracking down our formerly Shia turned Salafi Brother who left this site, Hussainyat, Buggy, Robin and the rest of the crew! Bring them back! @Ali-You're our Owner and GM. We need you to track down Mufeed and make him an offer he cannot refuse. Bring the man back as an Admin! @starlight-You're in charge of tracking down Durr, Sapphire, and the others. Go find them and bring them back! @Ali Musaaa :)-Work with Al-Hassan in bringing back our Brothers and crew! @hameedeh-Unban @Al-Maghribi, @Waiting for HIM, @Mu3lam, @ImAli, and everyone else! EVERYONE ELSE BLOCK FOR ME!!! YOU're my O-LINE! READY, SET, GOOO!!!!
  4. are you implying that Ali is God? Are you a nusayri?
  5. Okay yeah haha I should stop with that lol. IA Khair :) Real thoughts though...Last night was an amazing game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0vVqStvh_8 Green bay, please fix that offensive line. You're gonna get your QB killed one of these games. Can't rely on a desperation prayer to win every time. Sorry @baradar_jackson I just had to post that lol. Couldn't resist. :)
  6. Hey Everyone, Okay so a lot of Muslims seem to get offended when they hear the term "Radical Islam", which people from Europe and North America use, to describe attacks carried out by Muslims in the western countries. What is wrong with this term? Isn't Islamic Extremism a huge problem around the world? Why do we as Muslims get offended when there is nothing really wrong with the term? Rand Paul was running for president and I was showing a family member of mine, his announcement speech to tell everyone he was running. In it he mentioned "Radical Islam" and my family member said its actually true and it is a huge problem. They said that Muslims should help to combat the problem as well. Why do we find it offensive and why do we consider anyone who uses the term automatically a racist and redneck?
  7. http://www.ndtv.com/world-news/us-shooting-suspect-had-pakistan-passport-officials-1250864 Ab to lagtha hai ke K1 Visa dana be katam kar danga LOOOL :(
  8. Bro quit hating on the Packers. Its the "Peoples" team.
  9. LOOL wait you think I'm Al-Maghribi? loool I'm dying right now haha
  10. @Al-Maghribi This pick is quite controversial but he got a lot of good debates going. He generated the type of controversy in debates which would get action going in the forums. Esp the Shia/Sunni threads. He was the last of a dying breed of hardcore ruthless debaters. So yeah I pick Maghribi haha lol
  11. Salaam, This can go both ways. From a western perspective, you mention how our scholars should engage with the public more, but you have to understand these Scholars and Alims, they're still most of them immigrants from what I understand. By that I mean, they're dependent in some way, on the Islamic Centers where they may be Resident Alims or Scholars. They are usually hired by the centers and can only say what the heads of the Masjid want them to say. They can only talk and engage with who the heads of the Masjid want them to talk to. There is politics involved in other words. Otherwise they get fired. Where I've lived there was a Shia Islamic Center and that exact thing happend. I don't want to go to much deeper into that but you can't expect a Scholar to engage with a public where proper respect and courtesy is not given to them. Recently there has though been more of a trend where Scholars are opening up their own Islamic Centers and Masjids and they control all decisions and aspects of those places of worship. And these places of Worship have really progressed under the guidance and watch of the Scholars. They go to peoples homes, they engage with everyone regardless of class or social status, of course if they don't know you and you are not a regular attendee then of course it will be difficult. From a Shiachat lens, I don't know what you meant by the failed attempt so I cannot say anything in that regard. But if the members and staff of this site really want Scholars and Alims to engage with them in an open setting such as this, why not have a permanent Scholarly presence on this website of someone who we can turn too when questions or difficulties arise? This is not just this website but in general, I say this with the utmost respect for all the people here and reading this, we always say that our Scholars should and need to engage more with the public and complain about their lack of interaction, but when they want some sort of control or authority or even just a small issue of money, our thinking changes and takes a 360 degree turn and we rebel against them sometimes even calling them names. The Scholars bring Unity to the Muslims. Without scholars presence, were all mostly just humans and disregard for the most part what they have to say. We have some centers with 4 different political parties, each of those parties disagree on who the scholar should be or should not be. That then eventually leads to a divide. People break up and form their own centers with their own respective laws and constitution but then again there is no Scholar presence or input and the cycle keeps going. The reason Islam is at where it is at today, is at least partly due to the order of Succession after our Holy Prophet(PBUH) passed away. Shia believe in Imam Ali(AS) while our Sunni Brethren believe in Hazrat Abu Bakr(RA). We believe Imam Ali(AS) was the rightly guided Imam and then after Imam Ali should have been Imam Hassan(AS) and Imam Hussain(AS) and so on. We believe so because at the the time Imam Ali(AS) was the most knowledgeable person fit to lead. Come to modern times and today, we have the Scholars and Maraja E Taqleed who one can argue are more knowledgeable than the average joe shia in the street. But the average joe has their own brand of Islam. It is like me running a business or organization which I know absolutely nothing about and I am ignorant. One thing is certain though, Scholars anywhere you look, almost always unite whichever community they are apart of regardless of the perceptions or if they are good or bad. Again, this is just my opinion on this matter in general and its not specific to anything. If I said anything wrong in this post, please feel free to correct. -Dennis Rodman
  12. Can't. Work. Meetings. Boss is in town.
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