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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hopefully this wont be Offensive BISMILAH I and expieriencing the age when different sorts of thoughts cross my head Sometimes these thoughts are dirty At first these just used to cross my mind but now, I hope this isnt offensive, i imagine them myself as I sometimes want to feel plesure Its sort of "my age stuff" My question is Is such imagination or made up fantasy haram to think about Is having dirty thoughts deleberately sometimes catagorized haram? Please help Again I am sorry if I make this question offensive or not suitable for public
  2. Dis over all gave either a negitive or nutral aspect It seems like he was confused or thought about friends and foes Like eg. Voting Abdul Rahman bin Awf etc But the bottom line he made many mistakes But was never confused enough of not to know theplace of MOLA ALI A.S but i cant put my finger on Was he respectable enough due to his right deeds Or conterversial enough played quite a bipolar role
  3. We all know that umar bin saad bin abi waqas was one of the murderers of Imam Hussain But my question is about hisfather Saad bin Abi Waqqas I have heard multiple details about him in Shia sect of how noble he was all the companion of the holy prophet (SA) However I have heard controversy about this topic Many people consider him as a faithful companion of the holy prophet peace be upon him however I have also heard some people criticizing him recently So my question is that what is the status of Saad bin Abi waqas in shia sect Plz guide me
  4. Is it permissable to pray in this condition
  5. Yeah, so i was wondering if use of alcohlic deodrants is fine or not I mean its not like im getting intoxicated by it So would actions like salat ie prayer be accepted wearing the sent / perfumed? I know the question was quite silly but i really dont know the answer
  6. I follow ayatullah Systani I don't live there or planning of living there permanently in the future . But all I say is this I lived there for few months after my birth It is my mother's house
  7. Assalam u Alaikum to all Guys I'm really confused Today I have to go to my mother's home : Shahdadkot I was born there but didn't live there We do visit it once or 2x a year though My question is: I was born there so is it my watan My mother's house before marriage + my birth place. Now can I fast there? I'm staying there for approx 6 or 7 days Can I fast in that city?
  8. Bismillah Assalam o Alaikum My mother has been approached by a girl who is inspired by shia thoughts but she wants to confirm before becoming a Shia. Her biggest concern is the obligation of Salah / Namaz. She feels awkward about factors like prostrating on turbah / Sajda gah or offering Salat without folding arms. She is looking for proof of such actions being correct She has become so devoted that she has declined many Ahle Sunnah books. So for sake of her help please provide me with valid Dalayl.
  9. Bismillah Assalam u Alaikum, not only to my Shia or Haideri brothers, but to any Muslim brother who believes in justice, Truth and fair approach I am very briefed of what happened in Saudi Arabia with executions which went under act for absolutely no logical reasons. Among these were 5 Shias including the Late Sheikh Nimr all Nimr and 4 others. Perhaps I would not have been this much grieved if this would've been any other unfair execution but many such innocent people were declared as terrorists on basis of their critical statements towards The Saudi government and protests over what previous leaders had done For this act, protests all over the world, MUSLIM protests and not specifically shia protests are being carried out in response to this act. I wish and prey that may Allah strengthen us to be persistent enough to get justice. Let me know what you feel about this matter. And please pray for the innocent executed Muslims in this mass execution Wassalam u Alaikum was Rahmatullah
  10. Bismillah Assalam u Alaikum, To all Momineen out there, don't you think that the 2.25 months reserved for specially the mourning period went pass way too soon I mean I remember like it was yesterday when I attended the first Majlis of the First Ashrah of Muharram and now its almost time to say good bye to these days. Not only me but all my relatives, friends and family members feel the exact same way. They, along with me, are going to miss these days a lot.
  11. This is practically the best advice we have Don't just believe on what your device shows. Open your eyes to see the truth yourselves
  12. Assalam u Alaikum all my brothers and sisters specially shia and Ahlul bait loving ones. I have recently received the news that the Sipa e Sahaba are getting phone numbers, from social websites; like Facebook ,of Ahlul Bait lovers and by friendship as an excuse, are wiping Shias by Target killing. All Ahlul Bait lovers these people are persecuting and killing us for just love for Ahlul Bait and hate for their haters So please stay alert and safe. Shia Wellwishing brother - [Name removed for privacy]
  13. I often try to preach to my friends about our Shia way of Islam and mostly they agree to particular things like loving Imam Hussain enough to mourn or perform matam in a sense of Ishq But they often gloat over their Caliphs and say why do we hate them. I showed them many times on sites such as Shia chat itself where names of Sunni books mention Umar and his company burning and breaking Bibi Syeda's door and murdering her upcoming child. They always say that according to scholars like Tahir up Qadri those are extremely weak ahadees and that our shia isnad makes no sense. Please help me My friends are not satisfied by even their own books and say that bring us something genuine and authentic Please help me out here to preach about Shia Way of Islam
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